Inactive [MECH/ECON] Showcase v0.8.1 - Create visual shops by spawning drops on slabs [1.1-R5]

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    Version 0.8.1​
    As supposed in this thread, I created a plugin that lets you put items into glass blocks (now steps, it's notchs fault) to showcase them. This is useable for shops, to show what's for sale there, or to make clear what type of farm you built.
    • Showcase all items in a half-step Block
    • Block protection (you can't break the step block and the block below it to prevent that the item falls down)
    • Multiworld
    • Items in a showcase can't be picked up
    • Only the player who created a showcase can remove it
    • Prevents despawning of items (Normally, drops disappear after 5 minutes)
    • You can setup finite and infinite shops
    • DropChest support (disables DropChest for absorbing the showcased items)
    • WorldGuard support (works out of the box)
    • Localisation
    • Can show custom item names through BukkitContrib
    • Economy support:
      • iConomy 4 & 5
      • BOSEconomy
      • Essentials Economy
    Download & Source-Code
    Download Showcase.jar
    Browse Source-Code on Github
    You will need an economy system if you want shops.
    This will install NarrowtuxLib automatically!
    Please donate, if you really like this ;)
    Show Videos (open)

    When you have got issues, please read this:
    Issue Report (open)

    1. Please, first check if you have got the most recent version of Showcase and the most recent recommended build of Bukkit.
    2. Then, check if the bug is already listed in the "Known Bugs" section.
    3. After doing step 1+2, report the bug with at least this information:
      • Version of Showcase
      • Version of Bukkit
      • If possible, a step-by-step explanation of the bug
      • If possible, console errors
      • When you think that this has got to do with another plugin, please list all your plugins like this:
        • PluginA, PluginB, PluginC ...
    This will be incredible helpful for me to fix it faster.

    You don't actually have to retype everything I typed here, but if you'd take it as a guideline which content you should include in your issue report, it's more helpful ;)

    Please, don't come here just to say "This doesn't work.". This says nothing.

    Adding a showcase
    1. Start sneaking!
    2. Right-click a half-step block with the item in your hand you want to showcase
    3. An assistant will ask you which type of Showcase you want to add. Type the text before the colon :))
    4. Depending on the type you chose, the assistant will ask some extra questions, follow the assistant to finish showcase creation.
    Removing a showcase

    1. Sneak
    2. Right-click on a showcase. If this was a finite showcase or an exchange showcase, you will get your items back.

    ActionPermission-NodeWithout Permissions
    Create a basic Showcase.showcase.basicPlayer
    Create a infinite shop Showcase.showcase.infiniteOperator
    Create a finite shop Showcase.showcase.finitePlayer
    Create an exchange Showcase.showcase.exchangePlayer
    Buy from a finite shop
    Buy from an infinite shop
    Removing a showcase of other players.showcase.adminOperator

    The column "Without Permissions" explains which user-type can use this permission when no Permissions system is installed.
    What are shop showcases?
    A shop showcase can be used to sell items to your players. There are 2 types of shops now:
    1. Infinite shop. This one has an infinite amount of items. The money that the players give to buy an item will go to nirvana
    2. Finite shop. This one has that number of items which the owner has set up. The owner will get the money from which the items were bought.
    How can a Player buy items from a shop showcase?

    1. Click on the Showcase. The price per item and the available amount will be displayed.
    2. Type in the number of items you want and hit enter. A message will show you the success of the checkout.
      • Type 0 to abort checkout
    How can you refill a finite shop showcase?

    1. Click on it
    2. Type in the amount of items to refill. Negative values will remove that amount from the showcase.
    3. Walk away or type 0.

    The showcase command handles manual saving and loading
    /showcase save
    Saves the items to showcases.csv
    /showcase load
    Loads the configuration, translation and items without saving (Use with caution)
    /showcase reload
    Saves and loads everything after that. Useful when some items aren't in place and you want to quick-fix that.

    The configuration file is auto-generated and is called showcase.cfg
    Here are the configuration possibilities:
    • basicmode : this decides if the plugin should operate like in version 0.2 or before (Just the basics)
    • priceforbasic : this adds a price to the basic showcases
    • priceforfinite : this adds a price to the finite showcases
    • priceforexchange: this adds a price to the exchange showcases
    • removewhenempty: when set to true, a finite showcase will be removed when it's amount hits 0
    • showcaseprotection : turn this to false to be able to remove showcases from other players (griefers) (you should now use WorldGuard instead of this one ;) )
    • locale: standard is en-US. The german translation which is included in the jar-file is de-DE. If you type that in, it will copy the german file from the jar to your plugins folder
      • You can change the translation very easily by editing the existing locale.
      • Colors are supported, just add something like [GREEN] or [DARK_RED] to the text.
      • You can add newlines with \n
    • autosaveinterval: the time between two auto-saves in seconds. Standard is 60 secs. Use -1 to disable autosave.

