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    Version: 0.1
    Download: BuyMagic
    BuyMagic is a plugin to be used with BuyCraft. With this plugin, you can buy swords, pickaxes, shovels, axes, or sets of armor, all enchanted.
    Version 0.1
    • released plugin
    How it works:
    1. set up the commands to be used with buycraft
    2. When someone buys the item from your buycraft stores, buycraft will take the item, find it's command, and execute it in the console, giving the player the item.
    /bm give [playername] [material] [enchantment] [tier]​
    /bm give orange451 diamond_chestplate fire_aspect 2
    /bm [playername] sword sharpness
    ~gives a sword with level 5 sharpness​
    /bm [playername] sword knockback
    ~gives a sword with level 4 knockback​
    /bm [playername] sword mastersword
    ~gives a sword with level 6 sharpness​
    ~gives sword level 2 fire aspect​
    ~gives sword level 4 durability​
    ~gives sword level 3 knockback​
    /bm [playername] sword monster
    ~gives a sword with level 3 knockback​
    ~gives the sword level 10 damage undead​
    ~gives the sword level 10 damage anthropods​
    ~gives sword level 2 durability​
    ~gives sword level 4 loot bonus​
    /bm [playername] pickaxe efficiency
    ~gives a pickaxe with level 5 efficiency (dig speed)​
    /bm [playername] pickaxe unbreaking
    ~gives a pickaxe with level 3 durability (unbreaking)​
    /bm [playername] pickaxe masterpic
    ~gives a pickaxe with level 5 durability​
    ~gives the pickaxe level 5 efficiency​
    ~gives the pickaxe level 4 loot bonus on blocks​
    /bm [playername] shovel efficiency
    ~gives a pickaxe with level 3 efficiency (dig speed)​
    /bm [playername] axe fire
    ~gives an axe with level 3 fire asppect​
    /bm [playername] armor set
    ~gives an Iron Helmet with level 4 explosion protection​
    ~gives an Iron Chestplate with level 4 fire aspect​
    ~gives Iron Leggings with level 4 Protection against projectiles​
    ~gives Iron Boots with level 4 protection from fall damage​
    This has been tested, and yes, it works.
    You NEED to know how to execute commands VIA in the console with use of buycraft, or this will not work for you. I do not offer help on how to operate buycraft.
    Like the plugin? I could use some money :3
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    this thing works and it rocks!! it should help me bring revenue for my internet bill.

    donate to orange!!
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    Awesome, been trying to figure out how to do this! Very nice job.
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    Nice plugin! Will try it soon..!
  5. This is awesome. Good job!
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    Thank you :3
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    Changelog please
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    Add More Options please :D
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    That's not helpful.
    What options would you like to see? I can't read minds.
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    If you want it approved please add a changelog
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    More enchanted items
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    There already is a changelog. It's been there since you asked the first time.
    What items do you want enchanted. What types of enchantment should the items have? What levels of enchantment should the enchanted items have?
    Stop making this difficult :/
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    Dammit, I always look for changelogs at the bottom.
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    Would love to see a diamond armor set with similar enchantments as the iron ones (For servers that use diamond armor still)

    Would also love to see a golden pickaxe with unbreaking, and silk touch as the main enchants (Maybe a few others tacked on.

    With mcmmo, players have been repairing their enchanted items, which is great.
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    I am very interested in this plugin and i would like to speak to you over skype if thats possible cause i have alot of ideas you could implement.

    add me my skype name is xxxkilldogxxx

    Also we can talk money aswell.
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    ummm it would be cool if u had permissions for it and be compatible with iconomy also to make it like signs for them to buy it
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    no permissions support and any user can execute the command /bm username sword sharpness for example and get the item. :p

    Are you able to default it to OP or have support for default bukkit permissions with a permission node?

    Thank you! Otherwise I would use it.
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    It already does default to op, if there are no permissions :3
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    Would love to see a quick update for 1.1 to Include some bow enchantments. The faster you get this out, the greater opportunity to get donations for bow enchants, since they are brand new. Even if it were to be a dev build, that would be amazing since Bukkit 17xx+ has been working great so far.
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    I'm exactly the same opinion. Maybe you can give us even a config where we can even make items. Only as an idea. Otherwise it works flawlessly! Good work!
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    Using Bukkit 1797, PermissionsBukkit 1.2 and any user can do /bm [playername] armor set and get the armor. It is not defaulted to OP only?
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    Try now?

    also added a /bm give command.
    more documentation in the first post :3
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    Insufficient documentation in my honest opinion. Would love a full list of compatible armor/weapon and enchantment names, since it's one giant guessing game on the enchantment names. Would also be great if, instead of getting internal error chat errors, output errors like "Correct format is: <format here>" and if we specify a parameter incorrectly, such as the enchantment names, output something like "Enchantment types are: <enchantment_name_here>." Another idea would be to create a config file that allows us to alter the predefined armor set, monster enchantments, mastersword, masterpic, etc. Not a bad plugin, but can definitely use a lot of work.
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    Why cant i make my own sets of armor, weapons, enchantments etc ? WHERES THE CONFIIIIG
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    Why would I document on something that bukkit already offers documentation for?
    You can apply any enchantment to any item, from what I've seen.
    I don't plan on working on the plugin any further.

    You can, use the /bm give command.
    If you're using this with buycraft, which is the intent, you can execute multiple commands from the console.
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    Can you atleast tell us what the enchantment names are? For instance: Sharpness is not called sharpness, smite is not called smite, bane of anthropods? no clue. Protection? Not called protection.

    Can we get a list of the enchants for use with the give command? fire_aspect (the one in your example) is the only one I know / have been able to figure out. All others give internal error (because I am using improper syntax)

    If the source code was available I would look in there, but since it isn't I dont know how I should go about figuring out they syntax for various enchants via the give command.

    ok, enchants I have found:
    fire_aspect, protection_fall, protection_fire, damage_all, damage_undead.
    protection_explosions seems to cause buycraft to become unresponsive, so I stopped testing because every time I used protection_explosions it seemed to hang buycraft, and I want it to work if anyone buys something in my store.

    please feel free to share other working enchants as you find them, Thanks
    I am especially interested in protection for armor, I would have thought it would be protection_all, judging by other syntax, but doesnt seem to be the case.

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    It's really not that hard to find the enchantments. Like I said, bukkit already has documentation for them.

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    What if you want to give an item multiple enchantments?
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    excellent plugin syntax is simple as same as bukkit :)

    is there any way to give 2 or 3 enchantments to the 1 item?
    havent seem to found a way to do this
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    This is the syntax I was looking for. It would not occour to me as someone who has not worked with the enchanting system inside of bukkit extensively to use this syntax, or to even look for it (This is the first time I have heard of bukkit having this in code) As such, I recommend this link be put up in the Original Post, as it is very helpful.
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