[MECH/EDIT ] Ptweaks v6.0.6 - Kill all server Lag! [1.7.5]

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    This thread is outdated and wont be updated.
    Plugin is updated, but only here:

    (Old posts)
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    Ptweaks -
    Version: 3.0
    CB: 1.2.4-R1.0

    DOWNLOAD (BukkitDev Download)
    Normal Ptweaks 3.0 StartUp Here

    The Continuation of PerformanceTweaks LexManos However, It has almost been fully redone by me.

    Thanks too Torrent for the video

    Thanks too BrandonHopkins for the video

    Lag Test 3,000 TNT / With and Without Ptweaks (356MB server)



    Ptweaks is plugin to optimize your server, by changing chunk loading algorithms. Ptweaks is also huge on ram reduction, if you run a low ram server, or just want the improvements; Ptweaks is for you. Ptweaks also stops crashing and lag from TNT, and enables complex methods to improve your server in almost every aspect. Running a 16GB or 512MB Server, Ptweaks is for you.


    We ran 7 large plugins on a small 256MB server without PTweaks. The server couldn't load chunks, there was noticeable amounts of chat and block lag. The server was all around unplayable. We enabled Ptweaks and within minutes of being on, the chat and block lag we're gone. Chunk's loaded normal as they would on a 3GB Dedicated server.


    • Massively reduces needless disc usage
    • Loads Chunks faster
    • Priorities Chunk's in the direction your facing, To ensure smooth game play
    • Keep chunk's loaded at a configured amount
    • Chunks with higher activity such as a spawn, stay loaded to massively reduce Ram usage
    • Limits Mobs and Animals to a configured amount
    • Disable Mobs and Animals
    • Check Current Ram being used
    • Config file's for each part of the plugin
    • Dupe TNT Packet's, So TNT will no longer cause any server side lag
    • Add's highly advanced Chunk Algorithms
    Feature Description:

    AutoSave: Instead of writing every chunk to the disc every 2 seconds. This changes it to a custom time that you want, Default is 30m. This saves the server from writing about 9KBps to the disc (7 writes, 2 reads per chunk, on a 3 person server). As well as saves about 2 calls to deflate every 2 seconds. (per chunk)
    Chunk Persistance:
    This is a fully custom feature, that can be turned off. It will change how long chunks stay loaded. Chunks with lots of visitors will stay loaded longer, and not have to render again and again. This adding lots of performance to your server. This works for people just joining on that chunk or someone walking into it, So a spawn point works great with this. You can change how long they stay loaded, and how fast they unload. Default works for most though. This will no longer need extra ram.
    Monster Limiter:
    This is another fully custom feature. You can change it to a certain amount of Mobs spawn, or if they spawn at all. You can turn Mobs off and animals on, or vice versa.You can set a minimum mob limit and a maximum, That the server wont go below or above. Fixing some lag that can happen from mobs spawning or not spawning at all.
    When the server starts to save, It slows down the processes to normal speed, Causing the save to be instant.
    Ram Saver:
    Based on how the Ptweaks edit chunk loading, Ram drastically goes down. With the added features, such as slowing down disc usage. You can see up to a 80% Improvement
    Chunks in front of you get a higher priority too load then the ones to your side and back. Making smoother game play, and instant chunk loading.
    TNT Edit:
    This makes TNT only really have to load once, then it is saved until the TNT packet stops. Causing TNT cause no lag at all, Under 10k TNT, which it will start to give off lag. TNT packets are also saved, after the first and just duplicated so you dont get spammed with them, and causing lag.
    1. Download Ptweaks
    2. Stop your server
    3. Put Ptweaks.jar in your Plugins directory
    4. Start Your Server
    5. Edit Config's to your liking or leave default
    6. Relaod
    7. Done!
    • /ram - Checks Free / Total ram
    Permission: ptml.has
    Permission: ram.has


    • Stable Build
    • Added Whole new Chunk Loading algorithms thanks too Thulinma
    • Fixed Error where Chunk's wouldn't load
    • Chunk's now load faster
    • Chunks prioritize too load where the player is facing, before chunks to the side or behind
    • New Feature: ChunkEdits (@Thulinma)
    • Enabled Mob Features
    • You can only disable or enable Mob's from MonsterLimiter.yml for now, To disable set too 0
    • Fixed bug where you couldn't pick up mob drops
    • Fixed error on ChunkPersistance StartUP
    • Ram handler Update started
    • Updated too a stable Bukkit R1.0 Build
    • Removed separate listener files
    • Main now Implements listener
    Older Changelogs (open)
    Older Changelogs (open)


