Inactive [MECH/EDIT/FUN] SnoGro v1.2.2 - All 8 snowtops hooked into weather! [1.2.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Musaddict, Feb 8, 2012.

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    You show him Tster! :D
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    I'd rather not get confrontational, we have the same features, all that differs is that mine is the original but his is better.

    Congratulations OP Good job (seriously)
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    BetterSnow does not even work for me.
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    Lol ty :)

    Word of advice, if you are planning on continuing BetterSnow, you should update your video, as that is what was discouraging me from using it in the first place and made me make this (it only appears to use snowblocks and snowtop:0)!
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    you can't just, but, this breaks all the laws of minecraft without a mod!!!!! How is this even possable?
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    Funny thing is, it's in Minecraft, Jeb just never put the other 7 snowtops to use. He instead told the community it's there for us to do whatever we want with, so Feed_Dante and I made this!
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    how long has this 7 layers been in the game?
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    Im pretty sure since its creation. I could be wrong tho. For some reason I have "1.6 beta" stuck in my head, but I'm pretty sure it was since the creation.
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    Updated to 1.1.4, supports RB 1.2.3-R0.1.

    If you currently have 1.1.3 installed, you do not need to update to 1.1.4, the code is identical.
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    This is perfect, I have the problem of too much CPU ability for actual traffic. I'm never over 20% usage. Maybe this can raise that haha.
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    oO ofcourse there are different features.. your plugin only uses 1 pile at onces making your plugin not as valuable as Musaddict's plugin which gradually makes the pile's height increase

    Other than that:
    Is there a way to hook this with the normal weather so the snow grows in every snow biome on the world?
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    (Thats what he meant by "just a better algorithm" btw :p)

    And yes. Do:
    /snow enable [world]
    Enable it for every world you want it on. Only works on Normal types (not End or Nether)
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    Great plugin Musaddict! Loving the effect its giving the land (particularly the mountains). I did want to let you know about a couple of issues I'm experiencing
    #1) Snow is growing on top of my ladders.
    #2) My roof is made entirely of glass, and the snow falls right through it!
    But that aside, excellent job :)
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    Updated to 1.2.0

    The top block will now be recognized every check (used to only check when snow did not previously exist). This will allow snow to accumulate on roofs built after snow started to accumulate.

    Sorry for the short time span between updates, but... just released 1.2.1

    Added maximum height configurations, both for command and for weather-hook (global, not per-world). Also, cleaned up the code a bit.

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    Updated for 1.2.5-r1.0
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    This is amazing! I had no idea there were multiple snow blocks! I am so using this. I'll post some pictures IF I get a chance and don't forget!
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    I love what this plugin does, but It takes up almost 250% of my cpu usage.
    I ran a test to find out what was using the cpu, and it's definitely snogro.
    Please fix this :)
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    250%?!? lol

    Have you tried messing with the config?
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    "Messing with" is a very general answer.
    I'm almost sure it was a result of it trying to snow on my planetoids world.
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    Lol that might do it. If i remember correctly it searches for the top block by checking each block from skytop. Inefficient, I know, but it works :) I could see how on a world that's 50% void space why it would be straining, lol.
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    Can you make it so during daylight time the snow melts over time?
    I watched the video and dont like how the snow just keeps building up.
    Knowing my server I can sense that over time I will be seeing 256 high snow drifts everywhere.
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    well actually, the algorithm is designed so that the snow stops on cliff edges, buildings, trees, and lots of obstacles. This way, the snow will never really get above 2 or 3 blocks high, unless you're in a tundra (snowy plains), which then it can sometimes get up to 5 or 6 (and I think the max I've ever seen is 8) and tundras are supposed to be covered in snow! Only way you can get pile ups to 256 snow blocks is if you thoroughly explored a 2000 block radius for hours at a time on a flat world map, so there's no worries there!

    I keep setting aside the melting algorithm, cause well, i have to completely reverse engineer my pile-up algorithm, and that's pretty daunting, lol.
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    The plugin is amazing.
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    I'm currently getting this:
    Looks like it was compiled with Java7
    If this is the case, would it be possible to provide a Java6 version?
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    No, SnoGro relies on methods only available in Java 7.
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    I got a problem: WorldEdit seems to hook into /snow.

    Whenever I want to use a /snow command (Like /snow enable *worldname*) I get:
    Too many arguments: //snow [radius]

    What to do?

    EDIT: Tried to deactivate WorldEdit… then there is no /snow command at all. Did your plugin break with 1.3.1?
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    And have you checked the console for errors? I don't have a crystal ball.

    My best guess is that you had some problem loading the plugin in the first place. (With WE having nothing to do with the problem.)

    Another random guess: Are you using Java 1.6? Java 1.7 is required to use this plugin. (This error shows up in the log as something like 'UnsupportedMajorMinorVersion 51.0')

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