Inactive [MECH] FishPeople v1.7.1 - Gold Helmet = Infinite Air While Swimming [1.2.3-R0.2]

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  1. FishPeople - Infinite air underwater:
    Version: v1.7.1

    This plugin is for servers that focus more on creative rather than survival. It makes building underwater infinitely safer because you no longer drown. The only downside is that people who are underwater can no longer speak. Instead there is a comical [glub glub glub] accompanying any underwater chat messages.

    • Infinite air while wearing gold helmet (or configured item)
    • Garbled underwater chat (if configured)
    • Permissions support!
    • Now swim in lava! (if configured)
    • Supports item names as well as ID numbers
    Also available here

    File located at /plugins/FishPeople/config.yml
    This file will be created if it does not exist and will contain these default settings.
    These default settings will also be used if a value is not set.

    • fishpeople.infiniteair
      Gives the player infinite air while wearing the helmet (overrides extended air)
    • fishpeople.extendedair
      Gives the player more air while wearing the helmet
    • fishpeople.cantalkunderwater
      Lets the player talk underwater and bypass the filter
    • fishpeople.invinciblehelmet
      Prevents the player's helmet from taking damage if damage is configured
    • fishpeople.lavasafe
      Allows the player to swim in lava (no burning damage)
    • fishpeople.config
      Allows the player to call /fishpeople
    • fishpeople.*
      Emulates having infinite air, invincible helmet, lava safe, config, and chat filter bypass

    • /fishpeople help
      Lists all commands available
    • /fishpeople help <command>
      Gives help on the command given
    • /fishpeople reload
      Reloads the configuration from the hard disk
    • /fishpeople enable
      Enables the infinite air and chat filter
    • /fishpeople disable
      Disables the infinite air and chat filter
    • /fishpeople helmet-type <id>
      Sets the item id for the head item that gives infinite air
    • /fishpeople chat-filter true
      Replaces chat messages when players are underwater
    • /fishpeople chat-filter false
      Allows users to talk normally underwater
    • /fishpeople underwater-chat <message>
      Sets the message that appears when someone talks underwater
    • /fishpeople air-multiplier <number>
      Extends the amount of air players have
      "/fishpeople air-multiplier 2.5" would mean they have two and a half times as much air
    • /fishpeople helmet-damage <amount>
      Every second a player is underwater and wearing the special helmet it will take the damage specified
    • /fishpeople helmet-replacement <id>
      Sets the item id for the head item that will be set when a helmet is destroyed
    • /fishpeople low-air-warning <seconds>
      When a player has only <seconds> left of air, they get a warning
      Set negative to not give a warning
    • /fishpeople low-air-message <message>
      Sets the message to be displayed when a person hits the low-air-warning mark

    Version 1.7.1
    • Fixed null pointer exception occurring on Minecraft 1.2 and higher
    Version 1.7
    • Removed defunct Permissions 3 support
    • Fixed helmet damage
    • Updated to match Bukkit's new event handling system.
    Version 1.6
    • Compiled for Permissions 3 support
    Version 1.5
    • Bug fixes: falling damage while in lava, and race condition when loading Permissions plugin
    Version 1.4
    • Bug fix: replaced player.getLocation() with player.getEyeLocation() so effects only happen when the player's head is underwater
    Version 1.3
    • Changed event registration to match Craftbukkit 600+
    Version 1.2
    • Permissions support
    • Can have extended air instead of only infinite air
    • Can configure a message to appear warning those with extended air that they will drown soon (since the client bubbles are wrong)
    • Can configure helmet to take damage while being worn
    • Can replace the helmet when something else when it is "destroyed" from being used. You could use this to say, turn your gold helmet to a leather helmet when the magic runs out
    • Added the ability to swim in lava
    • Fixed problem where some servers would not restore air
    Version 1.1
    • Helmet type configurable
    • Underwater chat message configurable
    • Underwater chat message disable-able
    • Can limit to ops only
    • Can adjust all options at runtime
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release

    Known issues:
    • Client side remaining air bubbles still disappear; I cannot do anything about this.
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    Works great, but chat is not changing while underwater. My config looks like this:
    enabled: true
    op-only: false
    helmet-type: 314
    chat-filter: true
    underwater-chat: "[glub glub glub]"
    I'm using CB 493. I'm also using iChat, but don't think this would keep it from working.
    --- merged: Mar 5, 2011 11:05 AM ---
    Ok, deop'd myself to test it as a non op and now it doesn't even keep me from drowning.
  3. Awesome. I was hoping someone could give it some testing. I ran through the features myself but didn't have anyone else to test it with.

    Did you encounter any exceptions in the console?

    Thanks for trying it out.

    Edit: After some testing, I found that it no longer changes my text on my server. Not sure what happened as It worked fine last night. Looking into now.

    Edit2: After some looking at code, I see what I did wrong with the chat filter. The op issue concerns me though. I'm going to have to put that one through some stronger testing.

