[MECH] Ender Pearl Disabler v1.0- Disable TP'ing with Ender Pearls [1337]

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    Ender Pearl Disabler - Disable teleportation with Ender Pearls
    Version: v1.0

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    I whipped up this plugin the prevent ALL PLAYERS from using Ender Pearls to TP. It should work for all Minecraft 1.0 CraftBukkit builds.

    In my server's case, this is used to prevent players from TP'ing into the Faction plugin's enemy territory.
    There is no configuration or permissions. There likely wont be any new features in the future.

    Just drop it in the plugins folder! There is no configuration or permissions.

    Prevents ALL PLAYERS from using Ender Pearls to TP and sends them the message:
    "Ender Pearl teleportation disabled."

    Download the plugin
    Source Code

    Changelog: Version 1.0
    • Plugin released
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    Thanks for making this, needed it.

    Also fix your link, it opens the JAR instead of downloading it.
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    Everything looks good except...
    • You're missing a valid version number in your title (ie. "[MECH] Ender Pearl Disabler v0.1 - Disable TP'ing with Ender Pearls [1488]")
    • 1488 is not a craftbukkit recommended build
    • I recommend you create a page on dev.bukkit.org because eventually plugins.bukkit.org will only show plugins on BukkitDev ;)
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    [edit] Alright, everything (including the link) fixed.
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    Robert Pendell

    I should note that Ender pearls are not available before beta 1.9/non-beta 1.0 so RB 1337 would not of had them anyways. The 1488 build number would of been appropriate as the mod directly relates to the current development builds that are in progress.
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    Thanks :******
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    This plugin is outdated and I severely need it because someone on my server found out how to duplicate their inventory using Ender Pearls. Is there a 1.2 version?
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    The inventory duplication bug was fixed as of 1.3, so I'm good.

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