Inactive [Mech/Fun] Cookiez v0.5- Let Zombies drop Cookies! Now with BukkitPermission![1.3.2- R1.0]

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    <font color="#0000ff">Cookiez</font> -
    <font color="#ff9900">Zombies drop cookies instead of boring rottenflesh!</font>

    Aren't you tired of those freaking rotten flesh?
    And why do zombies drop feathers? (okay, now they drop flesh, but that even more *****)
    Here is the answere!
    Cookiez - My very first Plugin!
    Bukkit 1.3.2 R1!

    It let Zombies drop Cookies! (Isn't this more use/meaningful than rottenflesh) ;) )

    Older Versions are no longer supporter...

    Version: v0.5

    * <font color="#000000">Command: /cookie - gives you a cookie</font>
    * Let Zombie drop Cookies instead of boring feathers...
    * configurable zombie drops

    Download Cookiez: Cookiez.jar
    Mirror: Attached Files!
    Source code - outdated (new one comes later)

    Just drop the Plugin in your plugin folder and have fun :D

    * /cookie - Gives you a cookie

    Permisson (BukkitPerm):
    * Cookiez.take

    All Versions:

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    * Tell me, I haven't an idea...

    Version 0.5
    * Now with BukkitPerm
    * Code Clean up

    Version 0.4
    * Zombiedrops are now configurable - cookiez are still default
    * Recompiled with the newest bukkit and permissions

    Version 0.3
    * Added Permisson support

    Version 0.2
    * Implented the new "Cookie"-Command

    Version 0.1
    * First release: Zombie drop now Cookiez

    Please post ideas for the Plugin below: (Like let Spiders drop Cake...)

    Youtube videos for my plugins

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    English-youtube video
    thx to BlueSkullProduction1 for the video
    German version

    Visit my Side for News and other cool Stuff:


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    Sir Savary

    Do they drop cookies instead of feathers, or both?
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    Could it be possible to make them drop cocoa beans instead? :)
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    They drop only cookies... feathers are stupid...
    For feathers we've got cookies...
    Yeah, that's possible... Should I change it for you?
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    Could you make it so that we can customize the drops?
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    Make em have a 100% of dropping cocoa beans, and a 50% of dropping a cookie!
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    City Builder

    There are already like 2 or more plugins that allow you to customize what drops what. If this is left alone as zombies drop cookies, then it seems to make sense to me, but if it's changed to customize what drops what, then it's competing with the others that already do that.
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    oh sorry, I couldn't find it. Love this plugin btw.
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    Like this plugin ^^
    EDIT: Perhaps... Let skeletons drop 1 / 0 iron?
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    Great plugin, I lol'd when I saw Cookiez.jar... Get it ? Cookie Jar ? anyway nice plugin xD
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    Haha I love the message in the console when you stop the server. Sweet Plugin man.
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    Just tested it with the latest build: All my Plugins are up to date ;)
    But thank you for the question, I nearly forgot it....
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    haha thats fun !

    but do they just drop cookies by buring from the sun ?
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    customize drops plzz xD
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    ...No More Developing
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    This plugin is now back in development!
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    Hey can u make them have customized drops like bone or whatever u want. That would be nice :)
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    uhoh 1.8 released Cookies Vs Zombie Rotted Flesh !!!!!!!!! who will win preorder on paper veiw now
    i think you may want to do what Bobysays23 said before its to late for real though its an awsome plugin been using from day 1 on my like list
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    Well I've done, what you folks wanted me to do... (with 1.8.1 support) Okay now? ;)
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    Thanks for the Plugin. Works great!
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    Can we add more drops with a separation of a comma or something? (In the config) :p
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    Well, that would be possible, i'll take care of that in the next version ;)
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    Awesome. Thanks so much for actually listening to your feedback. A lot of people don't do that.
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    Well, thanks alot for your Feedback ;)
    The next version is nearly there, thanks to you
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    Also, I know it might be difficult, but the more we put the Items ID in there, the more frequently it drops. That would be neat. Or you could just do a separate section in the config for percentages or something.
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