Inactive [MECH] DisposalChest 1.7 - Get rid of stuff [1.2.3-R0.2]

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    DisposalChest - Get rid of stuff
    Version: v1.7

    This plugin was suggested here.
    This plugin is helpful in that usually people put lava around to make trash bins. That lets people steal the lava, and it is also a fire hazard. This plugin gives a protected chest to put unwanted items into, where they are automatically launched into the sun via rocket-ship. (That part was hard to code! (It doesn't actually do that)).


    Heres a quick video:

    • Simple sign/chest design
    • Will automatically remove the coordinates of a Disposal Chest when it is broken
    • Permissions! 'disposalchest.create' and 'disposalchest.remove' (Defaults to Ops.txt if no Permissions)
    • Option to use permissions or not is in config file.
    Download Jar

    Source Code -


    Version 1.7
    • Permissions Nodes changed to all lowercase
    • Changes to config file for next update
    Version 1.6
    • Updated to 1.2.3
    • Tried to remove Herobrine but he wouldn't leave.
    Version 1.5
    • Updated to RB 1.1-R4
    • Added ability to use '&' and a number along with '[Disposal]' on a sign.
    • Fixed where if the block a sign is on is connect to the disposal chest, it will break the disposal chest, or disallow it if the player doesn't have permission
    Version 1.4
    • Updated to Bukkit 1550/Minecraft 1.0
    • Update permissions system
    • Cleaned Code
    • Changed chest deletion system
    • Added Herobrine
    Version 1.3
    • Updated to 674
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed Null Pointer Exception
    • Should work with IconomyChestshop and similar plugins
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't put signs over any chests
    Version 1
    • Release
    • Suggest things!
    • Adding an option to have a chest(s) where deleted items are sent.
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update this great plugin D=
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    Is it compatible with 953?
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    I know that the dev might have abandoned this project, but someone else might eventually pick it up, and if they do, maybe they really could make the garbage "blast off into space" like this plugin.
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    King Rat

    Someone requested a plugin like this, so I thought I'd update it. I nearly have a working version of this, but I'm not publishing it, since I don't have permission. I dunno if I'm allow to post the link or not though :3
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    I would say that since he has been on recently (yesterday), and is ignoring the thread, I would suggest you ask him in PM. If you can see that he has been on twice more since your PM, simply publish yours. This one no longer works, and is not maintained nor answered, and hasn't worked for MANY RBs. Just fork it and say because it was needed. If any mod were paying attention, this would have long since been marked inactive (not confirmed to work on one of the last 2 RB). Then you would be free to fork.
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    King Rat

    I seem to remember getting permission a while ago, but haven't been bothered to actually finish updating it :c
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    Should I update this? :D
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    Well, that would work too. :D
    This is the only (non lava) solution I have seen besides essentials signs, and I am trying to avoid using that plugin again. I don't have the above problem of someone stealing our lava, but people keep falling in LOL.
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    I'll update it tomorrow then, I think the only thing that needs fixed is the permissions system.
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    Alright, I updated this to Bukkit 1550 / Minecraft 1.0. It's essentially the same with a few code cleaning updates to help run smoother. Hope you like it!

    I also changed the download format, WAY better than mediafire :D
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    The permissions do not work.....i gave my group the permissions to create, but there comes a message they cant.
    what are the exact permissions?
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    Did you change UsePermissions to true in the config?
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    yes i did
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    What permissions plugin are you using?
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    Works perfectly, but I'm still apprehensive about using it. You can break the block behind the sign to remove the sign without destroying the chest or its disposal property. If you're really mean you can do this to all the chests in peoples' homes and wait for the rage.

    Besides that, this is a great idea. I think I'll have to stick with fire/lava for the moment, however. =)
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    Yeah I realized that, I'm trying to figure out a work around. As a last resort, I will just protect the block behind the sign.
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    perhaps when the sign is destroyed, removing the disposalchest coordinates from the file? Does it only do this on chest breakage? Or perhaps making it attach the sign to the chest instead of a wall, and therefore when the sign is destroyed, it checks and removes the coords for the disposalchest?

    Shrug, that sounds like a lot more work, but was just a suggestion. Works either way for me until you get it fixed, as I can just set it to OP only for creation, and set up disposals for everyone myself (I am the only OP) who want them. Small servers are fun.

    Thank you for updating! Our server appreciates having this.
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    Yay small servers!, I run a small 10-15 person server for freinds and family too, basically all my plugins are based off what I make for my server. When the sign itself it deleted then the disposal chest is removed, but if the block behind the sign is broken then it doesn't get removed - but that will be fixed in the next version.
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    I'm having problems with the permission nodes specified. I have granted my default rank access to creating/removing disposalchests however I'm getting the message that I can't create disposalchests.
    I'm using PermissionsEx 1.17 on CraftBukkit #1597

    Does anyone know if there's a work-around for this or if the DisposalChest permission nodes are bugged?

    Edit: Yes I have remembered to change the usepermissions config from false to true.
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    Captain Seasick

    SO! I've got a question here; not sure if anyone's asked it before.

    Can you use the OTHER rows of the sign to type just what the hell else you want? Because, imo, that'd be pure aces.
  22. great plugin and i'am waiting for this " Adding an option to have a chest(s) where deleted items are sent." that would be exactly what i search for my server !
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    I've updated to version 1.5, goes to RB 1.1-R4! Please download the newest version!

    I simply just hooked into Bukkit's permission stuff which I'm told should work for all permission plugins. Try with the newest version.
    My plugin only reads the second line, put whatever you want on the other lines (I think I have this noted somewhere. I even just added the ability to add color codes to the [Disposal] line! (with things like &4)
    Ok, so my idea for this is that you make a chest with a sign [DisposalCollect] or something like that one line 2. On line 3, you have a number. 1,2,3..etc.
    The numbers stand for priority. So first, all disposed items are sent to chest one, until it's full. Then they go to chest 2 until full. But if chests 1 and 2 are full and there's no chest 3, a warning (optional) will be given and the items just deleted. That sound good to you?
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    The download link is giving me 1.4, I cannot find 1.5 :(

    I've found it, it's here:
    DisposalChest v1.5

    Working with CB #1960 so I think it's R5 ready :)
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    Oops, fixed that.
    Where is a link for R5, I haven't been able to find it so that I can update/test with it?
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    Are you Trollin? :p
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    I was making a joke on how Notch and Jeb always added this to their changelog notes for updates.

    "Yeah, thats what I should tell everyone, just better not release the source code...." *Evil Laugh*
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    Updated to MC 1.2.3! Click here! for new version (1.6)
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    If anyone was having troubles with permissions, I think I fixed it:
    Download V1.7 here.

    You need to remove the old config file, and the permissions nodes are all lower case. This version is not mandatory, but recommended since all further versions will require the changes.
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    Anyone still using/want updates for this? I was going to implement the collector chests and such soon, but no reason to if no one wants it.

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