Inactive [MECH/FIX/ADMN]ANTIPvPLOGGER V 1.4 - Prevent Players From Logging Out [1.2.5RB]

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  1. Yes, if is possible.
    I have AuthMe on my offline mode Polish RPG server, and i can't use your plugin becouse, AuthMe blocked attack on offline player. There is not alternative plugin for AuthMe at this moment
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    I'll update the download.

    Updated download.

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    Yeah I'm running the latest version.
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    Still getting derp messages, even with newest.
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    Nathan C

    Similar plugin with far more features and that works.:

    This one can detect when a player was in battle and only keeps an npc in game if they were attacked. If they are not attacked, then an NPC does not stay in game, quite the contrary of what this plugin does. Just wanted to let you guys know. :)
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    I know CombatTag development is way further and we have been using this before, and currently we have bretrayed KillerSmurf by switching back to CombatTag, since we have always liked the way this plugin acted, however I like to see some competition between plugins to keep theyre plugins better :D
    And I think KillerSmurf is doing an awesome job on that! However maybe he could join the CombatTag team! I mean he updates his plugins fast, ;) Does great work and is awesome :D
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    There is a reason why my plugin does it if they aren't in combat. What if someone is running up to you with a diamond sword, and your like "OH...shi**". Then you log out real fast. Then the guy with the diamond sword goes:
    ":(". So if your players are complaining about them dieing, even though they weren't necessarily in combat when they did it. Tell them to log out some where safe in their house preferably.

    Updated made config work, derp should be 100% removed. Plus some other fixes.

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    I agree with this and alot of multiplayer games employ the same method of just keeping the player artificially in game. Iv seen various space sims use same method and alot of private wow servers ... not sure if its same on retail :p

    Anyhow for sure with other system there is a chance for the other player to avoid pvp with logging out before the player gets to them. That is what makes this plugin better then the rest because the developer acctualy seems to have played the game and understands what pvp acctualy is.
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    I prefer KillerSmurfs plugin. It's great :)
  11. When a user logs, it doesn't let you kill/hurt them for the first 5-10 seconds or so. Is this normal?
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    Its 5 seconds. Notch's states when a player (a NPC is considered a player.) it has godmode for the duration of the first 5 seconds.

    In fact, I actually tend to CombatLog on HardCore PVP servers Ha. I guess that's what makes my in sight of this plugin. Thanks for the support. Don't hate just because I combatlog we all do at a time :p.

    I wouldn't really want to join their team in the first place.
    A.) They have a full team.
    B.) They have way to big of a team for a such a simple plugin.
    C.) They have different ideals, and viewpoints then me.

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  13. Ohh okay, thanks for that. :)
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    This plugin was broken in so many ways.... I had to fix it all :/
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    Maybe for you? But this build with CraftBukkit RB it works perfectly, according to me, I tested it out on my private server. Plus according to everyone who has downloaded.

    Also don't just say was broken. Say how, stack traces? Version? description?

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    Ok, Sorry I just said that but is for real that it was some kind of "not working properly".

    I own a PvP server, and my players was getting an NPC even when they wasn't in battle, so other people could kill them and get their stuff ... I fixed that, plus I added messages of "You are now in combat" and "You are no longer in combat" showed to players, so the identify when they can log out.

    People in creative mode was getting an NPC and so people could kill them ....

    And I'm planning to add support for factions SafeZone so people is not in combat when they doesn't get really damage (I added to return if event was canceled before, but as the plugin starts with A it check first the event, need to make it last).

    Really sorry, what I said, actually you was a really big help since I could find something already done for I modify as I like, so i should better say Thanks, and told u all this errors that was happening to me so you could see on them :)
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    Ah...Its not broken, It always creates a NPC, no matter what. That is because if someone is chasing you, and you log out before they can hit you.
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    Yes, that would be a "Not in combat", so you actually are not breaking any rule, he couldn't hit u and u was a coward and escaped, different story is when you are PvPing with someone and they are hitting you, and you just delog :p

    Anyway, I'm modifying this plugin more to be sure it works perfect for my server, thanks for making it ;) if need anything of my changes, with pleasure.
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    VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Does this also work for mobs? As in, if the player is attacked by a zombie and immediately logs out, will the same thing happen?

