[MECH/FUN] BinarySkates 0.3.3 - Skate on Ice! (with Hockey/Fights now!) [670-1337]

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    BinarySkates - Allow players to skate on ice using a configurable type of boot and holding down the SNEAK button (usually SHIFT.) You can configure the speed of the skating, the type of boot that will simulate skates, and even the delay in between "leg pumps." New in 0.2.0 onwards, you can now play hockey! Read below for more information.

    **Celebrating no changes needed between bukkit updates and no bugs in three (6) months **

    Version: v0.3.3 - Compiled against RB 1337 (works and tested with 670 to 1337)


    Detailed Description

    The plugin is heavily configurable. You can configure which items allow the user to skate, such as 317 which is gold boots, or you can configure the delay in between "leg pumps," and even configure the amount of power each leg pump delivers. You can skate by holding down the sneak key (usually SHIFT.)

    New in 0.2.0 you can now play hockey! Make sure to re-download the .zip and use the new skates.config file. You don't need to as the plugin will use the defaults if no values are specified, but at least it will let you tweak values if you get the new config file.


    All features can be enabled/disabled using the configuration file as I believe strongly in user configuration and customization.
    • Allow players to skate on the ice!
    • Configure which type of boot allows skating.
    • Configure the delay and power between leg pumps (overall speed.)
    • Play hockey with your friends!

    Hockey HOWTO:

    1. Make sure you have the updated version of the skates.config file! Download the new .zip!
    2. Edit your skates.config file to see the items that can be used as a puck. Defaults are the following:
    • Green disk (2257)
    • Gold disk (2256)
    • Cookie (357)
    • Slimeball (341)
    • Snowball (332)
    • Iron Ingot (265)
    3. Enter the game and put one of the puck items in your hand.
    4. Type /bs drop (to drop the puck). That puck is now registered as a puck and people cannot pick it up unless carrying the puck in a hockey game.
    5. Put a "stick" in your hand. By default the hockey stick to be used is a normal stick (id: 280)
    6. When you don't have the puck the following commands apply:
    • Left-click is slap-shot (when puck is in range)
    • Right-click picks the puck up so you can carry the puck (your head will change to a pumpkin head so others know you have the puck)
    • Left-click is body check. Make sure to body check the pumpkin-heads to make them drop the puck!
    7. When you have the puck the following commands apply:
    • Left-click is slap-shot
    • Right-click is pass (slower shot)
    8. At any time, the person who originally dropped the puck can type /bs summon to summon the pick back to their hand for a face-off of just puck recovery.
    9. Have fun :)

    To Fight in Hockey:

    You can fight in hockey and not kill the other person. All you have to do is make sure your target is wearing gold boots, is on ice, and has nothing in his/her hands. You also have to have nothing in your hands. Once you both have fists on the ice and wearing gold boots, have at it! You will get them low on HP but it won't kill them. Knock the other guy out to get the advantage!

    Permissions Support:

    No permissions support yet, but will be shortly.


    Version 0.3.2
    • Compiled against RB 953.
    Back Versions (open)

    Version 0.3.1
    • Added hockey fighting!!
    • Added many more configurable options in the skates.config file
    • Default puck carrier head block is a sponge now. You can change this in skates.config if you wish
    Version 0.2.0
    • Added hockey functions!
    • New /bs command. Type /bs in game to see the sub-commands. The important ones are /bs drop to drop the puck in your hand, and /bs summon to summon the puck back to your hand.
    Version 0.1.2
    • Fix to remove dependency on a worldedit object.
    • Changed default value of speedfactor from 0.66 to 1.0.
    Version 0.1.1
    • Compiled against 677
    • Initial plugin release to the public.

    Troubleshooting and Support

    Any questions, comments, or bug reports please post in this thread and include:
    • Bukkit Version: <version>
    • BinarySkates Plugin Version: <version>
    • BinarySkates skates.config file, pasted to http://pastie.org

    Still Not Sold?

    If you would like to see this plugin in action, visit my minecraft server Thunderdome. The address is: thunderdome-mc.com

    Hope you enjoy it :)
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    Trying to figure out which way is best right now. I'm trying to get it to be in front of you, but that requires a task to run and update quite a bit. The other solution would be to have the player "pick up" the puck, and put a pumpkin on the puck carrier's head to denote that he's carrying the puck.
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    this is what I did when I downloaded the plugin
    thx man!

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    Hockey is ready. It's not all complete or really ready for release, but it's good enough! There are some bugs I know of but I'm going to bed and will work on them tomorrow. Until then, have fun :)
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    hockey is fun! the problems i have found are..
    -The Pumpkin gets in the way (can be fixed client side (might wanna use helmets?)
    -Puck gets stuck in a corner (corner detection or something that makes it bounce off ?)
    -Puck dissappeared (and i cant spawn another because it says theres already one)
    thats all i have found so far...love the plugin though
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    There is no collision detection in bukkit yet. I'm making a custom event for collision detection and then I'll ask for the bukkit team to pull it to the github main code. until then, just use "right-click" to pick up the puck when its in the corner.

    If your puck disappeared, type /bs summon - it'll put the puck back in your hands, or delete it if the puck totally disappeared, then you can spawn another.

    Keep the bug reports coming in, there will be lots since I haven't really done much testing.. I wanted to make sure this got out to people tonight rather than waiting a few more days.
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    Sweet merciful crap!!

