[MECH/FUN] Guns+ v1.8 - Guns, Guns, Guns Galore![SPOUT][1.4.7-R1.0]

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    Guns+ - Guns, Guns, Guns Galore!

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    Depends Spout, SpoutCraft and API+


    Guns, Guns, Guns Galore! Bring the Fun of Guns to your Server today! Supports as many guns as you can imagine! Use the easy to modify config to create new guns, ranging from a sniper that fires explosive rounds to a pistol that sets things on fire; Whatever you can Imagine can be done with Guns+.
    This plugin is a fusion of all features of the Guns plugin by SirTyler and GunPack plugin by atlan1. We are now working together to provide
    you an even better gun experience on your server! Our latest plugin Grenades+ works perfectly together with Guns+ and extends your weapon arsenal for Grenades and Explosives!

    • Customization of an infinite amount of Guns!
    • Shoot, Reload, and Zoom with your very own Guns!
    • Custom Recipes and Crafting!
    • Create your own gun additions!
    • Place tripod blocks, mount it and enter it to fire heavy weapons on your enemies!
    Guns+ in action:

    How to install and configure Guns+, thanks to @TheFluffey! (partially outdated)

    Guns+ supports the Loadout System of API+!
    If you got a cool set of guns you want to share with us you can learn how to make a loadout here, and then create a thread for it
    in the loadout section on BukkitDev.

    Bugs and Suggestions:
    If you found a bug in Guns+ or you have a suggestion on how to improve the plugin, please do not post it in here! It is very confused for us to read through all posts to find out what the actually bug or suggestion is. So please use the very useful feature of TICKETS on BukkitDev. Thank you!
  2. Could you add pics or/and a video of your plugin in action?
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    I am working on that. Video will be is online soon !
  4. Looks interesting. I try it out. ;3
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    Deleted user

    Spoutcraft or no?
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    Of course you will need spoutcraft.
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    this is amazing and i love it. I have noticed a couple of bugs so far but i only played it for a couple of minutes.
    It seems like you have to be i direct line of sight to hurt a mob(idk players)(i used zombies)
    Also i tried changing the range for the default sniper and i didnt change maybe i was doing it wrong idk

    But i still love this plugin keep up the great work and cant wait til you get some to-do's done.
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    Yes, currently it is not possible to make custom entitys like bullets, so I decided to search for mobs (and players) near the crosshair of the player.
    If you change the range the gun searches now the new amount of blocks more or less distant from the player for mobs near the crosshair. So if you want to have a gun with low range (Shotgun:p)
    and you point on a mob further away than the range, it will not get damaged.
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    I have a problem, do not create a folder GunPack, and does not work Plugin
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    Could you add burst fire (5 round fired, delay, 5 rounds fire again and so on.)
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    what happens if a players without spoutcraft joins? do they see it as flint?
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    Do you have spout installed? And please post in normal font size. ;)
    You can do this already with:
            reloadTime: yourdelay
            shotsBetweenReload: 5
            shotDelay: 0 (thats just the time between two shots => firerate)
    Yes they will see the items as flint and will not be able to use them.

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    Cool ill try this out tomorrow when i get up:)
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    Show Spoiler

    This is just what I've been looking for.

    After playing with the default sniper for a bit, I've found that the recoil definitely needs work. It's not a smooth jump up, it's just a sudden movement of your crosshair. Custom sounds are really needed too.

    A suggestion: zooming in/aiming down sights on left click? At least you could strafe shoot.

