[MECH/FUN] FlyingTub 0.3: Ride your cart off into the sunset! [1.5.2-R1]

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    This is a plugin very similar to the old CartJump plugin, but implemented from scratch, open source and modernized for the newer Bukkit ways of doing things, as well as performance tweaked.

    Download Project / Get Documentation On BukkitDev

    • Configurable using newer config.yml setup
    • Has optional fall damage prevention while in a minecart
    • Highly performance tuned (uses no additional CPU while flying over not having the plugin)
    • Emulates CartJump config so you can get the exact same "gravity" values you used there, but also use much more precise ones if desired.
    * /flyingtub command can save config (0.3)
    * Set a gravity per-world (0.4)
    * Configuration presets? e.g. gravity values of "moon" "earth-like" "long-distance"

    Known bugs/caveats
    * save command exists in 0.2 but doesn't do anything

    Version 0.3: 2012-10-31
    * In-game save config via /flyingtub save
    * More performance tweaking

    Version 0.2: 2012-04-10
    * Added /flyingtub command to allow the horizontal/vertical values to be tweaked at runtime without needing constant reloads

    Version 0.1: 2012-04-06
    * Initial Release

    For download, additional docs, and information on installation, configuration, etc, go to the BukkitDev page.

    here's two of some transoceanic flight:


    Launcher Distances
    See BukkitDev for comprehensive documentation of this
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    Ooh sounds nice, maybe add some screenshots so it can be seen in action. Approved.
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    Ooooh, first post not being moderator I'm going to test this out this is just what i needed and it makes the game more interesting, Ill send you feedback if I get any errors or bugs or if it just works perfectly, or suggestions.
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    With this mod, if a track is placed around the landing point and 1-2 blocks before it, the cart will magnetically "attract" down onto the track, allowing the cart to continue moving along, so you can string together multiple jumps to make a rollercoaster or travel thousands of blocks without having to pay for thousands of track blocks (and cross difficult terrain like water or lava without having to build bridges)

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    I have used both the .02 and .03 version but this mod simply doesn't work for me. It loads fine but there is no extra travel. I tried a few config settings and nothing changed. Normal drop rate.

    Running bukkit 1.2.5-R1.3 (im using the ported mods version so we can have Forge and ModLoader)
    Mods - ComputerCraft, RedPower, Railcraft, Buildcraft, Forestry, SmartMoving, MorePistons
    Plugins - dynmap, EcoCreature, FlyingTub, GBshopper, Iconomy, KonseptGate, World Edit and world guard.

    Dunno if any of those might mess with it perhaps? No idea here..
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    The only time FlyingTub changes the velocity modifier of a given cart is if either
    1. You get into a cart
    2. You place a cart on rails
    So if you're changing the velocity values while in a cart, you will need to get out and back in.

    I'm not familiar with most of the plugins or mods you listed, but I'd say that Railcraft seems very suspicious for something that may interfere with FlyingTub, especially given that Railcraft has this: http://railcraft.wikispaces.com/Launch Track (Track) Any mod that will change or potentially ignore the flying velocity settings from bukkit will be an issue.

    If you remove Railcraft and still have issues, then let me know and maybe we can see if there are other potential gotchas.
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    I love what this plugin does. However, sometimes, people will die upon landing. Come on and I can recreate. Look for Chris (Me). If I'm not on, ask an admin to use the airport. This plugin might not have it, but it should have a negate damage option in config. If that's the case, can you please add it.
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    There is an option. In config.yml look for the prevent_damage option and then reload your server.

    Note that this only prevents falling damage, it will not prevent if you get e.g. shot by a skeleton or exploded by a creeper
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    By the way, this plugin still works on 1.4.6 and 1.4.7.
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    Still works with 1.5.2-R0.1, so not going to make an update just yet.

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