[MECH] Factions Revisited v4 - OlofLarsson's Factions adopted by the Essentials Team [Multiple]

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    Originally designed and developed by @Olof Larsson, Factions is a fantastic plugin allowing the distribution of land between various factions and offering various means of interaction between these factions.

    The Essentials Team has tentatively adopted Factions, as it is such a fantastic plugin. Hopefully the original author, @Olof Larsson, will return at some point to continue development on the original Factions project.

    Please don't post bug reports here--we can't keep track of them, and I won't personally be able to respond. Talk to us live!

    To download Factions, navigate to the Essentials Team's continuous integration site, login as a guest via the link below the login form, and look for the "Artifacts" link for the "Factions" plugin entry. Sorry, wget won't work quite yet, but it will in the near future.

    Note that users migrating from the original Factions can delete the gson.jar library: it is now packaged within Factions.jar.

    Usage, as described by @Olof Larsson himself:

    1. Preliminary configuration
    2. Preliminary configuration
    3. Initial release
    4. Fixed bug whereby players could break blocks in opposing territories
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    Thank you so much for doing this! My server depends on it.
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    simply, thx!
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    So will this replace the original factions or what?
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    Olof Larsson

    I have been in Italy for a week. I released version 1.0beta5 just now.

    Thanks for helping me out while I was away. :)
    I am searching for developers to code together with. How about we team up and code some awesome faction or guild plugin together? Are you interested or do you know someone interested? I'll pm you my name on Skype.

    I have been in touch with both Shade (Towny plugin developer) and toi/Toimelin (Guilds plugin developer). Shade does not feel like working together with people :p and Toi had to much to do at school.

    Myself a have some free time and I feel like recoding the factions plugin from scratch as I got new ideas :)
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    Wow i love you for this factions is main thing behind my server
    i dont know anything about coding or i would help you out
    as far as beta5 what do i need to do to make it work tried it out and all my plugins died

    Some ideas the border system they had talked about would be nice
    Pvp free zones would also be nice and some that could be setup for factions to fight over would be awesome
    An economy system or tie it in with an existing one prefably not iconomy ive been using
    coderedeconomy and i love it
    Say factions get more money for the more land they control
    Faction banks and a way to assign more ranks and jobs for factions members
    mayby a way to assign faction members their chests

    Just some thoughts
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    is this the updated fraction plugin?
    how can i download it? cuz i always got error when i open that link
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    The download link.. it does not work.
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    Olof Larsson

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