    Overall, I can't wait for later versions. It's great as it is now. Setting my FFA server up now. :D

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  16. how about throwable grenades as i think thats a must for this plugin
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    Thats what I am currently working on. However, in another plugin called 'GrenadesPack'

    Perhaps I could make it configurable to select either shift+right of left for zooming.
    Sorry I am not a english native speaker, but what do you mean with " At least you could strafe shoot." ?
    Overall thanks for the suggestions.
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    A couple of suggestions:
    1. Remap (Change) the zoom... Left shift and right click shoots and aims... Just a minor annoyance to this great mod.. (Maybe press 'Z' to zoom?)
    2. Make machine gun fire able to be much faster! I set one with a '0' gun delay and it shot like 1 bullet per second... Make it so that we can shoot like 15 bullets per second (CRAZY FAST)
    4. Smooth recoil out a bit.
    5. You are unable to move during fire (caused by vertical recoil, find another recoil method)

    [6] Maybe? Are there permissions? Please add permission nodes for bPermissions :D

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    Strafing is where you're moving from side to side. So if you made zooming in on left click, you'd be able to strafe, thus possibly avoiding fire from others.
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    When i make a new gun and restart the server the config just reloads and the gun disapears Please help! D:
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    1. Make sure that you have EVERYTHING right... This is a YML file, use NotePad ++ To make sure you have no errors.
    2. Make sure your images are 16x16 (google img, left side... Exactly 16H 16W)
    3. Your set!
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    Thank you for helping here.
    I read your suggestions:
    1. I will make the zoom key/button configurable.
    2. This is not caused by this plugin (just the default delay between two interacts of the player), but I'll look for another way to increase the firerate.
    3. *Working*
    4. Not sure how to, but also working on it.
    5. This is because I use a teleport to perform the recoil, so if you are sprinting you will get teleportet a bit back aswell. Also working on it.
    6. Sorry but I want to add the new items to the whole game, not only to the players with the permissions for that. This makes no sense in my mind.
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    Appreciate the prompt response... This plugin is a breakthrough in Bukkit. Seriously amazing potential and customization... Don't worry about nodes, the only reason I want them is to disallow some players from playing or not... I just want nodes for Player.CanEquip...

    Basically, only some players can equip.. However, thinking about it again, I can just disallow them from playing the arena using its nodes... It is fine! THANK YOU!

    Finally, is there any chance of releasing the images you used in the video? (Or the source site(s))? They looked wonderful, especially the rocket-launcher.

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    This are the textures of the sdk gun mod.
    An this are the config files for the guns for anyone interested.
    Btw, if someone got a good set of guns, you can post it here so that everyone can download it.
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    Just wanted to say, that I really, really love this mod, tyvm for making it. :) It's perfect.
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    Version 1.1:
    • Added custom sounds
    • Added configurable zoom/shot 'clicks'
    • Added headshotdamage (experimental)
    • renamed info.yml to general.yml
    • Added new effects system (now support for multiple effects)
    Please report bugs and make suggestions! Thank you.:)
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    Testing it now... Will edit this post when I return..

    PS. RAW! FASTEST UPDATE EVER. Now to test. Seriously, you are amazing. THANK YOU :D

    Bug Report:
    1. When zoomed in, movement (Not aim) movement is inverted.
    2. When zoomed in, you start to bubble (Potion particles) I don't know how it works, and if thats how it does, its fine. Just a minor annoyance.
    3. Hit detection is very poor sometimes... New method?

    Bug Report (Previously reported):
    1. Improve recoil :D (Smoother)
    2. Make it so that you can move while shooting. Shooting stops all movement.
    3. Faster fire rate for weapons.

    1. Sound make it SO much better. Shooting seems to be flawless. Hit detecting could use a little refining.
    2. Customizables: ALL seem to work.
    3. Make it so that keys like 'Z' can zoom. Very minor complaint and shouldn't be prioritized,
    left+shift works great.
    4. Everything else is good. Fixing the problems above will make this as flawless
    as SDK.

    Didn't know we could use 128x :D


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    HELP I CAN'T SHOOT, I JUST GET ERRORS IN MY SERVER(and yes, i have spout sucessfully installed for my server and client)...

    ...Love the mod though

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    Hmm. That is weird. Can you shoot occasionally? Change up your delays, and make sure your on the latest Recommended Build.

    Works fine for me. Make sure you've got the latest version of spout on your server, and make sure your an op.
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    Please post the error in
    Yes I recognized that too! Thats amazing :D
    Btw, thank you for the report.

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