Inactive [MECH/FUN] Grenades+ v1.1- Kill Like Creepers![SPOUT][1.3.1-R1.0]

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    Grenades+ - Kill Like Creepers!

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    Depends Spout, SpoutCraft and API+


    Grenades+ brings the Fun of Grenades and other Explosives to your Server today! Supports as many explosives as you can imagine! Use the easy to modify config to create new explosives. Define when, where, who and how to detonate your Explosives!
    This plugin works extremly good with the Guns+ plugin by SirTyler and atlan1. With Guns+ and Grenades+ your Server is prepared best for the Fight!

    • Customization of an infinite amount of Explosives!
    • Throw and Place your own custom Explosives on your enemies!
    • Custom Recipes and Crafting!
    • Blow Explosives up with a Detonator Item!
    Grenades+ in action:
    coming soon...

    Grenades+ supports the Loadout System of API+!
    If you got a cool set of explosives you want to share with us you can learn how to make a loadout here, and then create a thread for it
    in the loadout section on BukkitDev.

    Bugs and suggestions:
    If you found a bug in Grenades+ or you have a suggestion on how to improve the plugin, please do not post it in here! It is very confused for us to read through all posts to find out what the actually bug or suggestion is. So please use the very useful feature of TICKETS on BukkitDev . Thank you!
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    Very nice pack - I have created stun's and flashs which will not be released, but are very easy to make - PS. Going over the value of 20 with the slow potion makes the world go upside down.

    1. Landmine ID not listed :(
    2. Is this ready? 1.6rb was released.
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    I don't know about anyone else but I don't take damage from the explosions :S also how do i determine what potion is what? (for example smoke grenade has: potion_15)

    bug with Stuxrts napalm (so maybe all detonatable blocks?) i placed some napalm in my freinds tree as a joke but when he logged on (he logged on near the blocks) they auto detonated but keep a ghost block even after relogging. i know him being close caused this (shock range 3) but placing a block inside the ghost then destroying it will delete the ghost but any blocks placed in the same place furthermore appear as the napalm.

    in shorter terms: theres a bug with the shock trigger

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    1. Ok forgot to add the placeables to the id message.
    2. I think so.
    Look here for a ID and effect list: potion effects
    Ah and I protected you from damage of your own explosives.
    I don't think this is a bug with the trigger, just a render bug of the custom block. I think this is a 'not-yet-fixed' spout bug, but I'll look if I did something wrong.
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    ah awesome. keep up the great work :D
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    ETA on GunPack update?

    Also, weird as it is, GunPack is suddenly working with perms after switching to pEx... Custom GUI wasn't working before, now it is!
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    I can make images fine but it doesnt get rid of the shape as in the square behind it is still there do you have a solution or a program?
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    Add option to disable block explosion (Only hurts players).
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    1. Not before Monday I think, but if you or somebody could write me a compiled list of bugs and suggestions I promised to implement it would be much easier for me :D
    2. Hmm, don't know why, but I'll take a look into that, perhaps bPerms doesn't support Superperms?
    I think you mean how to make the texture transparent, don't you? You can use or gimp for that.
    Yes , I'll create a new damage effect, which will only damage mobs/players within the radius.
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    Thank you, I had to add extra protections before, which was just a slight annoyance... Bug list on the way for GunPack.

    1. Convert fire rate to RPM for more specific shot speeds. Max 1000 RPM?

    2. Combine Accuracy and Bullet Spread: Make it so bullet spread randomly fires the bullet within the circle of degree, instead of shooting a bullet the size of the whole circle (I think that is how it is now). This makes it so guns are more accurate the closer they are to the target! This would be perfect for machine guns and shotguns. Then add a # of bullets shot with one fire option, so shotguns can shoot like 8 bullets at once. You could add an option where the bullet spread circle decreases by a certain percent when you are zoomed in.

    So yeah it would be great if you can make it so the bullets actually spread around the cross-hair, but make it configurable. Example: the sniper would hit right were you aim when bullet spread degrees is set to 0, but the shotgun would hit like in the picture when bullet spread degrees is set to a high number. This is like accuracy because the higher the spread the less chance you have of hitting them. So if you try to shoot someone with a shotgun from a far distance, most of the bullets would miss, but if you shot from a close distance, most would hit. This might be hard to program though, because the bullets would have to hit at a totally random spot within the circle. It would be great if you can make it work like that though!

    3. "ranged damages".
    A simple example, for a simple gun :
    - between 0 and 10 cubes, makes 8 damages
    - between 11 and 15 cubes, makes 4 damages
    - between 16 and 20 cubes, makes 2 damages
    - over 21 cubes : 0 damages
    So we can have terrible shotguns at short range, that have nearly no effect at mid / long range.
    Sniper could be powerful at mid/high range, and useless at close combat and so on...

