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    On the original post it says in parenthesis "look at the faction plugin for more info". i do not see anything on the faction plugin mentioning this plugin.

    My curiosity is what does this actually do, combined with the faction plugin. I dont really want to test it and it not be satisfactory.

    And i would also like to suggest a 2-way ranking system:
    1) /ctptop - this would give a list of the top 10 teams/factions that hold the record for holding the portal for the longest amount of time in one capture.
    2)/ctpgrosstop - this would give a list of the top 10 teams/factions that have the most time combined of holding the portal.
  2. The reason it says that in the description is because this plugin supports the Factions plugin. Not the other way around. This plugin checks whether Factions is loaded and enabled. If so it will look at the faction a player is in when they try to capture the portal. And it will use that faction to display who's capturing the portal and whether to allow the next person that attempts to walk through the portal (whether he's on the same faction).

    As for your suggestion, it could be done and I will consider implementing it in the next version.
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    Ok that sounds good, and the ranking system would definitely be cool and would add a more competitive environment for servers using this.
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    @wargamer2010 Hey thanks for Faction integration, i know i'm who are proposed the faction integration but finally i never test this plugin, because PVP map was deleted on my server.

    So i'll try it tonight !

    Also, i think it's good idea if you add (Faction support) in the title :) !
  5. Done :)
    Looking forward to your feedback.
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    Oh xD

    Ok i'v try with only one pressure plate...don't works :(
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    Help x)?
  9. Does it give you an error in your console? Which version of Permissions/Factions do you use?
    Which build of Bukkit do you use? Does it print something when you stand on the plate? And are you in a faction?
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    i don't use permission i set permission to false, last dev build bukkit it print me nothing in the chat.
  11. Oh and are you running the latest version of CaptureThePortal? It should say "CaptureThePortal v1.6.1." in console.
    If not, download the latest version from the link at the top of this page.
    I fixed some Factions related things in that version.
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    Does this support the end ?
  13. What should it support? Are you talking about another plugin here? Or the latest version of Bukkit?
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    Sorry, wasn't very clear. I mean the new version of minecraft has ender portals (end portals, whatever), right? Do you think you could add support for, or would this already work with those ?
  15. The plugin doesn't support End portals yet but it looks like it's doable.
    If I get some time this week, I will have a look at it. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    You should make it configurable team colors. I want my faction to be blue and my friends to be red.
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    ^ This. Support for The End would be awesome. :D
    good plugin :)
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    Call me a noob or something, but, how exactly should I make it work? I have put the jar file in the plugins directory, but nothing happens ingame. Isn't there a guide or something, or am I missing something?
  19. Everything should be explained in the post all the way at the top (the first one).
    You're not going to see anything happen until you build a wool square under your nether portal with a stone pressure plate in the middle.
    I will put up some screenshots this weekend.
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    But, what about those permissions? And does creative mode* and peaceful have anything to do with it?
  21. The permission nodes are mentioned in that post as well. So all you have to do is add or to a group and the players in that group will be able to capture the portal/wormhole.
    The plugin doesn't support the built-in permissions yet, just Permissions 3 and Factions.

    It won't work too well in creative mode as there would be infinite obsidian. Which kind of allows everyone to build nether portals. And no, peaceful doesn't have anything to do with it.
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    So I need Factions and Permissions 3 too. Hmm, Factions is a bit chaotic. So it is basically an expansion on Factions?
  23. No, you don't need both. You need one of them. You can have both though.
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    That's relieve. Is there an installation guide somewhere? And I have to place after the 'permissions:' line? Otherwise I will wait 'till the weekend, when you upload the screenshots.
  25. Alright, the screenshots have been added to the first post.
    This is an example groups.yml with two teams (blue and red). All you'd have to do is add a couple users to the Blueteam or Redteam group.
    Of course you could also use Factions which would need no additional configuration, except for the existence of a couple Factions of course.
  26. I have been trying to get this to work with Wormhole X-Treme plugin and factions but I cannot get it to work
    I have set enablefactionsupport and enablewormholesupport to true
    I get a message saing that the potals been captured but anybody can still use the potal.
    I am trying to get this to work with factions, there are no errors.
    ( i havent tryed it with nether portal as there is no nether loaded on our map)

    thanks for any help
  27. You are correct and I thank you for reporting it :)
    After running some tests it turned out the Wormhole support broke.
    I did a big rewrite and it now works as it should. I've also added End support and more team colours.

    The new (1.7.0) will still allow people to activate the wormhole but will prevent them from getting through it.
    Keep in mind that, for it to work, there needs to be one wool block with a stone plate on top; next to the dailer.
  28. just updated and tested and all is working great with Wormhole X-Treme

    Many thanks

    Sorry for the double post

    But just found a very odd bug, one of my players has found a spot on the map that when you stand near it you get spammed with the message "your team has not cappured this portal yet,
    yet there is no portal or button near him, there are no errors on the console

    also if you speed hack either with zombe or spout fly you can get through the portal but you end up in a wall.

    Sorry to be a pest :p
    I do love the plugin and i have lots of ideas for it.

    I was wondering if its possible to add this so it just works with a button ie to open a door or something (i know this is porabably a compleatly new plugin but i was just wondering if its possible.

    Many Thanks

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    Would it be possible to add a new command for factions who capture the portal to move it to their desired location?

    e.g. Faction member captures the nether portal and then tp's to their "f home" they then type "/netherportal summon" and the portal is moved to the location. This command can only be used once per capture. (To prevent moving it when being attacked) Another command would be "/netherportal status" which would show the location and current faction in control of the portal.

    This would be great! It would encourage people to attack faction bases who own the portal and add a downside to having the portal.

    Please incorporate this to your great plugin :D

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