[MECH/ECON]Pathogen Player Lives v1.5 - 1up! Save your inventory! [BOSE+iConomy+Spout Support][1000]

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    Pathogen David

    I will no longer be updating the forum topic on a regular basis. Please watch the new BukkitDev page for updates!

    playerLives - Pathogen Player Lives [Download] [Source on BitBucket]
    Version: v1.5.0
    Like this plug-in? [Donate]

    Hey everyone! Sorry I got super inactive over the past 2.5 or so months! For some reason I stopped getting watch messages and did not realize how active the topic had gotten during my absence. I'm going to make more frequent releases, especially with the magic that is Spout renewing my interest in Bukkit.

    This plug-in adds lives to players. When you die a life is subtracted, but when you respawn you will still have your full inventory. If you had no lives, you stuff is dropped as normal where you died and you spawn with nothing.

    • Players can keep stuff if they die.
    • Use iConomy or BOSEconomy to buy lives! (iConomy 4 AND iConomy 5 compatible)
    • Optional punishment for dying (Loose money in the economy.)
    • Infinite lives option
    • Optional Spout notifications
    • MySQL or Flatfile storage engine
    • PermissionsBukkit support
    • A great way to make your server creative and still have a challenge!
    [Download Pathogen Player Lives]
    [Source Code on BitBucket]

    Version 1.5.0
    • Upgraded to Bukkit 1000!
    • New death handling! No more missed death events from /kill commands!
    • MySQL Support!
    • BOSEconomy Support!
    • (Optional) Basic Spout notification support!
    • Supports new PermissionsBukkit system! (Old school Permissions is still supported.)
    • More exclamation marks!
    Version 1.4.1 (Preview)
    • MySQL Support!
    • Permissions bug/nag fixes
    Version 1.4.0 (Preview)
    • iConomy 4 support (Auto detects 4 and 5!)
    • Support for MySQL underway! (Target: 1.4.1)
    • Support for alternate economies now easier to do. (However, currently no target for other economies.)
    • Major source code overhaul
    Version 1.3.0 (Preview)
    • iConomy 5 (iConomy 4 now broken)
    • Permissions!
    Version 1.2.0
    • Added infiniteLives option (Off by default)
    • Added verbose option (Off by default - no more console spam!)
    • Added player name resolution
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixed bug with player's loosing lives on server restart
    Version 1.1.0
    • Added iConomy support
    • Added iConomy death punishment
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial Release
    • iConomy support (To buy more lives)
    • Permissions support
    • MySQL/SQLite support
    • Reload command
    • Unlimited lives
    • Player auto-complete (and case-insensitivity)
    • Remove some debug spam (Add Verbose property)
    • Fix lag+no items bug (Can be fixed with disconnect and reconnect for now. Bug in Minecraft.)
    • Plugin activate/deactivate
    • Gold/Diamond/Other to buy lives
    • Investigate /kill command bug (Lose all lives or all drops)
    • Multiworld Support
    • Other plugin support: (Maybe)
      • Wars (Disable death in war zones)
      • Sign Shop Support (For now, SignCommands works.)
      • BOSEconomy
    Command Usage:
    • /lives [player]
      Display your or other's lives.
    • /buylives [count]
      Buy yourself some lives.
    • /givelives [player] [count]
      (Default op) Give lives to the specified person.
    • /takelives [player] [count]
      (Default op) Take lives to the specified person.
    • /setlives [player] [count]
      (Default op) Set the lives of a person explicitly.
    • lifeCost (100.0): Price of a life for iConomy.
    • defaultLives (3): The number of lives new users start with.
    • minBalanceForPunishment (100.0): The minimum amount of money a player must have to be punished for dying. (Set to 0.0 to disable.)
    • deathPunishmentCost (0.0): The amount of iConomy money a player looses for dying. (Set to 0.0 to disable.)
    • verbose (false): If verbose is true, more detailed information will be outputted to the console for debugging purposes.
    • infiniteLives (false): If true, the lives database will be ignored for deaths. (Players will not loose lives and the system will treat them as if they had at least one.)
    • dbDriver ("flatfile"): Selects which database driver to use. (Currently: flatfile or mysql)
    • dbHost ("localhost"): The database server to connect to (if applicable.)
    • dbPort (3306): The port the database server is listening on (if applicable.)
    • dbUser ("root"): The database access username (if applicable.)
    • dbPassword (""): The database access password (if applicable.)
    • dbDatabase ("playerlives"): The database to use (if applicable.)
    • dbTable ("playerlives"): The table to use (if applicable. Included to allow multiple instances in one database.)
    • playerlives.*: Enables all playerlives permissions (Maps to all permissions as true. PermissionsBukkit only!)
    • playerlives.canuse: Determines if the player can use player lives at all
    • playerlives.checkself: Determines if the player can check the number of lives they have
    • playerlives.buy: Determines if the player can buy lives with the economy.
    • playerlives.checkothers: Determines if the player can check other people's life count
    • playerlives.change: Determines if the player can change their or other's lives (This applies to set, add, and subtract.)
    Other notes:
    Currently, Flatfile only saves when the server is stopped (properly) or reloaded, so a crash can cause lives to go back to when the server started.