    Currently available translations:

    Version 0.8.1
    See the whole changelog

    • Spawn multiple items in the same glass block (up to 4, would be aligned nicely)
    • Verify that there is no free space below the glass block before adding a showcase
    • Maybe let the showcase glow when you placed torches, glowstone or lava in it
    • Custom messages (aka localisation)
    • Sell-Showcases
    • DropChest support (so the items inside the glass won't be absorbed by a Dropchest)
    • Limit the amount of Showcases per player
    • Add a price that the creator of a showcase has to pay (there would be an independent price for each basic, infinite and finite showcases)
    • Linking infinite shops to banks (money spent for items goes there)
    • Rent a showcase for money/day
    • Autosave with configureable interval
    • Commands for save, load and reload
    Crossed items are already done!

    Known bugs
    • This plugin conflicts with some chat-altering plugins (i.e. bColoredChat) this is because the authors don't know how to correctly set up the priority of events.
    • Normal players (the ones that aren't operators) can't use showcases that are in the spawn-protection area. Either disable the spawn protection or place the showcases to an other location (Disable spawnprotection by setting "spawn-protection-size=0" in the file)
    • With the latest dev preview (not the recommended build), you're able to make slabs to double steps. I've got to investigate until they propose it as RB.
    • ATM, Showcases won't save enchantments. So please just don't try to sell yours because that wouldn't work either.
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    Are you currently updating this plugin for CB-1.2.3 R2?
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    Hey NarrowTux.
    It's nothing big I guess, but it's something that'd appreciate an answer to. The showcase works fine, the buying works fine, everything works FINE. But when someone clicks on it, the price is 0.00 even if I've set as something. Although when someone buys something from it the price that I previously set is used.
    So lets say Cobblestone was set at 10.00, people DO buy it for 10.00 but it is listed as 0.00.
    I don't know if this is happening to anyone else or just me.
    But it'd be great to get some advice on this.
    Thanks so much,
  4. I have the same problem, with 0.00 on price.
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    Really? Noone wants another spout, make it so showcase has it's OWN api, not reffering to some shitty narrowtuzlib, sorry, but it is VERY useless...
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    can someone plz update this shop plugin to 1.2.3 because this shop is the best plugin ever its the easiest to use and the best because i dont have to go to it to sell i just do /sell hand or /sell inventory i really want this to be updated to 1.2.3
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    the autor does working on it
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    I want the players to create showcase NOT free, only VIP's can create .. and I put the rightpermissions .. but even so, players can create free showcase ...

    someone could help me?
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    Bro It is updated look at my older replies on this page!

    So guys delete all the ShowCase stuff you have
    You need BOTH!!!

    Send me your groups on pastie!
    And if you aren't using Group Manager I am recommending you to use that.

    U were never on the IRC!!!!
    I came there like 10000 times :D
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    "I consider my dev-builds of Showcase and NarrowtuxLib compatible with the latest beta and that is enough TBH."

    TBH your builds are a disaster and are riddled with bugs. It's nice to see you completely ignoring your user base to work on Spout, which itself is a pipe dream. I liked Spout before the devs got bigheaded and thought they were better than everyone else and thought they were making the best thing since sliced bread. Bukkit is the future, which is why the ENTIRE TEAM got hired to make the new MP.
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    the Dev and all passed build of spout made all the Stone (ID=1) to disappear from all of my maps LOL!
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    Refilling and adding more items to an existing showcase does not work. It will take items from a player's inventory, but the supply in the showcase does not get updated. When the showcase is deleted after adding items the player looses everything.
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    I'm trying to figure out the following

    -How I can have an infinite exchange showcase (if that's not a feature, could it be added?)
    -How can I check a non-infinite exchange shop of my own to see how many items are left. Clicking it gives me any items from the swap, and right clicking while kneeling removes the showcase. I can't see any way to see how many are left to trade if I'm the owner.
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    Thank god for

