Inactive [MECH/EDIT/FUN] SnoGro v1.2.2 - All 8 snowtops hooked into weather! [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Version: v1.2.2 (release)​
    Authors: @Musaddict @Feed_Dante

    NOTE: what looks like floating snow from 0:10 on is actually lighting issues that are a part of vanilla MC

    This plugin uses all 8 of the snowtops (yes, there are 8 heights of snow!) using a gradual snow pile-up algorithm to make aesthetically pleasing snowy areas! The snow is set up to not build up on cliff edges, or borders of the chosen area, so you can simply walk into them without worrying about it lookin' choppy! Works great in forests, adds a little extra touch to the feel. Makes everything less... blocky.

    • Uses all 8 snowtops! (well, technically 7 and a snow block)
    • Hooked into weather!
      • Piles-up snow automatically in snowy biomes.
    • Start it snowing for as long as you want using /snow [radius] [time] (sq)
      • Radius is circular, and optionally square if you include "sq"
      • Time is in seconds. (300 = 5 min)
    • Configurationsettings for unique hardware setups.
      • Default settings are non-strenuous for the average power server.
    • Stop the snow whenever you feel like it using /snow stop
    • Optimized performance to relieve resource consumption on servers
    • Fully compatible with WorldEdit (use //snow with a double-slash to use WE's)
    • Compatible with SuperPerm plugins
    Source Code is Unavailable

    Reccomended Build:

    sg.snow  -  Starts snow /snow [radius] [time]
    sg.stop  -  Stops snow /snow stop - allows the use of /snow enable [world] - allows the use of /snow disable [world]
    OPs can, by default, start and stop snow

    To Do:
    • Add algorithms for melting snow.
    Version 1.2.2
    • 1.2.5-r1.0 Support

    Version 1.2.1
    • Added height limits to configuration files
      • Height limit for the command
      • Height limit for weather hook (currently not configurable per-world. Global setting)
    • Major code clean up, same great algorithms.
    Version 1.2.0
    • Snow now recognizes the top block every check. Now, if you place a block any number of blocks above the current snow, it will move up (assuming it is a proper block to place snow ontop of) .
    • Snow no longer accumulates ontop of ladders.
    Known Bugs:
    • [not tested] snow may not grow ontop of upside-down stairs. Assuming that they are called the same, it will not grow and we will have to add support later. If they are called differently, then it should work perfectly fine.

    md_5 got another one here for ya to approve! :)

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    Yay for people putting effort into submissions!
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    We have released 1.1.0!

    We have hooked our algorithms into weather, so now it can snow in your snowy biomes automatically when weather = storm!

    Added configuration settings, in case for some reason you find SnoGro to be too strenuous. You can find config info here:

    This plugin got a lot bigger than expected. Quadrupled in size in less than 48 hours, lol. All of it is for the sake of efficiency for your servers resources!

    To-Do: Add melting algorithms, and make them configurable.
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    Could you possibly add a config file to change the snowing to not use the snow blocks? I just want the colliding box to go to 0.5 at the max. Also, maybe the option to always have this running without the need of a command?

    use-snowblocks: true
    use-snowcommand: true
    use-snowblocks: false
    use-snowcommand: true
    use-snowblocks: false
    use-snowcommand: false
  5. Nice plugin !
    I may use it .
    In case I set an bookmark on dev.bukkit page for this plugin :)
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    So, what you're saying is that you want snow to pile up, but only to a maximum height of snow:6 (characteristics of a halfblock)?

    As for the config for automatic snow, I don't fully see the point in it. you could just as easily do /snow enable [world]. We may instead add the option to use /snow enable *, which would enable all worlds.

    We have uploaded our source. It's not the most desired method, but it's there! I'll look into a better method of displaying it once I'm not about to fall asleep.

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    At the first point. Yes.

    At the second point. The point of having it do it automagically is: If I don't want it to snow like this plugin makes it, I would remove the plugin. I wouldn't want to use a command.
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    Umm... The video is very cool and that's a very good plugin, but that's incompatible with world edit, what uses /snow :\ if you think, please change that plugin's start command!
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    If you read the OP you will find out that you can still use World Edit by using a double slash; "//snow"

    I still don't understand your dilemma. It doesn't snow like this with a fresh install, only on worlds that you enable. If you don't want it to snow, then... why install it?

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    I really like the idea of this plugin. On my testing, though, about 5 minutes after hooking it into the world's weather, I got a 'stealth' crash. Twice. Removed the plugin and it does not appear to be happening again. No other new plugins. So I'm fairly sure it's snowgro.
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    By 'stealth' crash, do you mean it isnt reporting errors? (If it is reporting errors, can you post them, preferably in a spoiler).

    If you aren't getting errors, could you please provide a list of plugins you are using?

    A quick fix that you can try would be to edit your config file and try any combination of the following in the 'storm-snow' subgroup:
    • max-range: 150
    • player-check-delay: 10
    • growth-rate: 15 AND growth-delay: 2.25
    (changing these would decrease the level of appeal, but simultaneously decrease resource consumption, if your server has a lot to deal with in the first place)
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    Sorry, by 'stealth' I mean no error messages. CPU is pegged on one thread, 100%. Server won't accept commands. ^c doesn't work. Have to kill -9 the server.

