[MECH/FUN] CocoCrops - Harvest Chocolate [1060]

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    DropBlock Is now ChaoticDrop by the ChaoticCoding Team

    I'm going to add more features At 12.00 AM from there onwards i will be developing this plugin
    I'm going to add More Uses later today

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  2. Your title and post is missing a version.
    Theres a 1/50 chance for coco beans dropping from wheat, am i right?
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    This sounds useful!
    Most likely.


    May I suggest a dropbox link? some user's don't like just one download link.

    Also, do you have a dev.bukkit.org link?
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    Yes everything is the same to ChocoCrops but now im going to add more stuff
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    Loving the name!
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    UPDATEEEE and add to bukkit-dev
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    Requesting update.

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