    Oh man. You couldn't have made this at a more perfect time. I'm currently about 50% done building my 1:1 scale NHL arena.

    I've been streaming parts of it on JTV. This would be awesome if I could open my server to people to play hockey in it haha.

    Videos of me building the arena so far: http://www.justin.tv/sabres_fan_in_phoenix/videos
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    That's awesome :) Please take pics/fraps of the arena when its all done!
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    Looks so sweet, need to give this a try sometime.
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    I am enjoying the hockey a lot but I find it more fun to hit the puck around with a stick rather than pick it up. is there any way you can make the puck bounce off of the boards? like have the boards a certain block and that it bounces off of?
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    Well until there is collision detection events in bukkit, bouncing or rebounds really work be quirky or unrealistic. We need to properly make collision events in bukkit then we can use velocity and vectors to calculate the proper bound off of objects. I can even go so far to make it bounce harder or softer depending on the material used.

    Due to popular demand, I'll be doing one of the following:

    1. Uploading a map of an arena for everyone.
    2. Making an in-game command to create an arena on demand.

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    I am in love with this plugin :D this is the best "game" plugin for bukkit. looking very forward to next release :D
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    Cool, but the problem is with that is when your skates hit the wool, you'll slow down or stop.

    You should put the wool under the ice.. ice is see-through so it has a great effect when it's under the ice!
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    Wow you're a genius man! (or maybe i'm dumb xD)
    Thank you for the idea
    EDIT: Here's a little picture of my new arena 2011-04-18_19.13.20.png
    When I have the puck mah head doesn't turn into a pumpkin (bug?)
    I don't get any errors trough BUT IT'S STILL AN AWESOME PLUGIN
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    Well, your head is turning into a pumpkin but you aren't seeing it on your side first-person. People around you see it. I did this so it didn't impede your vision.

    However this will all change in the next version being released in an hour or so. Sponge is going to replace the pumpkin when you carry the puck, and the pumpkin will go on your head as a mask when you lose a fist fight. This time, I make sure you can see the pumpkin and it impedes your vision (sort of like when you get beat up or knocked out, it's hard to see.) It's a pretty cool effect!

    Anyways, make sure you "watch this thread" so you can get the update soon :)

    Okay guys, 0.3.1 is out and you now FIGHT in hockey (without killing the other person!) You can knock them out and make them dizzy to get the advantage!

    MAKE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW skates.config file (use the zip to download) as it has hockey fighting configurable options in there.

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    City Builder

    Well here is a picture of our servers Hockey rink:

    The thing that I'm not quite grasping is the whole register, unregister and summon, well that and grabbing the puck. I'm guessing that picking up the puck and running with it, is Minecraft Hockey style, correct?

    We're using a sponge for our puck, so I have that in my hand and issue the command /bs register but nothing happens.
  17. Here is our from me and my Team. Add the Icefield in a Warzone from War Plugin so we can make funny Matches :D. at the moment iam adding Point System with Redwire Circuit. if anyone make a goal 1 Redtorch will Glow like "ur Team gane 1 Point"

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    You guys really got to come on thunderdome-mc.com and look at the arena that Tedmanson and Sethbacon made.. these guys are a geniuses. They have an entire redstone system that uses segment counters with manual overrides to keep score.. quite.. amazing. I'll post pictures later.
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    Here is our arena :D


    In fact this is the Montreal Bell Center - made by SirWhizer
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    The PC Tech Guy

    What a great idea for a plugin! I already use your BinaryBlood plugin, and saw this in your sig - in fact, we were watching the Sabres @ Flyers playoff game today when I found this!

    Looking forward to trying this out. Here's some of my ideas:
    • maybe there can be an easier way to keep track of goals scored, and do an automatic/timed faceoff after a goal is scored?
    • An option to assign refs, which call penalties and can lock players in a penalty box. (Such as interference calls, where people hit another who isn't near the puck, fighting, or icing, offsides, etc.)
    • Also, I don't know if it's possible, but maybe you can prevent the ice in the arena from melting? Or only while a game is being played - allowing the idea of games at night and having lights close to the ice.
    • Hitting with hand is a body check, while hitting with the stick is a poke check - a body check will less likely connect (maybe a chance percentage that can be configurable), but either knockback the player further or "stun" (freeze them) in place for a bit.
    Update: Nooooo! Sabres lost... well anyways I'm a New Jersey fan as well (which didn't make the playoffs in the first place...). I know the Devils will make it next year. :p
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    Hello, I made a redstone machine on my server for counting goals!
    Here is the video: (sorry for the low quality)
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    This looks so legittt! haha I can't wait to try it out:)
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Nice, I'm such a noob at redstone... Is there any simpler way? Or I guess I'll just have to keep score... oh well.
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    Yes there is a plug-in called xSign, where you can show a number on a sign. It increases when you put redstone current in it
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    Or, what about an option for manual pumping? Like, you have to hit shift to pump, and you could possibly set a time that they would have to wait before pumping.
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    Heres a game we played yesrerday. A 5v5.
    The players with the most red skins are in one team

    We're from Quebec, so everything is in french.
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    Hows 733+ support on this plugin? Sounds pretty interesting
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    I can't drop puck :( it says You cannot use this as puck!
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    Hello , Its a great plugin but i get this problem '' This thing cannot be used as a puck'' I tryed every thing you showed :p
    Please reply , amazing plugin
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    Too me is same problem please help :(
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    Amazing plugin :D

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