    14:20:03 [INFO] Plugins: SuperCauldrons, SimpleSignEdit, WorldInventories, PlgSetspawn, Vault, Multiverse-Core, TeleportArea, ecoCreature, NoAFK, CraftIRC, Tuto, ProperTime, TieDyeSheep, Honeypot, FalseBookIC, OpenInv, FalseBookExtra, FalseBookCart, LogOres, WordReplace, AutoItemBarReload, PumpkinSeeds, FalseBookChat, Courier, FalseBookBlock, InventorySQL, PetitionPlugin, Pigasus, JunkyardCreek, Spout, MineMail, PluginReloader, PermissionsEx, TerrainControl, Monster Apocalypse, WorldGuard, DelayedStop, iConomy, HeroSpawn, CommandHelper, CraftBukkitUpToDate, NoFarm, MemMonitor, AdminPrivateChat, BKCommonLib, LyTreeHelper, mcbans, Runecraft, NoCheat, Growbie, FalseBookCore, SimpleReserve, MyWarp, ShowCaseStandalone, StainedGlass, Stats 2.0, Register, Permissions, Catacombs, Citizens, SimpleRegionMarket, WorldEdit, LogBlock, LWC, mChatSuite, WormholeXTreme, WorldBorder, CommandBook, MyHome, ExpMiner, dynmap, ChestShop, VanishNoPacket
    Dynmap has been processing the main map in a full render so CPU is pretty much pegged to max. Server is decently powerful, 8192MiB of RAM assigned, 10 players online, 2 CPUs hyperthreaded to 4.

    I've removed SnoGro and haven't had a stealth crash since. I'll try your suggestions at some point later and turn off the dynmap render also.
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    I can see why dynmap fullrender + SnoGro would be a lot to handle. Was the weather stormy when it crashed? Or sunny?
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    Stormy, I flipped it on to test how it would work in a large area. It took about five minutes before it locked up.​

    edit: I did run it with radius 100 for ten minutes without issue.
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    I'm assuming you mean you switched 'storm-snow's radius to 100? If so, then thats good :) I couldn't recreate the issue.
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    What I'm saying is this:
    • I don't see a need for a command. I only installed this plugin to make the snow do this, so it should snow this way without commands. If I wanted the snow to stop, I would simply uninstall this plugin.
    • I would like the option to toggle stopping at "7" or changing to a snow block.
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    If you're done making it snow like this, then it would be better to uninstall it anyways. The reason there's a command is because not everyone wants it to snow like this on all worlds, so we enable it per world. If a player wants it to stop snowing on their main world, they can simply disable the world. We don't want to restrict them from having to chose all or nothing. And besides... taking 5 seconds to write a command is still faster than changing the config :rolleyes:

    As for the height limit, we'll whip something up in a day or 2. Feed_Dante and I are gone for the weekend.
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    I don't know if this is a valid suggestion, but it looks like SnoGro uses its own independent snow-distribution mechanism. Is it possible to use Minecraft's built-in snow checking instead? When Minecraft checks if snow is already on the ground, you should be able to hook in and say "if snow already exists, check surrounding block snow height and add if necessary".

    The method in use is pretty computationally intensive.

    I haven't actually looked at the code, though. :p
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    Hmm, interesting thought, although I do not believe it is currently possible to hook into MC's snow checking system, which is why I'm assuming we haven't seen this type of plugin sooner.
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    Updated to 1.1-R4, and included a few bugfixes. Read log for details!
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    flying layers of snow?
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    with version 1.1.1?

    Edit: The code I updated had nothing to do with the algorithms like that, and I spend like 45 minutes trying to recreate your problem, couldn't find anything wrong.
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    "Piles-up snow automatically in snowy biomes." - Doesn't work. Waited for 5 minutes for growing snow - Nothing interesting happens. Using Bukkit R4.
    Also used a command /snow enable world

    E: Does the piling only works when weather is stormy ?
    E2: Yep. Great Plugin!
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    Well few bugs I would like to see fixed in next version.
    First thing, Can you add WG Areas support (snow-fall: deny).
    Next there are some visual glitches how snow falls down on blocks which should not be looking like this at all.
    Weird looking snow on a sign.
    Snow shouldn't fall on rails at all.
    Snow blocks look ugly (Trees look ugly) when forming on leaves.
    Click for larger view.
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    Thanks for informing us of those bugs. I will be releasing a new version tomorrow that fixes the sign and rail issues (they should been added but were skipped over for some reason). As for the tree issue I think I have an idea that will work. WG support will be added later.

    Mercury I updated it to 1.1.2, it will no longer snow on top of rails or fences. I was not able to recreate your issue with snow blocks on tree tops, but whilst exploring I found similar instances. I changed the code and fixed the issues I have found, but I am not sure if your specific snow block will be fixed. It seems to be a very miniscule rarity!

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    plugin is not much original, i saw same one maybe even better around christmas called BetterSnow
    but i wish you good luck anyway.
    still, lags the server, so i think this plugin is better for small servers with small maps
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    BetterSnow was my inspiration for making a good snow plugin. It had no algorithms, no parameters, and didn't use snow data values. My snow plugin sacrifices a little computational power (configurable) for greatly improved aesthetics. It can still be used to great potential on large servers if you know how to configure it (look on the wiki for help).

    Plus, bettersnow doesn't seem to be supported anymore.

    Edit: fyi, map size has nothing to do with my plugin, only number of players. And if you have a lot of players, thats what the config is for :)
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    BetterSnow chaotically, and randomly piles snow blocks, which almost anyone could achieve. My originality is that I utilize snow metadata (intelligently, I might add (as in not randomly)). Anyone can pile snowblocks, but SnoGro successfully piles every layer of snow with order, which BetterSnow didn't achieve.

    The features in SnoGro haven't been seen before (to my knowledge), which is why I claim originality.
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    There are no different features. Just a better algorithm. I use all 8 snowtops

    But good job nevertheless :D

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