[MECH/ECON]Pathogen Player Lives v1.5 - 1up! Save your inventory! [BOSE+iConomy+Spout Support][1000]

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    Pathogen David

    I will no longer be updating the forum topic on a regular basis. Please watch the new BukkitDev page for updates!

    playerLives - Pathogen Player Lives [Download] [Source on BitBucket]
    Version: v1.5.0
    Like this plug-in? [Donate]

    Hey everyone! Sorry I got super inactive over the past 2.5 or so months! For some reason I stopped getting watch messages and did not realize how active the topic had gotten during my absence. I'm going to make more frequent releases, especially with the magic that is Spout renewing my interest in Bukkit.

    This plug-in adds lives to players. When you die a life is subtracted, but when you respawn you will still have your full inventory. If you had no lives, you stuff is dropped as normal where you died and you spawn with nothing.

    • Players can keep stuff if they die.
    • Use iConomy or BOSEconomy to buy lives! (iConomy 4 AND iConomy 5 compatible)
    • Optional punishment for dying (Loose money in the economy.)
    • Infinite lives option
    • Optional Spout notifications
    • MySQL or Flatfile storage engine
    • PermissionsBukkit support
    • A great way to make your server creative and still have a challenge!
    [Download Pathogen Player Lives]
    [Source Code on BitBucket]

    Version 1.5.0
    • Upgraded to Bukkit 1000!
    • New death handling! No more missed death events from /kill commands!
    • MySQL Support!
    • BOSEconomy Support!
    • (Optional) Basic Spout notification support!
    • Supports new PermissionsBukkit system! (Old school Permissions is still supported.)
    • More exclamation marks!
    Version 1.4.1 (Preview)
    • MySQL Support!
    • Permissions bug/nag fixes
    Version 1.4.0 (Preview)
    • iConomy 4 support (Auto detects 4 and 5!)
    • Support for MySQL underway! (Target: 1.4.1)
    • Support for alternate economies now easier to do. (However, currently no target for other economies.)
    • Major source code overhaul
    Version 1.3.0 (Preview)
    • iConomy 5 (iConomy 4 now broken)
    • Permissions!
    Version 1.2.0
    • Added infiniteLives option (Off by default)
    • Added verbose option (Off by default - no more console spam!)
    • Added player name resolution
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixed bug with player's loosing lives on server restart
    Version 1.1.0
    • Added iConomy support
    • Added iConomy death punishment
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial Release
    • iConomy support (To buy more lives)
    • Permissions support
    • MySQL/SQLite support
    • Reload command
    • Unlimited lives
    • Player auto-complete (and case-insensitivity)
    • Remove some debug spam (Add Verbose property)
    • Fix lag+no items bug (Can be fixed with disconnect and reconnect for now. Bug in Minecraft.)
    • Plugin activate/deactivate
    • Gold/Diamond/Other to buy lives
    • Investigate /kill command bug (Lose all lives or all drops)
    • Multiworld Support
    • Other plugin support: (Maybe)
      • Wars (Disable death in war zones)
      • Sign Shop Support (For now, SignCommands works.)
      • BOSEconomy
    Command Usage:
    • /lives [player]
      Display your or other's lives.
    • /buylives [count]
      Buy yourself some lives.
    • /givelives [player] [count]
      (Default op) Give lives to the specified person.
    • /takelives [player] [count]
      (Default op) Take lives to the specified person.
    • /setlives [player] [count]
      (Default op) Set the lives of a person explicitly.
    • lifeCost (100.0): Price of a life for iConomy.
    • defaultLives (3): The number of lives new users start with.
    • minBalanceForPunishment (100.0): The minimum amount of money a player must have to be punished for dying. (Set to 0.0 to disable.)
    • deathPunishmentCost (0.0): The amount of iConomy money a player looses for dying. (Set to 0.0 to disable.)
    • verbose (false): If verbose is true, more detailed information will be outputted to the console for debugging purposes.
    • infiniteLives (false): If true, the lives database will be ignored for deaths. (Players will not loose lives and the system will treat them as if they had at least one.)
    • dbDriver ("flatfile"): Selects which database driver to use. (Currently: flatfile or mysql)
    • dbHost ("localhost"): The database server to connect to (if applicable.)
    • dbPort (3306): The port the database server is listening on (if applicable.)
    • dbUser ("root"): The database access username (if applicable.)
    • dbPassword (""): The database access password (if applicable.)
    • dbDatabase ("playerlives"): The database to use (if applicable.)
    • dbTable ("playerlives"): The table to use (if applicable. Included to allow multiple instances in one database.)
    • playerlives.*: Enables all playerlives permissions (Maps to all permissions as true. PermissionsBukkit only!)
    • playerlives.canuse: Determines if the player can use player lives at all
    • playerlives.checkself: Determines if the player can check the number of lives they have
    • playerlives.buy: Determines if the player can buy lives with the economy.
    • playerlives.checkothers: Determines if the player can check other people's life count
    • playerlives.change: Determines if the player can change their or other's lives (This applies to set, add, and subtract.)
    Other notes:
    Currently, Flatfile only saves when the server is stopped (properly) or reloaded, so a crash can cause lives to go back to when the server started.

