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    Plugin category: [Mech/Fun]

    Suggested name: Helicopters

    A bit about me: I'm a server technical engineer on a German server. We want to give the best we can do to our players an we decided to look for an Helicopter-Plugin.

    What I want: I would like to have a plugin that adds helicopters to the game. I'd love to have permission nodes to deny some players the helicopters. It should work with PermissionsBukkit and Bukkit 1597

    Ideas for commands: Maybe a command to "spawn" those helicopters (like /helicopter create).
    And to sell/buy them. /helicopter buy or /helicopter sell

    Ideas for permissions: helicopter.go (to go by them, not to fly them) helicopter.fly (to fly them)
    helicopter.admin (to allow to fly, go and spawn) and (maybe !) helicopter.sell or helicopter.buy

    Willing to pay up to: 0$, 0€ I cant pay any money. Hope it's not too bad.

    If there are any problems, I can't help programming the plugin. If there is already a plugin similar to this, please tell me. PS: We've already tried Flan's plane mod. I hope I'll get good response :)
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    Not exactly what you said, but this one could add the functionality you need.
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    Sorry to necro a thread but I would really like helicopters added to bukkit as part of the way I am trying to build my server revolves around helicopter type flight.
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    I still think the THX Helicopter mod linked above is your best bet.. it would need to be ported to CraftBukkit first, but it is open source, so this is possible (it's already SMP, just needs to be converted to FML then ported to CraftBukkit). Of course, all users would have to have the mod installed on their client, so consider this when building a server.

    Personally, I'm keeping an eye on this THX Helicopter mod, considered porting it, but I already have the Hot Air Balloons mod on my server (which the author was kind enough to allow me port to CraftBukkit for 1.2.5), and I really like how it fits into the game, it's not too overpowered yet adds a useful new flight mechanic. It's not helicopters but if you can settle for something similar you may want to try it out.

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