    No more extra spout crap to deal with. This plugin was ok while it lasted but the lack of development progression just isn't working for it. Plus the Spout thing is a lost cause thanks to bukkit being hired to do the mod api system.
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    Are my group:

            default: true
            prefix: '&7[&2Membro&7]'
            build: true
                - authme.register
                - authme.login
                - authme.logout
                - modifyworld.*
                - -bukkit.command.kill
                - bananaregion.use
                - BOSEconomy.common.wallet
                - BOSEconomy.common.income
                - BOSEconomy.common.mastry
                - BOSEconomy.common.stats
                - BOSEconomy.common.top5
                - BOSEconomy.common.bracket.rename
                - BOSEconomy.common.bracket.listmembers
                - BOSEconomy.common.bracket.addmember
                - BOSEconomy.common.bracket.removemember
                - BOSEconomy.common.bracket.setmultiplier
                - essentials.kit.ferramentas
                - essentials.signs.create.*
                - essentials.signs.break.disposal
                - essentials.signs.break.mail
                - essentials.signs.create.disposal
                - essentials.signs.create.mail
                - essentials.signs.use.*
                - essentials.rules
                - essentials.spawn
                - izone.tool.define
                - izone.tool.check
                - lwc.create
                - lwc.remove
                - lwc.modify
                - multihome.defaulthome.go
                - multihome.defaulthome.set
                - multihome.namedhome.go
                - multihome.namedhome.set
                - multihome.namedhome.delete
            inheritance: Default
                build: true
                suffix: ''
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    I've got your update running and I've got a bug for ya. Admins can make infinite shops all day no problem, but when anyone trys to create a finite shop while someone is talking in chat (I believe that is whats messing up the plugin) It won't finish creating it and takes the users item without making a shop.

    11:39:56 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PlayerChatEvent to NarrowtuxLib
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.handle(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.narrowtux.showcase.ShowcasePlayer.remove(
    at com.narrowtux.showcase.types.FiniteShowcase.createShowcase(
    at com.narrowtux.showcase.ShowcaseCreationAssistant.onAssistantFinish(
    at com.narrowtux.narrowtuxlib.assistant.Assistant.stop(
    at com.narrowtux.narrowtuxlib.assistant.Assistant.onPlayerChat(
    at com.narrowtux.narrowtuxlib.event.NTLPlayerListener.onPlayerChat(
    at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor139.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
    ... 11 more
    That should be the correct error......I guess somethings going wrong when the plugin trys to hold back the chat for the player until after the showcase is created.
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    Using aaomidi's version I can't create finite shops EVER.
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    Hey can you please update this plugin for 1.2.4? It isn't working well on my server, the infinite does, tutorials does, but basic seems to fail for some users and sometimes even for admins. Please update thanks,
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    Bukkit build 2108 client crashes upon making a showcase, fix?
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    LOl its out 1 day and your asking for an update...
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    I'd just be ok with a reply from NarrowTux, saying what the outcome of this plugin will be. If he's not going to support it anymore, which i'm completely fine with, i'd like to see if anyone else would update this on a regular basis.
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    Gave up, going to SCS.
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    aaomidi had updated it and he reacted like a child who took away his toy. NarrowTux is too busy helping with the pipe dream that is Spout and couldn't care less about us. Move to SCS, it has developers that actually care about their users.
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    what is SCS? Please, I need a shop plugin which shows the items...
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    THX !
    im out here, SCS works fine on CB #2113 craftbukkit-1.2.4-R
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    I gave SCS a quick shot. I like the commandless feeling of Showcase, but I'll give SCS another shot.

    SCS = ShowCaseStandalone

    Its just the floating blocks on half steps portion of showcase

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    The source code is avalible for people to update this, plus switching to SCS is a hassle when you have 80+ members xD

    I still prefer this over SCS since it's virtually command-less and all my users already know how to use it.

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    So do I, but having to deal with a developer like this isn't worth it. Why wait weeks for a POSSIBLE update when you need a solution now for a broken plugin. He and the rest of his buddies at Spout think they are going to make the "minecraft killer" *their words* and constantly insult the bukkit devs.
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    Isn't that the reason that Drakia was banned?
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    Probably why they made their own forums for Spout and do their shit talking over there and not here.
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    I still love showcase and I don't really want to change to SCS, but unless someone updates this plugin and irons out the bugs. Then I have no choice really. I'd really like to start to coding, i'll probably start to look into it. It'll be awhile before I could update a plugin though.
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