Inactive [MECH] Enderpearl Cooldown [1.4.5-R1.0]

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    Simple Bukkit plugin to add a cooldown or cost to ender pearls.
    BukkitDev page / download:


    • add cooldown to ender pearls
    • disable ender pearls completely on a per-user basis (permission)
    • charge money for throwing pearls


    Drop the jar in your craftbukkit/plugins folder. Per default, enderpearls will have a cooldown of 3 seconds.


    Example plugin.yml (default settings):
    cooldown: 3000 price: 0 showMessage: true
    • cooldown is the time in milliseconds that players need to wait before throwing pearls.
    • price is how much each pearl throw costs
    • showMessage determines whether users get feedback on unsuccessful throws or it just silently fails.


    enderpearl.cooldown: default: true
    Ender pearl cooldown applies to players with this permission.
    enderpearl.use: default: true
    Ender pearls may be used by players with this permission. default: true
    Players with this permission pay for each pearl throw.
    enderpearl.admin: default: op
    Use admin command /epc reload
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    Updated to v1.2.1:
    - fix EPC not starting correctly without Vault installed
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    Note: This plugin is still being maintained. It just doesn't require a lot of attention :)

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