    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.4-R0.1
    • Added WorldListener
    • Changed all Files to YAML format
    • Added Enable options for Threaded Save and Monster Limiter
    • Changed Default Settings for more optimization
    • Started on Chunk Algorithm import
    • Fixed Bug where chunk's wouldn't load properly
    • Changed Start up code
    • Fixed Bug where you would fall into void on teleport
    • Fixed Faction Warzone bug where Mobs would fly when hit
    • Changed Util Color codes
    • Fixed Grammar error
    • Moved Listener to Even folder
    • Optimized chunk unloading method
    • Updated To 1.2.3-R0.1 Compatible
    • Fixed Util Color Class
    • ^Moved all Listeners to Main Class^
    • Re-Wrote Entity Listener
    • Re-Wrote Player Listener
    • Re-Wrote World Listener
    • Added GroupManager Support
    • Fixed Sync Save Times
    • Added New permissions
    • Changed Resource management
    • New Default settings
    • Fixed Duplication Bug with Output in Console
    • Fixed Mob limit not responding
    • Fix Mob Ratio not being correct
    • Updated to bukkit 1.0.0-r
    • Chunk life time now 4 1/6 mins.
    • Removed all "i" interface from Threaded Save
    • Updated Ram to V1.2
    • Started Permissions for Ptweaks ptml
    • New Feature : TNT EDIT Changed from finished, to coming
    • More CPU friendly.
    • Updated Ram to v1.5

    • Updated for bukkit build 1337
    • All features getWorld instead of getServer
    • Added New Feature "Ram"
    • Added New Command /ram
    • Added New permission ram.has
    • Auto Save stopper now slows down process's
    • Old code in PerformanceTweaks.java Updated
    • Fixed torches light not going out when broken
    [v1.5.1] Updated (10/5/11)
    • Fixed Remove animals being there twice
    • Fixed Ea, Enabling Mobs.
    • Fixed Ra, Disabling Mobs
    • Fixed Enable mobs not working
    • Fixed Plugin.yml to say correct version instead of 1.5
    • Fixed Enable Animals not working correctly
    • Thanks @pegasus for pointing out the RA being duped.
    • Chunks Mini-save is now a little slower, this takes up less CPU
    • Mob limit isn't only on Death and Spawn, but chunk load as well.
    • Fixed OnEnable and OnDisable leaving extra notes in console.
    • Updated for CB #1240
    • Fixed CPU taking up extra resources for no reason
    • Fixed Ptweaks error string
    • Added Ptweaks Version 1.2 (C-V)
    • Updated to work with CB: 1185

    Please leave feed back!
    If you find any bugs, Please let me know immediately!

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    It is All rights reserved.
    With every update, It would invalidate any open source protection.
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    Are you using *Any* of NoLagg's code?
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    This is fun to read it is something which is level to stuff in the LAWL section in bukkit+ god they are fun to read :p except this time by an actual dev who already had the plugindev tag :O well shame on you :p and @bergerkiller just ignore him he's just and idiot trying to get peoples attention and I bet you he will give a smug comment and think he's all big :p what a pittyful fool grow up you dont want to be in LAWL section do you MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :)
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    The only thing in this thread that is funny is Berger, So i had to troll.
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    You don't want to know how many laughs I had, every time I was wondering: what will he come up with now?
    Ok. Sjahahahhahahaha
    But really, I do find it sad that I actually trusted him to 'work on this plugin', I respected Performance Tweaks, it was a very good plugin, he kinda ruined it IMO. If only he actually did some work on this...even stating that he continued Performance Tweaks would be enough. The invalid statements and features, combined with the license 'wrongdoing', kinda made me sick...

    Stealing a plugin is one, but then locking it up and imagining features is one step too far.
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    Nice grammar. How can you explain that what @bergerkiller said was incorrect. Did you code this plugin your self.
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    This back and forth dev war is not helping either of you. I suggest you settle it or get an Admin to settle it for you. Neither of you are getting paid for this right? So who cares. Their are a lot of plugins that have similar or almost the same code.

    I was going to try this and compare to the other, but I don't think I want either at this point, but that might change. If one works better than their isn't much to argue about.
  10. Ok, so here's my view on this shenanigans. I spoke with the original developer who did state that he gave consent to @bergerkiller to use portions of the code. This plugin, on the other hand, had no consent, but did state that it was:

    "This is a plugin based off of PerformanceTweaks by @LexManos"

    It is not. It is PerformanceTweaks. This is still ok. Lex (unless he says otherwise here) expressed to me that as long as the initial terms were met, that there were no real issues, (other than the general assholery going around that no one really wants to see).

    So, here's the deal. Work will be allowed to continue on this plugin if the following conditions are met:

    A. Stop saying it's based off of PerformanceTweaks, and add LexManos as the former author on DBO. Say that it is "The Continuation of PerformanceTweaks by LexManos"

    B. Fix the damned package names. Changing package names only makes you look bad. Lex wrote the code from scratch and you added a few lines, this does NOT give you the right to change the package names. There is no law (maybe there is?) anywhere that states this, this just falls under the "being a good person" clause of writing and working with open source code.

