Inactive [MECH/FIX/GEN] MagicBookshelf v0.2 - Store experience inside bookshelves! [CB 1.2.5-R0.1]

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    Approved on BukkitDev!

    Updated to CB 1.2.5!

    Added the ability to protect bookshelves: add a sign with [XP_Private] on the first line followed by up to three usernames to give only those users to permission to break/withdraw/deposit to a certain bookshelf!

    Version 0.7 comes with the following Permissions nodes:
    • magicbookshelf.lock; gives users the ability to lock their shelves.
    • magicbookshelf.break; gives users the ability to break ANY shelves.
    •; gives users the ability to store xp in shelves.
    • magicbookshelf.withdraw; gives users the ability to withdraw xp from shelves.

    I also fixed the experience duplicating bug, sorry about that. And the experience-eating bug!

    (Seeing as this has already been approved on BukkitDev, could I please have this thread approved and moved to the right board? It's been 8 hours. :p)

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    Just get a moderators attention :D ???
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    This plugin works perfectly, even with the 1.2 experimental builds. It has even been approved on BukkitDev.

    From what I can see, there is honestly no reason why this plugin hasn't been approved.
    I've even messaged md_5 about it.
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    I am following the advice given in this thread:

    "As such, we would like to strongly suggest that everyone start moving over to the new service. If you are submitting a new plugin and would like it to show on effective immediately, we will be allowing you to create a placeholder submission that points people to your BukkitDev project that does not have to follow the plugin submissions guidelines to the letter. If you already have your project on BukkitDev, please direct your users to your project page within your plugins' thread on here."

    This plugin is approved and functioning on BukkitDev. There's nothing left to doubt. I have a working template on that site already. I just want this thread to go through so that it shows up on
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    And has yours been approved? I see not...
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    No worries now, things are all set.
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    I would love this if you could add permissions support, be good for donators.
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    Good idea. I'll add that to the list.
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    Ty very much, I look forward to it.
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    I like the idea :)
    some questions/suggestions:
    Do you prefere comments/questions here or on bukkitdev?
    Do you store levels or XP?
    I am asking because if its levels you can "cheat" your way up by storing the lower levels, which cost less xp, and getting then back more than you deserve xp-wise.
    And, if possible, it should not be possible to destroy a block that has xp stored, at least not as "non-ops".
    And i am looking really forward to the version that does not allow access to the shelves of others ;) ...
    (this is not meant to urge you to work faster but as to say i apprechiate the work you put into it)
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    Thanks! :)

    Whatever works, BukkitDev is a little easier for me though.

    I took this into account and store xp.

    Aw thanks. And no, don't worry about it. All of this stuff has been suggested and is on my to-do list. I'm going on break for a few weeks soon so I'll have plenty of time to try and work on this. :D
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    On my server I noticed a pretty obvious way of regaining the xp i just used to enchant something. Meaning with this mod I can enchant as much as i want. It's so obvious i'm wondering if its just me, since i don't see anyone else posting about it.

    When ever i enchant something then store my leftover xp, then take it back from the bookshelf, I end up with my original amount of xp. It's extremely easy and i'm wondering if anyone else can do this.
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    Thank you for the detailed report.

    If you check the BukkitDev page you will see that this is a known bug fixed in the next release planned for tomorrow. Stay tuned. :)
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    Looks great! I've been through a few exp-storing plugins, but this one looks like it fits my best interest. I am definitely going to try it out!

    Few questions though (as my server is currently in maintenance and I can't test):
    1. Is there a limit to how much exp can be held? Like over level 50, or is 50 the max?
    2. And can a user use more than one bookshelf to store experience? It might be nice to add a limit in a config file, so there aren't dozens of bookshelves with small amounts of exp in each of them.
    Also, one thing that would be a cool addition, if possible, is limit the amount of levels a bookshelf can hold (such as 10 levels [225 exp]), but if another bookshelf is placed touching the original one, the connecting bookshelves will now hold 20 levels (800 exp), and so on (3 connecting shelves = level 30 = 1725 exp, etc). Hitting any of the connecting bookshelves will deposit/withdraw the experience, so you wont have to find the original one. I personally would prefer it if every hit deposited/withdrew a max amount of 10 levels, so it could be more controllable. It wouldn't be any harder to quickly hit it 5 times to get to level 50 instead of just once.

    Anyways, thanks for the contribution! The plugin looks great as it is, and definitely better than the other experience/level storage plugins I've seen. Give me a reply about the questions and suggestion possibility and keep up the great work! :D
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    I have a CraftBukkit 1.1 R4 server and just installed 0.2_Java_6. It works as described and I am delighted that I can now manage and save my XP. Thanks for the plugin!
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    Yep! Just don't add the [XP_Private] sign to them!

    Actually, I HIGHLY recommend that you grab v0.5 anyways, even though it says it's for a 1.2.3 build it should work regardless. If you need a Java 6 version, it's going up soon. I say this because the v0.2's had some very nasty bugs regarding players able to get infinite experience points.

    Thanks a lot, always good to hear people like your work! :)

    For your questions, no, there is currently no limit to how much experience one bookshelf can store. And currently users can also store experience in as many bookshelves as they want.

    For your suggestions, as soon as I find some time to add configuration support to this plugin (it'll be coming after permissions support), I'll gladly throw in the ability to add an upper limit to the amount of experience in the bookshelf. And right now having to withdraw/deposit ALL of the experience in the bookshelf is a little painful, so I was planning to add a command. But I like your idea of 10-level chunks much more, and it's a lot easier to implement! :)

    The attached bookshelves = more experience thing would actually be really difficult for me to add, based on how experience points are stored by coordinates and I'd need to find a way to 'spread' them across coordinates, so unfortunately I don't really think I want to tackle that problem anytime soon. Maybe someday.

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    Thx for the releases
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    Sounds good! Thanks for the response. Yea, I figured the connected bookshelves thing might be a little difficult, but I appreciate any future updates that include a few of my ideas! :) I'll be keeping an eye out!
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    I just release v0.6, it fixes another major bug. Some configuration support is planned for the next update.
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    Nice plugin, waiting for something like this but aren't you able to get your first levels instantlely ex:level one? Then you could store bits of xp and let it all add up.
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    This stores experience by the point value and and not the level value, so no. It still takes just as long to level up.
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    Is this working correctly in 1.2.4? Most of major bugs gone?
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    Yes, this works with 1.2.4, and the major bugs regarding experience disappearing or being infinitely duplicated. Permissions support is planned and will be coming shortly.
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    Does this play nicely with BookWorm?
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