    Any comments or questions are highly appreciated!

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    Pathogen David

    I'm using the Jdbc MySQL driver since I couldn't find anything Bukkit specific.

    In the config file, there should be several db*** options, make sure you have a line that says
    And the other db*** options reflect your database server's settings. (Other options listed in main topic.)


    Two things weird about that error:
    1) I don't have a line 457 in version 1.4.1
    2) That error implies it failed to hook into iConomy 4.65, 1.4.1 should try 5.0 and then 4.65 (and I belive other 4.xx versions.) Are you running an iConomy even older than 4.65? 0.o

    Also, are you sure you didn't download the latest stable? You need to download the latest BETA on the download page (Which is listed under older/other downloads) I should probably make that more clear on the download page...
  3. Works now!


    - permissions node + command to give Live(s) to another player, they are then removed from your own Lives count of course.

    - some method to award lives other than purchase. For example: a command to imbue a bookcase with a Live. Once a play finds and right-clicks the case, he gains the Life and it is then removed from the bookcase. Thus also an admin command to charge a bookcase with X lives.
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    See, I need more plugins like this, so there are actually things to spend money on in game.

    How does this work with multiple worlds? If I buy a life in my main world, then move to the nether, do the lives still carry over?

    Totally want this mod but we have many different worlds and I need to know if it can handle them. This would be replacing TombStone if it handles multi world OK :D
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    Pathogen David

    Yeah, I'll probably re-purpose the /givelives command for that and use something else for it...

    Yeah, that is something I've been meaning to do for a while. I remember finding a spell like that in the Buxville library long ago. (Don't play anymore though - sorry!)

    Thanks =)

    I have not specifically tested it with multiple worlds, but I do not know of any reason why it would care since the plugin is currently multiworld agnostic. I won't be doing anything with multi-world stuff as I anticipate that part of Bukkit may change with official Nether in the 1.6 update.
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    Cool, gonna install this later tonight when I get in from work. I need those dogs on my server to start spending some of that money they hoard...
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    doesnt connect with iconomy for me iconomy 5 for me and your newest build
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    just download his beta here .
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    I think I must be missing something. How do I change the cost per life and the default value? I saw the config commands but I only have the jar and the .db file. I think I must be missing something?
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    Update for b818 thanks :) ! it's copy my inventory !
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    Pathogen David

    @Elvis, like @hofec said, use the latest beta.

    Do you have the latest beta? It is smarter about checking if the config file exists and creating it.

    I will asap. Pretty busy with my company here ;)
  12. Please update :( this is plugin is best
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    This sounds like a great plugin - I can't wait untill it's compatible with BOSEconomy so i can use it.
  14. Updateeee pleaseeeee :( :/ :(
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    OK. I'm runin CB#838 | PlayerLives 1.4.1 and all seems to be fine ! However .. when i died in The Nether and respawn in NORMAL world .. my inventory become invisible .. relog solve it (propably multiworld issue).

    2 Suggestion than.. can u please fix a nether issue ? and it could be possible to add custom strings in the config ?

    Thank you ! :)
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    Thanks I am good now I got the latest one and now everything works! I want to thank you for this plugin my people love it! It really adds that RPG feel to the game.
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    Yes, really looking forward to this one working on CB#818.

    If you need help testing it, I'm willing. Only plugin on my server that isn't working currently...
  18. Any news? :D
  19. so what?

    compatible in 860CB NICEEEE :p

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    This stopped working and I kept dying along with a shit load of items in my inventory. I'm totally pissed off :eek:
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    does this work for b860? and if not (not harassing you to hurry, just asking) any idea how long an update might take?
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    update pls
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    Error while /reload (server) PlayerLives -1
    CONSOLE: Player = 2
    CONSOLE: Player = 1

    Please fix this great plugin :)

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    Somethimes inventory is invisible after a death, player must disconnect and reconnect to retrieve it.
    CB 860.
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    i have iConomy but when i try to buy a life it says you need iConomy enabled can you help me
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    Is iConomy starting up correctly? (as in your server stats on start up that iConomy is loaded, you can also look through the log to see)
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    Really do wonder when this plugin will be updated and when bugs and such will be finished. Was looking forward to adding this to my server. D:
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    This is what I get when the server loads the iConomy stuff

    18:59:38 [INFO] [iConomy] Logging is currently disabled.
    18:59:38 [INFO] [iConomy] v5.01 (Eruanna) loaded.
    18:59:38 [INFO] [iConomy] Developed by: [Nijikokun]
    18:59:38 [INFO] [iAuction] Permissions system is enabled but could not be loaded!
    18:59:39 [INFO] [iConomyChestShop] version 2.75 initialized!
    18:59:39 [INFO] [iConomyChestShop] iConomy version 5 loaded.
    18:59:39 [INFO] [iConomyChestShop] Lockette version 1.3.8 loaded.
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    hmm seems ok :/

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