[MECH/FUN] GoldFall v.1.5.2 - Makes golden apples fall from trees [1337]

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    Gold Fall
    version: 1.5.2
    source: https://github.com/Gamerguy14/Gold-Fall

    Gold Fall is a fairly simple plugin. Gold Fall makes it so that every time that a player breaks a leaf block a golden apple might fall.

    To install the plugin, download the .jar and put it in your plugins folder . When you start your server, a config.txt file will be created.

    In the file it will say:

    frequency: 1/20
    message: +name just got a golden apple!
    The frequency is how often the apples will fall. It defaults to 1/20. You can put a fraction with positive integers on it or just a positive integer between 0 and 100. Just one integer between 0 and 100 will default to being over 100(percent(%)). To figure out the percentage, divide the numerator(first number) by the denominator(second number) and multiply it by 100. So 1/20 would be 5%. If you want a decimal percentage, don't do this 0.1 or 0.1/100, the program won't be happy. For 0.1%, do 1/1000.

    After it says message, it is the message that will be broadcast when someone gets a golden apple. +name will always be replaced with the name of the player who broke the leaves block.

    - added support for build 1337

    - added support for build 1317

    v. 1.5
    - added support for build 1240

    v. 1.4
    - fixed a typo in the source.

    v. 1.3
    - changed the config to working with fractions.

    v. 1.2
    - added a configurable message for when someone gets a golden apple.

    v. 1.1
    - added a config file to change the chances of a golden apple.

    v. 1.0
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    you need an external download link for non-members
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    There I changed to a .jar link that comes from an external source.
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    config files so that the the rate at which that apples fall can be changed
    I believe you should do this as soon as possible.
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    Ya i will get on that.
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    Looking forward to when config file is added :)
    Maybe add a configurable message whenever someone loots a golden apple? ;)
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    Sure I can do that.

    I will be updating soon. I just need to work out some bugs.
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    config file included to change when apples fall.

    message will be released in the next update which will come soon.


    added the message

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    is there any chance you can make it so you can do less than 1%

    i installed it and within 1 minute, 13 people found golden apples of me saying the plugin was installed... and there is only 31 people on my server playing atm.
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    I will work on that. It just takes a lot more code. I can also change it to fractions.

    I don't have time to fix it update it now but it will be updated tomorrow.


    Config can now have fractions and integer percents.

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  11. I was looking at the source and noticed a small typo. :)
    "info.getName() + "] There is a " + temp + "% chance of getting a golden apple when a leaf is brocken");"
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    Thanks, I will fix this.
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  14. Great :) It was just a small thing, but it just looks nicer without small typos eh? :)
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    I will update for the new build in a minute.

    I will have the plugin on bukkit dev because I have to.


    I have put the plugin on BukkitDev. It is there because it has to be there, not because I want it to be there. I will always check this forum though because I like it better.

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    Add normal Apples too, with config. :D
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    GoldFall version 1.5.2 has been downloaded 748 times! Lets see if it can hit 1000.

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