[MECH/FUN] Guns+ v1.8 - Guns, Guns, Guns Galore![SPOUT][1.4.7-R1.0]

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    Yes I just created a explosion without TNT, but I will fix this soon.
    Does anyone else have problems with the recipes?
    Is the link to your pack still the same? I'll look into your pack, perhaps just a minor mistake.
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    REALLY AWSOME PLUGIN BUT theres that wired thing when you shoot while looking stright up at the sky you go flying upwards! plz change this people are abusing of this bug. also it would be fun if instead of a recoil that seands you backwards it would be a recoile wich makes you look up and then go down. i dont know if you understand what i mean here but if the recoil would be like in any other war game, it would be sooo awsome!! iv actually alredy seen mods that add guns and with recoil but those are not with spout wich makes it much less awsome. hope you can fix this!
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    Now that the 'base_block' is implemented you could re-skin a fence post, or just a flower...

    EDIT: Of course after I finished typing I realize the coolest would be torches, then if they are set on the top of a block they are vertical, but if placed on a wall they would be cocked like the mounting for a security camera. Although, ATM I believe that there is no way to get rid of the lighting effect or the smoke particles on a re-skined torch.

    Another thought, I figure in the config you would make it so that the guns can be set to only go off if a certain type of mob (aggressive, neutral, all), a list of mobs or player came in range, but for the redstone nuts, maybe you could look into making it configurable to require power (i.e.: on/off state)?
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    I just had an epiphany and will be making something epic for this plugin within a few days. :)
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    What do you mean by the base_block is implemented? I didn't hear about that on spout.org?!
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    I don't know the particulars, but MoreMaterials and at least one other plugin talked about designating the 'base_block' for a custom block (items hasn't been done yet). I'd talk to IceReaper or ZnickQ.
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    I have a sneak peak of my next release for you avid thread-wathcers.
    Added Flame Scroll
    Added Water Scroll
    Added Light Scroll
    Added Dark Scroll
    Added Meteor Scroll
    PLEASE tell me any suggestions you have!

    Also: can we get support for more than one block being placed at once in diffrent patterns? ie:
    block: 1
    pattern: circle #patterns can be circle, square, sphere, cube
    can we also get a targetSelf effect library?

    Also can we get guns that consume themselves when used?

    How goes the new release atlan?

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    fuzyfeet - ah thank you.
    Stuxrt - Good ideas. You mean the guns have durabilities?
    Currently SirTyler and me are going to merge his plugin Guns with GunPack and GrenadesPack , so I had not so much time for the next update, but I promise it will come within the next week.
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    No, I mean the gun consumes itself as ammo.
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    Oh, that would be cool, although I would like it to be toggleable if it was done... I like it the way it is now - however, It would be MUCH better if each bullet was turned into a clip. So in other words, If I grap 50 of the ammo, that is 50 magazines containing the ammo that I specified. Much easier for PVParena, saves SO much inventory space.

    Anyways, with latest spoutcraft build, I can confirm that sound IS FIXED!
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    I was thinking we could use the consuming for items like food. With target self we could have a "medicine" iten that works like food used to. And I think it would be an option like consume_self: true

    Or an "Ammunition Box" item that could have it's own inventory that opens when you right-click on it when it is in your hand.

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    You can make bullets then use 50 bullets and an empty clip to craft a full clip...
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    An empty clip? There are no empty clips... What are you talking about? I am asking for a feature in which one bullet = a mag. That way it contains all of the bullets and can be fit snugly into your inventory.
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    That is possible currently. Just add two definitions for your clips, empty and full, and make the gun use the full clip and make the emptyclip craftable with bullets. VERY simple and the bullets don't even have to be used, you can just leave the definitoin alone.
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    You create three new 'ammo' items.
    1. Bullet
    2. Empty Clip
    3. Full Clip
    Using 50 bullets and one empty clip in the crafting table, it makes a full clip. The weapon would be set to use the full clip, and fire 50 times before it needs to be reloaded.

    EDIT: Or just get rid of bullets all together and just make clips the need ammo. Then set the gun to fire as many time as you want before needing to be reloaded...

    Any chance you can make it so that a gun can be set to NOT auto load? I do like to make my players work a little for their supper...

    I wasn't sure how far you are with the sentry gun or what your plans are, but I had some thoughts about how to implement them:

    When the owner right-clicks the sentry gun a GUI comes up with several fields:
    1. Status (Enabled/Disabled): This can be a drop-down menu/combo box or radio buttons. If the gun is disabled it will not fire at all. If you manage to get the 'requires power' option to work, then the gun must be set to enabled and receiving power to fire, other wise it just fires as normal when set to enabled.
    2. Targets: A text field where the owner (or other 'authorized users', see bellow) type in the name of the mobs, individual players or (permission) groups that the gun will fire at when in range.
    3. Users: A text field that the owner can use to add other 'authorized users' to by adding individual players or groups.
    This of course will mean that you would need to save each sentry gun to a flat file or database (I'm not a fan of database cause of the potential for lag) and I'm not sure how comfortable you are with this option.

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    Gunpack is bypass LWC lock chest .:'(
    hold gun on hand then right click at lwc lock chest , We can open lock chest
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    Stuxrt , TheFluffey , fuzyfeet - Ok, will add magazines soon.
    fuzyfeet - It seems you are describing a automatic placeable gun, don't you? However a good idea, I thought basically about placeable guns, controlled by a player.
    dakzerox - Oh that's true, hope I have time to fix it in the next updat.
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    Quick question: do you think the new bukkit beta build will break your plugin? Build 1.2.3-R0.1
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    Yes if they did what they promised (remove deprecated code), I think the plugin will break. Sorry about that, but the update will come this week.
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    No problem. It did break, just for future reference, I'll try to survive with guns for a week. :eek: Lol.
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    Don't worry guys, me and atlan are working on the combo (Guns and GunsPack) called Guns+. Once we fix the new beta bugs and get some new features going we can put out Guns+ 1.0, so shouldn't be too long!
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    I have an idea: Effects whilst holding a grenade or gun. Like for my molotov cocktail grenade I could have fire trailing while holding the item.
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    Ah, I didn't realize that was not your plan. I thought you where planing (autonomous) sentry guns not just tripod mounted guns.
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    I have an idea! We could have the gun change textures when firing and by using .gif files!

    Cannot wait for the update!

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    <3 Your last update was so sick - I cannot wait for the merged plugin. Jesus :D
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    I have a problem. Every time theres more then one person, they use the same ammo count of multiple people. Lets say Person A and Person B are shooting a gun. Person A have 6 rounds, Person B has 6 rounds. Person A shoots 3 times. Person A, Person B both have 3 shots when only Person A has shot anything.

    Please fix this!
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    when will you update it for 1.2?
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    I dont know about this bug, thats something atlan will have to look at.

    Thanks! glad you liked it.

    We are working for having the first version of Guns+ out soon, but we cant release without a spoutcraft client which currently is not 1.2
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    They do have the dev build up :D I Updated my client too it, check dev builds in options and go to the latest :D Voila! Spoutcraft is updated to 1.2.

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