    Edit3: After editing some code, the chat filter works again. I never ran into the op issue when op-only was turned off though. Do you mind testing it again?
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    I have a suggestion: Make it so instead of infinite air, it simply extends your air, say 5x or something. Ideally would be configurable. Right now the air amount makes it really tough to build at all underwater (without the reeds bug, would be impossible). But on my server it's not really just a creative server, I want to make it a little easier to build underwater, but there should be some challenge still.
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    Zach Hinchy

    The chat filter works for me, but no one has infinite air. Using CraftBukkit 493. and FishPeople 1.1. I double-checked to make sure the item was the gold helmet.
  6. I based this on Afforess's PumpkinDiver code.
    His has 10x air instead of infinite. You may be interested in his instead.

    Do you use any plugins that affect log on or inventory?
    Also, can you check your server log for this string "Error occured in air restoration loop. No longer restoring air."? I currently have a check for exceptions but didn't actually think anything would go wrong.
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    Chain Helmet is really hard to make, u need fire
    Is a good Helmet to set as infinite air :)

    Good Mod ;D
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    I do indeed like this plugin and its working flawlessly on the latest recommended build of #531

    However, I've noticed that the chat filter is active even when I am godded using worldguard. This happens to everyone on my server who gods themselves underwater.

    My suggested fix for this would be to simply just add permission for permissions or Group Manager. Just something like would work so I can allow this plugin to work for my members who don't have the ability to /god themselves.
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    Does this work with HeroChat? I believe not.
  10. The idea behind the filter was that it affects everyone because you can't realistically speak underwater. You can disable it.
    As for permissions systems, I specifically chose not to use one because if I support one the people who like the other will complain.

    I've never used HeroChat. Are you asking if it works or saying it doesn't? Your post is a bit ambiguous.
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    I haven't tested, but I have a feeling that the messages come in two. Say, I say "I am underwater" while underwater. I believe something like this happens:

    [g] [Member] Somebody: Hello.
    <Juze> [glup glup glup]
    [g] [Owner] Juze: I am underwater

    [g] [Member] Somebody: Hello.
    [g] [Owner] Juze: I am underwater
    <Juze> [glup glup glup]
  12. Well, I'd appreciate it if you actually test it. The way my plugin works is that it actually overrides the message text instead of creating an entirely new message.

    If it does send double messages, I would work on that.
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    I'd give it a try, but I already use three other plugins that prevent drowning. :p
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    Could you please upload somewhere else too? (like cause my Anti-Virus gone crazy and detects nearly all Dropbox Stuff as a virus. thx :]
  15. You, my friend, use a horrible antivirus. Let me know what it is so I can avoid it in the future.

    Here's an alternate link for you.
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    I have a feature request. I hope it's possible.
    It gets pretty dark down there underwater where the fish people dwell. Is it possible to improve visibility while wearing the fishpeople helmet? Maybe make it emit some light?
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    Permissions for this one would be great :)

    Otherwise really cool plugin, infinite is fine for me :D
  18. I'd love that, but dynamic light and Minecraft don't work well together. I can look into it though.
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    Awesome. I know there used to be a Flashlight plugin but it apparantly doesn't work anymore.
  20. Yes, that plugin is a prime example of dynamic lighting that doesn't work.

    I wish it did. I'd use it.
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    i enjoy the idea of this. my main problem is that it is Infinite.
    Any plans for future updates to allow configurable Time before death?
    i ask because i am starting an RP server and i want my players to have a limited time to be underwater.
    i supplement this at the moment by setting it to Op Only, and keeping the Chat and by using the PumpkinDiver Plugin to simulate Time. PumpkinDiver is good but it has no Config for any of its features.
    (and i know you used some of it for this)
  22. I suppose I could change it but the way PumpkinDiver and FishPeople work are completely different. PumpkinDiver extends your time underwater by increasing the number of ticks of air to 3000 instead of 300. FishPeople works by resetting your remaining air back to 300 every 5 seconds.

    Lets see. I suppose I could add Permissions support and make two separate permission levels. Extended air and infinite air. That would kill two birds with one stone.
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    now what would be interesting too, is if you could make the helmet take durbility hits the more you stay underwater
  24. Interesting, yes. Logical, not so much.

    I'll put it on my list.
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    Lol. I think its logical :)
    For a survival server. You have to weigh the benefit of breathing underwater vs using your gold. Since it doesn't last forever at that point it would be a tough decision. Provided you don't already have TONS o GOLD lol
  26. No, I completely understand why you want it. The illogical part is that wearing a gold helmet underwater wouldn't damage it realistically. I am working on the feature though.
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    Same problem as mentioned earlier. The chat function is working, but air is not unlimited. Any known conflicts or should I list my plugs for you?

    EDIT: And none of the /fishpeople commands are working, either
  28. I personally have not run into any conflicts but I would also ask if your server log contains "Error occured in air restoration loop. No longer restoring air."?

    I am adding some debugging abilities to my version 1.2 so I can help fix these problems.
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    Nope no errors, just doesnt stop air loss.

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