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    CreativePlus - Creative Server Elements in Beta!
    Version: 1.2
    CreativePlus is a plugin that is very similar to my other plugin, CreativeBuild. BUT, CB is made mainly for a server with multiple worlds, and one of them is a CB world. C+, however, is geared more towards servers where Creative Minecraft elements are a large part of playing.​
    Other Plugins:
    Because this plugin does certain thins, it is very helpful to have these two plugins:​
    MultiInv (If you have two worlds and one with CB, players can give items and not have them in the regular world)​
    SimpleGive (You can use this to give yourself items)​
    • Optional Permissions supports!
    • If no permissions, manually define which users can use C+
    • Infinite items (toggleable)
    • Instant Block Breaking (toggleable)
    • Item Drops are Toggleable (to avoid inventory flooding when using instabreak)
    • Multi-world support (Define which worlds can use C+)
    • Inventory Block/Item menues!
    • Option to disable fall damage
    • Option to disable all player damage
    • Option to disable fire
    Config (open)

    A file called Config.txt will appear in /plugins/CreativePlus. The file will contain this:
    #This is the Creative+ config file.
    #Set some general config options below:
    #Define your worlds in which Creative+ are enabled below:
    #If you don't use permissions, add Usernames that are allowed to use creative build below:
    C+ will automatically detect permissions, and use it, but if you have Permissions and set UsePermissions to false it will use the user list in the Config.txt. If you don't have permissions, it doesn't matter what value you put for UsePermissions. If you block Player Damage, obviously it will block Fall Damage for players as well. If BlockFire=true, fire will be put out in ~.5 seconds. You can put as many worlds and users as you want. If EnableOnJoin=true, and the player is in a world that does not use C+, it will not be enabled, and obviously, if they don't have permission, it won't be enabled either.

    Commands + Permissions Nodes:
    Cmds+Perms (open)

    General Commands:
    • /cleari - creativeplus.clear - Clears your inventory
    • /con - creativeblus.all - Enables all aspects of C+
    • /coff - creativeplus.all - Disables all aspects of C+
    • /dropson - creativeplus.drops - Turns on block drops
    • /dropsoff - creativeplus.drops - Turns off block drops
    • /ibon - creativeplus.instabreak - Turns on Instant Block Breaks
    • /iboff - creativeplus.instabreak - Turns off Instant Block Breaks
    • /itemson - creativeplus.infinite - Turns on infinite items
    • /itemsoff - creativeplus.infinite - Turns off infinite items
    Inventory Commands:
    • /cblocks - creativeplus.blocks - Gives you the Blocks inventory menu
    • /cblocks2 - creativeplus.blocks - Gives you the overflow Blocks menu
    • /cores - creativeplus.ores - Gives you the Ores blocks/items menu
    • /cfood - creativeplus.food - Gives you the Food items menu
    • /cwool - creativeplus.wool - Gives you the Wool blocks menu
    • /cdyes - creativeplus.dye - Gives you the Dyes items menu
    • /cred - creativeplus.redstone - Gives you the redstone related blocks/items menu
    • /cfight - creativeplus.redstone - Gives you the fight/combat items menu
    • /cmisc - creativeplus.misc - Gives you the Miscellaneous items menu

    Video By @loalbertmartinezrds:
    Video (open)

    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/captain/CreativePlus/)

    Planned Changes
    Version 1.3
    • Any Ideas?
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed the bedrock breaking bug, now bedrock is once again not able to be broken!
    Version 1.1
    • Added inventory menus!
    • *NOTE* When you type a new inventory command it will clear everything BUT your quickbar
    Version 1.0
    • Release!
    If anybody wants to make a quick video about how this plugin works/how to use it, I can put it in the OP for you and give you a shout-out :)
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    Not really
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    Alright thank you. I shall attempt to figure out permissions. On a lighter note thank you for making this plug in, I've been looking for something like this.

    2.7.x? Why not the latest build?

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    I hate 3.0 so much
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    Haha, may I ask why?
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    Various reasons, including the in game commands.
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    Hi, I am trying to get drops to be permanently off. I installed permissions because pretty much all the members of my server don't want to use instabreak but a certain few do so I am enabling it for them. That works great, but even though there are no drops on CreativeBuild (which has some other problems which means I can't use that), on CreativePlus no matter whether I allow or disallow the node 'creativebuild.drops' there is always a drop. We all have infinite stacks on so this is pretty annoying to have to type /dropsoff every time we log on.
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    I would really appreciate it if people started reading the billions of posts like this on this thread and the one for CreativeBuild. It doesn't register because the block isn't broken, the data values is changed to 0.
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    Can you update this plugin ?
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    It still works...
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    Might want to rename the thread title to reflect latest version number.
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    does it work if your world name has spaces in it?
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    I don't think so
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    Some bugs:
    i can break a world guard zone
    the button break wenn i click it's not cool^^
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    You can right click...
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    yes but the reflex kill the button....
    And for worldguard....i can't safe my freebuild zone !!!
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    on version git-Bukkit-unknown (MC: 1.7.3) (I think it's happened before this, also) I sometimes get spammed this message, freezing the server:
    [Creative+] Error while reading config.txt!
    java.io.FileNotFoundException: plugins/CreativePlus/Config.txt (Too many open files)
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    No pistons yet?
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    Sorry, haven't thought of updating the block menues.
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    That's fine, because I just got b*tched at for switching creative plugins, and am now returning to the "better" plugin.
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    Yeah I don't really know what you're trying to accomplish by saying that but whatever it is I don't really care... at all...
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    Captain Awesome. You really are captain awesome. This plugin is the core of my server. Dont know what I would do without you! Can you update to 1000?
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    Hey, Great Plugin, could you maybe make a command that does just the general commands?
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    CraftBukkitUpToDate surprisingly had an update for this plugin.
    Tested it, godmode for everyone and it's not possible to disable it.

    Rolleback to stable 1.2, working fine again :)
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    awesome plugin - keeping my players entertained :)

    But today we discovered a problem - instant break is ignoring Regions from WorldGuard.
    I have prebuilt regions for every User so that they can only build and destroy in their own Region, but they are able to break blocks from other Regions with instant break ON.

    I disabled Instant break for now, so that they cant destroy stuff other then in their area. But its very annoying for them without instant break :)

    I hope you understand what i mean and have the time to fix this :)

    Thanks in advance!
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    -- Update to my Probem--

    /dropson also ignores WorldGuard regions.

    Disabled dropson/dropsoff for now

    Would be awesome if you could fix that =)
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    WOW! The plusin is absolutly AMAZING! I Love the MultiWorld Support, and i pretty much Love EVERYTHING About this plugin!! The Only Thing is that i dont like to use permissions, since alot of my plugins dont have permissions support, so therfore i dont use it, so i was wondering, is it possible for you to make it so that you can edit the config.txt ingame, so that i will beable to allow my players to use the commands, without having to actually open up the config.txt and edit it, then reload the server. Anyways, this is a fantastic plugin and is just what i was looking for! :D If You Could Reply to this it would ve Awesome!
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    We use the super pick thing on our server and with this installed super pick destroyed items still drop blocks.

    Is there anyway you could link instant break to just a certain item instead of all blocks because so many people accidentally destroy things with this on

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