Inactive [MECH/FUN] ColorCarts - Easily configure minecart behaviour [1.3.1 R1]

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    Author: Kmacho
    Version: 1.0.0
    This thread will not be updated. You will find the plugin and all the information on BukkitDev.​

    Main Features:
    Control Minecarts: Using easily configurable wool colors, you can control the behavior of any cart that passes over it, similar to MinecartMania.
    All Minecart Types: Will react to control blocks no matter what type of cart it is. It even has an option to control empty minecarts.
    Redstone activation: Option to only enable control blocks if they are powered. The option is per block type, so you can have redstone controlled booster blocks, but always enabled launchers, etc.
    Clear Paths: Choose if you want to enable the clearing of the minecarts path. If the minecart is about to collide with a player or item, it safely teleports him/it to the nearest safe location out of the track. Or if you are feeling especially evil, kill/destroy the player/item.
    Manual Control: You can make players control the direction the minecart goes. Just use your fist.
    Multiworld Support: Use a blacklist or whitelist to control where this plugin works.
    Per Block Settings: Do you want only a specific booster to speed up the minecart 4x faster? Want to set up the max speed just a bit highter to specific minecarts? Easy! Just put a sign under the control block that you wish to apply custom settings to.

    How it works:
    This plugin uses control blocks placed beneath any type of rail to make any minecart that passes above it perform an action. Unlike other plugins of the same type though, this plugin utilizes the different wool colors as control blocks, making so that it essentialy only uses one type of block and easily avoids plugin incompatability.
    Here are the different types of functionalities available:
    • Booster: Speeds up the minecart to 2x its speed.
    • Brake: Slows down the minecart to 1/2 its speed.
    • Reverse: Makes the minecart go the opposite direction.
    • Ejector: Ejects players/mobs from the minecart.
    • Remover: Removes the minecart. permanently.
    • Creator: Creates a minecart on the tracks above it.
    • Station: Stops the minecart for a configurable amount of time, then launches it.
    • Teleporter: Teleports the minecart to a configurable point.
    • Elevator: Teleports the minecart to the nearest track above or below it.
    • Message: Sends a message to the passenger, nearby players, players in the same world or even the entire server.
    Here are more control blocks, but these don't use wool to function, these are set and cannot be changed:
    • Collector:Stores any minecart that collides with it.
    • Dispenser:Dispenses minecarts to the track in front of it. Can also function as a collector.
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    Please just double check your title to make it fit the guidelines (latest rb), otherwise very nice.
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    I've just updated ColorCarts to the newest version of bukkit, so now the title is at the latest rb :)
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    Kmacho would be nice for me to see a sample image, (not with the guidelines) Just want to see an example of it. :)

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