    To finalize this , I will end with a quote from Lex:

    I agree with him entirely. Please stop the drama in this thread and with this plugin.

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    But sooner or later, It will be such a different plugin that it really wont be a "continuation"
    I have added features that Berger seems to just skip, and have fixed bugs.
    I do plan to add a lot of cool stuff into this plugin. Having Ptweaks in a package is shoter and then PerformanceTweaks and makes it easier to code, takes up less room. So i can keep Ptweaks as the name / packages, I will add [A]. This initially was just a standard for me to work off, but i got really busy and have not been able to put out all the changes that i wanted to, So in time in will change drastically.

    He yells its the same, When all the bugs were fixed, and not a single person has got any errors since i put this up.
    A moderator has ended this fight. If you read through the first 7 pages, your see it works great for people.

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    @Mrchasez because it is Performance Tweaks, of course it works. I am not stating that it doesn't work, I am stating that features, you claim that exist, are not in this plugin. You are stating you are 'buffering TNT packets' to have no lag under 10K tnt, this is non-existent. A video of it exists, this is kinda strange don't you think? You are claiming to reduce RAM usage up to 70%, this is invalid. You changed the license, while it is completely the same plugin. You used 'based off', while it is exactly the same plugin. You don't state what YOU changed, in your main post it seems as if you wrote EVERYTHING, the source code clearly proves that @LexManos wrote everything. And, you still haven't stated what you changed, and that is what I have been asking you for, what seems to me, a decade.

    And you had your chance. A time ago we had this exact same debate, and I understand you might think I am a troll because of that. You promised to add lots of changes, but the features that were promised at that time (TNT and RAM deduction) still don't exist at this very moment. You already had a video of 'TNT lag reduction', where does this come from if you don't have a plugin?

    I have absolutely no problems with you if you continue Performance Tweaks, but at least treat PT as how it deserves.
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    But he is right, you didnt even credit before who it was, 1- You shouldnt of renamed it if you were taking it over 2- You souldnt of asked the Owner of the Original plugin for permission 3-If your going to take over a plugin, make sure you understand it and know it very well. *just some advice
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    1: Checking Open / Used / Total ram
    2: Completely re-did the main
    3: Fixed Threaded Save from Saving everytime the server starts
    (Other fixes your dont care about)

    You dont care about fixes though, "This is a ""Continuation"" of PerformanceTweaks"
    So i could just say, Updated.

    I made sure he knew about it the second it was up.
    He can be right, But me saying this:
    We need air to live. That is correct, Correct?

    Then if i say that 40x it becomes stupid, He just repeats the same stuff over and over.
    I don't care to answer anything he says. If i could block him i would.

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    @Mrchasez THANK YOU, finally an answer. I believe 1 and 3, good job on that, but what were the changes in the 'main'? (Other than changing 'Performance Tweaks' to 'PTweaks' in the log messages)
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    You have a de-compiler, you can look.

    Pages 1/8 On here are me helping and explaing to real people.
    Pages 9/11 are us arguing.
    That is stupid.

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    @Mrchasez that's the issue, I don't find any distinctions in the decompiled mess. Why do you think I ask?
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    Then the one in my Eclipse isn't the released version.
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    @Mrchasez that brings us back to the 'TODO' list, but ok, thanks for clearing things up.
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    Is he trying to say that:

    TNT Edit:
    This makes TNT only really have to load once, then it is saved until the TNT packet stops.
    Causing TNT cause no lag at all, Under 10k TNT, which it will start to give off lag.
    TNT packets are also saved, after the first and just duplicated so you dont get spammed with them, and causing lag.

    is TODO? Because that's terribly misleading, atleast write "todo!:" above it...
  21. Do I recognize it right, that the /ptml command is available for every player? So everyone can disable mobs?
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    Will this be updated for #1337?
    Also, sometimes 0 mobs are on the server. ( I used /butcher from WorldEdit ) And mobs was turned on!
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    @bergerkiller @Mrchasez

    Can we please keep the conversation mature and thoughtful please. I know that being behind a keyboard turns off the part of peoples brains that makes them decent towards each other, but let's try not to get out of hand here. Thank you.
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    We have made up already ^_^
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    This be approved?

    Isn't is supposed to go first come first serve x.x
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    @Mrchasez I'm getting to them as fast as I can! Can you update to the latest RB please?
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    Im hosting a 24/7 Finnish mc server and im truing to use your plugin.

    Okay, here is the problem, your .jar seems to be missing the plugin.yml file so bukkit cant run it!

    Please fix as soon as possible ^^

    Regards:SoulForce IP:
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    Fixed ^_^

    Sorry i forgot it
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    So, I just threw the plugin on a a minute ago... I tried /ram and ram, with no permissions plugin yet, from both player (op) and console. Both returned that I didn't have the permission to use it.

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