    Also, could you add the feature MobAmbush... Where if a player logs out after being damaged by a mob, after they return they will be ambushed with mobs? (COnfigurable number).

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    Im sure both of your players wouldnt mind if there is always npc left in game on logout. None of my players do fact is someone disconnecting to avoid pvp ruins real pvp servers.
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    Well, disconnected player NPC is not real PvP so...... and yes, my players complained because they could drop items when they was SAFE disconnected, thats why I modified it.
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    No you dont get it.... part thats not real pvp is a player disconnecting to duck out of it ;p then npc part is the punishment for the pvp avoider.

    If you dont belive solution is correct then why does world of warcraft and many other multiplayer games use exactly same method as what this plugin does? keeps the player ingame reguardless of where was engaged or not.
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    This plugin as you can download it here will make an NPC everytime a player log out, wether is in combat or not, the only thing I'm not sure about is if the Mobs will attack the NPC or not :p

    No, you are wrong. I have played many MMORPG and they don't do this, they do exactly as I told you, in World of Warcraft if you force disconnect and you are not in battle you don't stay online, but Blizzard programmers are so dumbs that they forgot to make a bypass when you put the button and you are not in battle, is an error of the game actually but is only because you was in battle before, try going into World of Warcraft enter and then close the game, if you check with a friend, you will dissapear instantly because you wasn't in battle.

    I'm starting to think you are the one that doesn't get the point, if you are NOT in battle, why should you leave an NPC for letting whoever finds you in 15 seconds to kill you? Of course if you was PvPing with someone and you was getting hits from him, and you started to escape you will still be in battle so you cannot disconnect, if you can escape completly from their hits for the time I put (5 seconds for my server) you are amazing! so disconnect if you are so coward then....

    Anyway I'm not discussing this with you, my players are more than happy with this new configurations I did for this plugin and they all say is more than fair, so I cannot force you take my point as right, I do what others MMORPG does too so, please don't check out WoW, that game is the most horrible programmed game ever (so much bugs), and don't continue the conversation, I'm not trying to change this plugin for you :D
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    Well if they died while logged out, that obviously means they were not safe.
    Would you like me to put a configuration for the duration of time the NPC is spawned.
    Mobs will attack the NPC, they won't mob ambush him though.
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    You really play on PvP servers without a Safe Zone don't you? Like you guys don't know Factions, or simply an admin or mod of the server in creative mode will disconnect and leave an NPC that will drop items later...

    Anyway no bro, I'm not complaining about the plugin anymore since I said I modified it for my server, making it compatible with Factions (SafeZones and Peacefull Factions), I was just answering the other guy about how the things works usually on the most mmorpg games, anyway if this works for you is ok then I don't complain.

    Don't botter adding anything :p, you have just made a lot, and I added those configurations already, I modified times when you hit and when you get hitted (is not the same if you have the intention of hit than if someone hits you), and added new permissions node to moderators/op to not drop an NPC even if they are in combat.

    Anyway I'm not giving that modified plugin to anyone so the credits will still be over you here.
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    i beg you zidkon, give me this plugin :(
    i got little server for polish people, we need something working
    we got factions ect
    and only npc stays, we cant hit him or anything. oh god ;(
    thats very frustrating.
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    Worksn nicley. id say 9/10. Good job!
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    How has the plugin going? Any know dupe issues logging in and out while killing and etc?
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    I really like this plugin. My only suggestion would be to allow configurable lengths of time for the NPC to be available. This is pretty vital in my opinion, and shouldn't be too hard to implement. If this is added, I'll definitely be using this on my server! Thank you very much.
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    Not that I know of.

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