    ---the smaller the bullets the better the spread effect (cause big bullets are more likely to hit)
    ---you should make it so you can toggle between seeing the spread circle and not seeing it (for testing)
    ---you should add an option for the number of bullets shot with one click (good for shotgun as it shoots more than one bullet at once and they all spread in different directions)

    5. Another suggested feature: Machine Guns, DOD style. They can be carried and shot and have diffrent recoils then when on the tripod then when shot by a player. People should be able to define seperate recoils, effects and damage for tripod like this:

    6. Make it toggle-able if explosions are to explode the ground or not (Anti-grief, fixed uneeded extra server protection).

    7. How about assigning a weight for each gun, to specify how fast you can walk with them?

    8. So after making a spyglass and seeing that others' had made pipes and what not, any chance you can make it so if we add a line "HUD: disabled" in a given 'gun'?

    Bug Fixes:
    1. I was wrong with perms - GUI still broken :(
    2. Precache sound to (attempt) to prevent sound cutoff spout bug.
    3. The Acheivement/Notification for "reloading" comes up if you press 'r' and have a full magazine... very minor.
    4. When you zoom in (with sniper) the HUD and text disappear, but not the gun image. Make it so that they all overlay the zoom image.
    5. YOU CANNOT DISABLE SMOKE. Pisses me off as smoke is currently heavily flawed... Without flight path it always shoots in one direction, causing smoke in your eyes... With Flight path, it is WAY to strong and NOT suitable for any automatics. Also, make smoke more adjustable... 1 on flightpath with automatics makes firing painful as you cannot see after 5 or so bullets (Smoke to thick).
    6. I'd like to report a bug, if you shoot a gun, switch to another slot and back, you can bypass the reload time.

    Additional request:​
    Make it so that you can config a gun based on 'hold' or 'press'. For press guns, you have to click and let go to fire... You cannot hold the mouse button. For hold you can. Crucial for pistols, snipers.​

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        Weed Grenade:
            texture: ''
            speed-multiply: 1.3
            radius: 4
                time: 75
                        duration: 200
                        strength: 3
                        duration: 400
                        strength: 3
    it jsut had to be done >:D
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    How did you manage to negate block damage from grenades?

    EDIT: Unless it's a feature provided by MobArena, PVP Arena, etc...
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    Yes that's a feature of MobArena. But I will provide a protection option in GrenadesPack in the next version.
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    ETA on ready? I am pretty excited, this will top off the pack. Anyways, what about gunpack?
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    just merge em all and call it warpack or something xD
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    Yeah atlan ;)

    mines placed under water when exploded make ghost blocks

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    hi atlan1 it's FatMiners remember me?!?! I've got a suggestion for GunPack, don't know if this is possible but if it is can you make it configurable weather xp drops from the mobs when killed because currently xp will not drop when killed by a grenade or a gun (wow I managed to give a suggestion for the GrenadePack aswell!)
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    Grenades+ Soon?
    I still need that protection feature.
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    We had not so much time for making Grenades+ because of the changes of bukkit and spout, but I think we will start this week.
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    Ok, so I made a Stun grenade, and I made it onhit: true. There is no timer set. But, 80% of the time, when I throw the stun it instantly blows up in my face. I am throwing it through air. It seems to work more frequently if I am moving away from the grenade, which makes me think it is colliding with me. But it used to work fine, and hasn't even been changed. Do you think it is server lag?
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    No it's because of the method I use to check if it hits, which is basically the grenade checks all blocks around the block it is in currently if they are not air. So if you are standing one block deep in a hole or try to throw the grenade over a 1 block high wall it will explode instantly. I know this not a very good method to check if it hits, but I hope to improve this when Grenades+ comes out.
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    Would be great if we can config what blocks can be damaged. Example brittle or soft materials like glass, sand, dirt, grass and not harder materials like stone or brick walls because this is not suppose to be TNT grade :)
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    when is grenades+ coming out?
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    I can't say an specific date yet, but during the next week sounds good, doesn't it? :p
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    haha yes! sounds amazing :p
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    Wait a sec, it's been a while now right? Still not quite +?
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    I have a question on this: the grenades weren't doing enough damage to instant kill some mobs, so I tried adding an instant damage potion effect by doing this:

            # the url of the texture you want to use
            texture: ''
            # the speed multiplier, means how fast AND how far the grenade will fly NOTE: it is a multiplier so 1.0 is the normal speed
            speed-multiply: 1.2
            # the effects radius, means the sphere radius which will be searched for entitys and blocks to perform effects at
            radius: 10
            # the trigger section specifies when the effects will happen, available for throwable are: time(time after which the grenade explodes), onhit(effects on grenade hit)
                time: 60
            # the effects section is similar structured as in the GunPack, three sections: location(location of the grenade), entityInRange(all entities in the radius of the grenade), blocksInRange(you know^^)
            # the effect nodes are the same as in the GunPack
                        size: 4
                        strength: 15
    But it doesn't do any damage outside the explosion radius. Any clue why not?

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