[MECH]FluidDispensers v1 - Dispense lava and water [740][INACTIVE]

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    Ill be currently taking over Fluid Dispenser Till Edward Hand Returns
    It works but if you run into any issues let me know.

    Like it says i only really know how to update. ill put this on GitHub. then If a dev wants to pull it to help create a Config let me know.


    Fluid Dispensers v1

    Shooting snowballs? Boring. Shooting arrows? Meh. Shooting water? Cool! Shooting lava? Hell yeah!


    Fill a dispenser up with either 9 lava buckets or 9 water buckets and give it a redstone signal. It will then send out a 3 second pulse of whichever liquid in the direction it's facing. If you surround the dispenser on all sides with blocks, then it will try to throw liquid out of the bottom instead.

    Useful for:

    • Traps
    • Incinerators
    • Water-triggers
    • Cobble generators
    Feature Summary
    • Allows dispensers to dispense water and lava
    • REDSTONE_CHANGE error. plugin works perfectly for B740. just this will pop up every now and then. ill fix it then release another version.
    • Full Power meaning hooked to a 5 clock will spam your logs.
    • Full Power Will Shoot Out the Bukkits of lava/water
    Download Link:
    I Use Dropbox-

    http://google.com/search?q=referral+links#/gvg1egO --Version 1 CB740

    Teasers (open)

    I will have Photos up in a bit. and should have that redstone error fixed in a bit also. plugin works fine!

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    @chernobyl360 Could you please allow us to specify the time it dispenses in a config?

    I would also like an "-1" option for infinite dispensing, so it wont stop after some time. (Dispense as long as there is redstone current)
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    ok. ill try. i was only hoping to get it revived :p.
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    Pictures (open)




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    ? im adding photos right now lol. or is this an issue ur having?
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    Well I just wanted to help you with the photos ^^
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    oh thanks :D
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    did you copy the post text from somewhere? because the formatting looks messed up
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    yes i used Edward Hands Post. is it wrong for me to do that?should i put that i used his post?
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    Looks cool, I'll test it out for my server :) btw...are you chernobyl360 from beached ship?
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    nice. hope you like this! and yes im the chernobyl360 from beached ship

    well before i even tried to make a properties file, i looked into what would happen with a 5 clock. with a constant power current it actually shoots out the water/ lava bukkit. so i would need to figure out how to make it keep the bukkit in :/.

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    Thanks for reviving this plugin!
    I was wondering if you could use a real link for the download? I'd like to be able to tell where I'm going when I click a link. I just don't trust those shorten url links after I had my laptop badly infected. :/
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    your welcome and ok ill Make it the full Link Instead. its DropBox Im using FYI. or would you prefer filefront?
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    Thanks, I don't mind what you use, I'd just like to know where I'm going before I click to download.

    If you're curious what infected my laptop, the shortened url back then lead me to an infected adult site. Took only a minute before my antivirus started complaining and I had some oddball fake antivirus popup on my screen.
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    Does it use the lava/water in the buckets? And will there be a feature to make it a constant flow until the redstone current is turned off?
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    yes it only uses the Water/lava buckets. and i will be trying to add the constant flow. im not much of a *programmer* per say.

    wow this isnt good. i tried using 762 on my private server and now Fluid Dispenser is a Server Log Spammer. 0.0, Im Getting Constant ReadStone_change Event Errors. i wouldn't recommend using non official CB Builds for this :mad:

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    I like this idea but whats to stop people from stealing the buckets......if i place embedded into a wall it would defeat the whole idea as it would have to be 3 blocks in. I know this has only been revived but if a plugin developer wants to help i would really appreciate a config to change distance shot.
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    @jamescosten I think you can use LWC to lock disoensers
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    I meant does it use the actual water in the buckets, or are the buckets taken completely?
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    Cheers wil have a look now
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    Just my opinion from dorm mates asking me to clean their computers, I think those annoying short-urls should no longer be used. If a site wants to use it. Then a site should have something that shows the site's main url, like www.google.com then use what ever descriptive line of text after it. not random letters and numbers. As long as the short url to a webpage shows the webpage's main site in the first part, I can see that as being more trusting at least.

    Anyways, I think we've been off topic a bit too much for this. If you want to discuss this more, let's start a pm conversation or go to the off-topic area and discuss.
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    I think it should be you never know where it might take you, heck i dont want to be re-directed to midget porn (YES it does exist)
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    I think a customizable config with a constant flow option would be amazing :)
    But no rush, goodluck with the project.
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    I have a question, does the dispenser really USE the lava/water in the buckets? Do you have like, nine charges and then all the buckets are empty or can you use it forever?
    I'll be looking forward to a constant-flow option, until then, good luck.
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    It does not use the water/lava, they will stay full :)
  26. THe link is down i think.
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    oh noes 404! i want this plugin!:'(

    Edit: you have a ---> - in the link that shouldn't be there:p
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    sorry been busy all day. but now the link is fixed. this forum software is all messed up. its creating random spacing and changing things it shouldnt :/
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    If you still look for an dev, add me on skype ^^

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