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    GOTO BukkitDev - FluidFlow
    This page is no longer being maintained

    Description: FluidFlow is a plugin that acts as a manager for other plugins that change fluid behavior. This also allows the flowing of other blocks other than just water and lava, want flowing glass, go right ahead, want obsidian to spread, it can be done.

    • Drag and drop change of fluids, find a fluid plugin utilizing this system and put it in your plugin folder
    • Each fluid gets its own thread to run in to help utilize multiple cores
    • Easily customizable fluids, even let blocks that normally do not flow do so, albeit looking blocky
    • FluidFlow has a small config file
    • Each fluid is given its own config file through FluidFlow
    • All config files related to FluidFlow and its Fluids show up in FluidFlow's data folder
    Download: FluidFlow

    Source: FluidFlow source
    Dev API: FluidFlow API

    For Server Owners:
    Just drop this plugin and other fluid plugins that utilize this system into your plugins folder, that's it!
    Note: configuration files coming soon
    Example config from FluidFlow:
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        runTime: 10000000
        changeCountPerIter: 1000
        sleepTime: 100000
    runTime: the amount of time per tick the block changer runs in nano-sconds
    changeCountPerIter: the amount of changes per loop through all of the fluids
    sleepTime: small time for waiting used in various methods in nano-sconds

    For Plugin Developers:
    Plugin developers that want to utilize this system you need to look through the API and get a feel for how it works and just extend mindless728.FluidFlow.Fluid, add FluidFlow.jar to your classpath, and provide the necessary methods
    Example Fluid Plugin:
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    import org.bukkit.Material;
    import org.bukkit.util.config.Configuration;
    import mindless728.FluidFlow.Fluid;
    import mindless728.FluidFlow.FluidBlock;
    public class YourFluid extends Fluid {
        public Material getMaterial() {
            return Material.YOUR_MATERIAL_TYPE;
        public void flow(FluidBlock flow) {
            //your flow code here!!!!
        public void init(Configuration config) {
            //load your config here from give one

    Add a depend for FluidFlow in your plugin.yml:
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        - FluidFlow

    • Major: Save flow events between server resets
    • Major: Give me ideas on how to better this api
    • Create InifinaLiquids, if you dont know what i mean check out infiniminer's fluid system
    • Code RealFluids to work with this new system

    • Changed api to allow a fluid to initialize itself and load from a config file given to it

    • Added config file for FluidFlow
    • FluidFlow gives each fluid installed its own config file

    • Initial public release

    ClassicFluids plugin suite: makes fluids behave like the Minecraft Classic fluids
    All of these are version: 1.0

    Note: if you have either ClassicWater or ClassicLava you must have ClassicBase

    Reserved for InfiniBase, InfiniWater, InfiniLava

    Reserved for RealBase, RealWater, RealLava

    Plugins by other developers that use FluidFlow:

    if you would like your plugin that uses FluidFlow listed here, contact me via PM

    Previous Post (as to keep history):
    well no RealFluids yet, just the base plugin and some fluids i am making

    edit: that would be awesome as i need one more for other devs

    This Post:
    good catch, wrote this pretty hastily as i am tired, though if we could delete all of these posts, i would love to reserve another for other developers

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