    Any comments or questions are highly appreciated!

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    I think it is my permissions that they are not working but i don't know why do you know

    I also have iConomy ant i am able to do the /pay and the others but my users can only do /money /money ?. do you know what is wrong

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    Start a conversation with me if you still need help it may be a problem with how you set up your permissions.
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    didn't this mod have the option of using /back after death?
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    Ross Gosling

    When will this plugin be up and running for 860, when i use it, it has a million error messages and nobody gets there stuff back even when i kept all the config the same.

    i found that too

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    i canot buy live because it says iConomy needs to enable buying lives how do you do that

    i have iConomy but it says i dont help me

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    I'm using this with build 860 and haven't seen any inventory loss yet.

    We have had times when they will respawn and it won't show their inventory, but once they relog it is fine.
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    Please update for 928/935.
  9. Got a really funky problem that i narrowed down to this plugin (yet i cannot reproduce at a constant rate).

    I had some players who had died, and logged off/on (to reload map after tp quicker), and when they spawned, they had their inventory (no lives), however, the stuff they had in their inventories was stacked at -1 (infinite). It happened that they had lapis, and iron picks... when i visited spawn, they were dropping the infinite item, and picking up entire inventories of the items.... essentially, duping an inventory, with an infinite stack... the only way i found to get rid of these items was through lava/burning...
    The problem occurred btwn 5-6 different people, at different times

    i'll post more info if i get any... but for now, i've found the best way is to remove the plugin :/
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    is 100.0 max for lifecost? Can i change that? i want a higher price
  11. does it work on 953 build?
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    Is this going inactive? Let's hope not!! :(
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    What happens when a player loses all lives?
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    They die, and drop all their stuff. Having lives saves the dropping stuff. Consider it "protection." "Nice inventory selection you got there...shame if something...happened to it."

    Also a decent way to get iConomy (or whatever) cash back out of player's hands.
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    Anyone know if 100.0 is max for lifecost? that sucks beacuse ppl in my server have 20-30k
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    100 is NOT the max cost. I've tweaked it myself, you'll find it in /plugins/playerLives/config.yml as 'lifecost' - I've currently got it set at 2500.0 per life.

    Also, I died a couple of times yesterday, it kicked in for me and I didn't lose anything. I *am* an Op on the server, and am an 'admin' in Permissions. So why is it working for me, but no one else? (Used to work for them, did a permission thing change that I need to add? Running 1.4.1 on cb 953.

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    Thanks dude! =)
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    Wow this is sweet! Unfortunately not compatible with new builds but its one of the best ideas EVER. Please update this, tho i understand time is short these days
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    Also ive found with the new servers if you die WITH lives, you respawn with nothing. If you disconnect and reconnect your items are back but otherwise slowly appear as you pick up similar items from your old inventory

    Strange but i hope it helps
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    yea it is
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    ok well umm the plugin says i do not have iconomy in when i clearly do. am i missing a config file or something
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    Update for build 1k?
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    works with 1000?
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    no it was for 798 its broken now =/
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    can u make if u dont have lives u inventory items destroy? if u make this i will use u plugin for this
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    WAY inactive...
  27. Is there any similar plugin out there? Need one badly >.<
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    Scavenger (basically a continuation of no-drop (what this is based off)) is updated
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    I will like it id its 1000 is ther any thats for 1000
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    Wow winter XD look at my post just use that...
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