[MECH/FUN] BinarySkates 0.3.3 - Skate on Ice! (with Hockey/Fights now!) [670-1337]

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    BinarySkates - Allow players to skate on ice using a configurable type of boot and holding down the SNEAK button (usually SHIFT.) You can configure the speed of the skating, the type of boot that will simulate skates, and even the delay in between "leg pumps." New in 0.2.0 onwards, you can now play hockey! Read below for more information.

    **Celebrating no changes needed between bukkit updates and no bugs in three (6) months **

    Version: v0.3.3 - Compiled against RB 1337 (works and tested with 670 to 1337)


    Detailed Description

    The plugin is heavily configurable. You can configure which items allow the user to skate, such as 317 which is gold boots, or you can configure the delay in between "leg pumps," and even configure the amount of power each leg pump delivers. You can skate by holding down the sneak key (usually SHIFT.)

    New in 0.2.0 you can now play hockey! Make sure to re-download the .zip and use the new skates.config file. You don't need to as the plugin will use the defaults if no values are specified, but at least it will let you tweak values if you get the new config file.


    All features can be enabled/disabled using the configuration file as I believe strongly in user configuration and customization.
    • Allow players to skate on the ice!
    • Configure which type of boot allows skating.
    • Configure the delay and power between leg pumps (overall speed.)
    • Play hockey with your friends!

    Hockey HOWTO:

    1. Make sure you have the updated version of the skates.config file! Download the new .zip!
    2. Edit your skates.config file to see the items that can be used as a puck. Defaults are the following:
    • Green disk (2257)
    • Gold disk (2256)
    • Cookie (357)
    • Slimeball (341)
    • Snowball (332)
    • Iron Ingot (265)
    3. Enter the game and put one of the puck items in your hand.
    4. Type /bs drop (to drop the puck). That puck is now registered as a puck and people cannot pick it up unless carrying the puck in a hockey game.
    5. Put a "stick" in your hand. By default the hockey stick to be used is a normal stick (id: 280)
    6. When you don't have the puck the following commands apply:
    • Left-click is slap-shot (when puck is in range)
    • Right-click picks the puck up so you can carry the puck (your head will change to a pumpkin head so others know you have the puck)
    • Left-click is body check. Make sure to body check the pumpkin-heads to make them drop the puck!
    7. When you have the puck the following commands apply:
    • Left-click is slap-shot
    • Right-click is pass (slower shot)
    8. At any time, the person who originally dropped the puck can type /bs summon to summon the pick back to their hand for a face-off of just puck recovery.
    9. Have fun :)

    To Fight in Hockey:

    You can fight in hockey and not kill the other person. All you have to do is make sure your target is wearing gold boots, is on ice, and has nothing in his/her hands. You also have to have nothing in your hands. Once you both have fists on the ice and wearing gold boots, have at it! You will get them low on HP but it won't kill them. Knock the other guy out to get the advantage!

    Permissions Support:

    No permissions support yet, but will be shortly.


    Version 0.3.2
    • Compiled against RB 953.
    Back Versions (open)

    Version 0.3.1
    • Added hockey fighting!!
    • Added many more configurable options in the skates.config file
    • Default puck carrier head block is a sponge now. You can change this in skates.config if you wish
    Version 0.2.0
    • Added hockey functions!
    • New /bs command. Type /bs in game to see the sub-commands. The important ones are /bs drop to drop the puck in your hand, and /bs summon to summon the puck back to your hand.
    Version 0.1.2
    • Fix to remove dependency on a worldedit object.
    • Changed default value of speedfactor from 0.66 to 1.0.
    Version 0.1.1
    • Compiled against 677
    • Initial plugin release to the public.

    Troubleshooting and Support

    Any questions, comments, or bug reports please post in this thread and include:
    • Bukkit Version: <version>
    • BinarySkates Plugin Version: <version>
    • BinarySkates skates.config file, pasted to http://pastie.org

    Still Not Sold?

    If you would like to see this plugin in action, visit my minecraft server Thunderdome. The address is: thunderdome-mc.com

    Hope you enjoy it :)
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    To me doesn't work :(

    Please help

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    When I fight with someone, we both have gold boots and bare hands, but the loser always dies on the first shot. Help please
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    This is running great on latest RB [#766] [meat]
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    This is still works on my 766 CB server. :D
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    i hope it will run with 1.6 update too, also it would be nice if it runs with newer server builds to still update it so it shows up in the plugin list :X
    we really want to include this for our server, it looks just awesome
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    Seems to work on CB#803 still - skating (leather boots) and hockey (stick + slimeball) - wonder how it will work out on 1.6 when CB is ready for that.
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    does this work under 1.6 ?
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    have tried it today... the skating works fine, but the hocky thing is not working properly, if you hit the one with a pug with stick in hand it does damage, can even kill. and the stick suddenly desintegrates. so it works but is bugged now :/
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    @Binaryclock you can please update to #818? it's fun to play binaryskates ;)
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    Please update to CB 860!!! skating works but ice hockey doesn't​
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    I wish this would update! :D
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    we all do, we all do :(
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    please please please update! Weve got spend so much time in our stadions! :D
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    @Hegik @Rhenaya @Xaostica
    I am going to be taking over this plugin if it is alright with @Binaryclock
    I have got it all set out.. i just need Binary's permission...
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    Great news! This has been a big hit in the server and keeps the massive skating rink interesting! Hoping for the best.
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    Sounds very nice ^
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    Umm guys but when i update this... i wont be adding new features... I will just keep updating it to the newest build alright? @Hegik @Xaostica
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    :) I dont really think this plugin needs new features :) @Xaostica
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    So any luck on taking on the project?
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    updating is fine enough, overdoing with new features will break to much stuff and take longer with each server version anyway :/

    but i guess problem is that binary isnt reachable?
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    you should develop this further. like add a scoring system

    use command like /bs select goalb1 and /bs select goalb2

    goalb1 and goalb2 would set the boundaries for the goal, if the puck goes through it adds a point to a team.
    Then after you define the boundaries you could do a command like /bs set goal <teamname|goalname>
    I know it would probabilistic;t take awhile but this would make it more interesting and fun

    For keeping track of scoring you could make a sign that would read
    [bs <gamename>]

    That being said you would need to add teams. I don't know how you would do that but i'm sure you could figure it out.
    I'm just throwing my ideas out there, i'm not a plugin developer or coder but i can throw out ideas, right?
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    Guys, i dont think i can take this on.. the plugin wont compile... to many errors.. i just dno how binaryclock did this..
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    Hey guys, I'm back. I've been really really busy. I've been monitoring BinarySkates though and it seems to work fine on my servers. Are you guys still having issues with it?

    I compile under bukkit not craftbukkit, so usually my plugins work through all the versions without troubles.

    I'll compile it against 950+ but like I said, the current version works fine on it cause my servers are running it just fine.

    This has now been updated and compiled against RB 953. Although I made no changes to the code as none needed to be made. At least it's officially tested and compiled against the newest RB for 1.7.2. now :)

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    Nice to know binary is back. Love the server too.
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    I canĀ“t download it
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    The server that allows you to download this plugin is temporarily offline. I'm working on getting it back up.
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    is there a way to make a default rink with goal lights like in the video? i feel lazy

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