Inactive [MECH/ECON] MineReaper v1.0 Keep experience/items on death[1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Get more control over the way death works on your server! Give players the luxury of keeping their experience and items when they die, either for free or for a price. Are your players complaining because they lost all their items when killed in PvP? Why not make it so they can keep those items and experience whenever a player kills them? Want to treat your VIP's to a new perk for some donations? Why not allow them to keep their experience and items, FOR FREE? Customize the way your players die in the game, add your own hilarious spin on death using custom death messages!

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    Thank you.
  4. hi, i was just wondering if you wanted me to do a setup and plugin review video ?
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    Sure why not, a little publicity never hurts, and I appreciate the offer.
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    love it, but how can i make it work for my none oped players.
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    you just add the minereaper.use permission to any group that should be using it. If you have VIP groups you can use the minereaper.freeride permission or minereaper.pvpexempt permission so players keep items & experience when they get pvp killed. All of this information and more is on our BukkitDev page.
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    i was just wondering if you wanted me to do a setup and plugin review video[​IMG]
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    Where can I find the permission nodes? Also, do any of them default to true?
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    Whats the difference between bukkit and bukkit dev?
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    this is just what i searched :D
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    i tried to use this but everytime i ran this on my server i kept getting an error with 8 or more problems (this was on a clean install of the server with no plugins or anything else installed) is there anyway to fix the problem i keep getting?
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    how can i make that all players can keep the items???

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