[MECH] Flow Control v0.15 - Control water and lava with redstone [798][INACTIVE]

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    Ill be currently taking over FlowControl till Rios returns.
    It works but if you run into any issues let me know.
    Original Thread:

    Bukkit Flow Control
    Version: 0.15
    Control water and lava with redstone.

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1015938/Flowcontrol.jar -CB798

    • Powered redstone stop lava and water flow.
    • Unpowered redstone make lava and water flow as usual.
    • Minecarts/Pressure Pads/Switches/Buttons work with this plugin!
    • Cancels water in all Directions!
    Future Updates:
    • Make This Cancel Water In all Directions
    • Any Ideas?
    Ran Into An Issue?:

    Use This Format To State Your Issue
    CB Version-
    Plugins List-
    The Issue-
    Change log:
    Version 0.15.5
    • Updated To CB798
    Version 0.15
    • Updated To CB766
    Version 0.10
    • Added More Face Directions. The Water Now Cancels In ALL Directions
    Version 0.0.5:
    • Updated to CB740
    Version 0.0.4:
    • Changed Event handling cause onBlockFlow is now deprecated.
    Version 0.0.3:
    • Fixed bug with TNT activated via redstone going in water and stoping flow.
    • Removed spreading check to avoid some weird buggy cases, but some cases render ugly flow :(
    Version 0.0.2:
    • Updated plugin to match new Bukkit API.
    Version 0.0.1:
    • Initial release.
    Teasers (open)
    Thanks To jamescosten!

    Ill Add Some Photos and videos later on.

    Updated FlowControl. Water Can Now Be Canceled In all Directions!

    Slight Issue. if you dig a 5x5 hole then have a 3x3 water source controlled by the switch it will turn off all the water in all directions. but on enable of the switch, only the north/east/south/west works. ill correct that.

    Very Good News Though! i was able to fix that issue of the water not fully stopping. after adding the extra faces it seem to of stopped the water completely like it should. now you can go back to your auto farms :D

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    Hmm Ok Then ill Look into It. Permissions are difficult to code into the plugin :p
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    Water flow glitches are often caused by time control plugins. Were you using TweakedCycle or just /time often ... or something of that sort?
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    This is Now Updated To CB798 B700
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    Does anyone know a singleplayer mod for this?

    (By the way, works perfect on my server, thx.)
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    maybe tonight ill make it on SSP
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    Yay! Thank you very much!
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    Is it just me, or is the link broken?
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    It's broken for me too...
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    broken for me too :{
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    mhm. read my account. not this one but my dev account i got hacked. im working on trying to get back on.
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    Now its down for weeks...
    Does anyone still have the last release and could send it to me? Or create a alternative downloadlink?
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    Same question
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    I don't know if it is the latest release but it seams to work with the latest recommended release of Bukkit.
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    Thank you for this link. I have tryed it and got the servermessage:

    [INFO] FlowControl version 1.0 loaded.

    I don't know what version 1.0 could be. I was expecting 0.1x?
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    You're right, I didn't notice that.
    So I don't know exactly wich version it's exactly, perhaps the 0.10 or the 0.15.
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    Confirmed working on build 818
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    Download link not working!
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    LOL doesnt people understand this plugin is NOT in development anymore!
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    It does not care if this plugin is developed anymore or not... We just want to have a working downloadlink for the last version. But thanks for your verry helpfully and ingenious comment :p
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  22. Not for me... (unless you meant the one you quoted, which doesn't seem to be the latest release).
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    The link in the first post is not working, but the link I was writing about was the latest release anyone had that has been submitted.... yet.

    So if the link I wrote ain't the newest and you gat an newer one, then you can feel free to submit it yourself and share with the other of us. But I might not download it because the link that "goldensuneur" posted is working for me.
  24. Is there any similar plugin to it?
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    Can you add a way to download it without a dropbox account?
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    There you go:

    v0.15 (tested with Bukkit 935, working)


    if this link is broken try one of these:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    And if you are wondering why v1.0 appears when starting the mc server, thats just a bug (as written above).

    Also in 1.7 there are pistons... ! They will help you control fluids.

    So far... waiting for bukkit 1.7 release...
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    Can anyone confirm that this works with 1.7?
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    I can confirm.

    It works with Bukkit 953
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    Thank you! :D
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    DropBox link is down, just letting you know. Also this is confirmed to work with 953, right?

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