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    CreativePlus - Creative Server Elements in Beta!
    Version: 1.2
    CreativePlus is a plugin that is very similar to my other plugin, CreativeBuild. BUT, CB is made mainly for a server with multiple worlds, and one of them is a CB world. C+, however, is geared more towards servers where Creative Minecraft elements are a large part of playing.​
    Other Plugins:
    Because this plugin does certain thins, it is very helpful to have these two plugins:​
    MultiInv (If you have two worlds and one with CB, players can give items and not have them in the regular world)​
    SimpleGive (You can use this to give yourself items)​
    • Optional Permissions supports!
    • If no permissions, manually define which users can use C+
    • Infinite items (toggleable)
    • Instant Block Breaking (toggleable)
    • Item Drops are Toggleable (to avoid inventory flooding when using instabreak)
    • Multi-world support (Define which worlds can use C+)
    • Inventory Block/Item menues!
    • Option to disable fall damage
    • Option to disable all player damage
    • Option to disable fire
    Config (open)

    A file called Config.txt will appear in /plugins/CreativePlus. The file will contain this:
    #This is the Creative+ config file.
    #Set some general config options below:
    #Define your worlds in which Creative+ are enabled below:
    #If you don't use permissions, add Usernames that are allowed to use creative build below:
    C+ will automatically detect permissions, and use it, but if you have Permissions and set UsePermissions to false it will use the user list in the Config.txt. If you don't have permissions, it doesn't matter what value you put for UsePermissions. If you block Player Damage, obviously it will block Fall Damage for players as well. If BlockFire=true, fire will be put out in ~.5 seconds. You can put as many worlds and users as you want. If EnableOnJoin=true, and the player is in a world that does not use C+, it will not be enabled, and obviously, if they don't have permission, it won't be enabled either.

    Commands + Permissions Nodes:
    Cmds+Perms (open)

    General Commands:
    • /cleari - creativeplus.clear - Clears your inventory
    • /con - creativeblus.all - Enables all aspects of C+
    • /coff - creativeplus.all - Disables all aspects of C+
    • /dropson - creativeplus.drops - Turns on block drops
    • /dropsoff - creativeplus.drops - Turns off block drops
    • /ibon - creativeplus.instabreak - Turns on Instant Block Breaks
    • /iboff - creativeplus.instabreak - Turns off Instant Block Breaks
    • /itemson - creativeplus.infinite - Turns on infinite items
    • /itemsoff - creativeplus.infinite - Turns off infinite items
    Inventory Commands:
    • /cblocks - creativeplus.blocks - Gives you the Blocks inventory menu
    • /cblocks2 - creativeplus.blocks - Gives you the overflow Blocks menu
    • /cores - creativeplus.ores - Gives you the Ores blocks/items menu
    • /cfood - creativeplus.food - Gives you the Food items menu
    • /cwool - creativeplus.wool - Gives you the Wool blocks menu
    • /cdyes - creativeplus.dye - Gives you the Dyes items menu
    • /cred - creativeplus.redstone - Gives you the redstone related blocks/items menu
    • /cfight - creativeplus.redstone - Gives you the fight/combat items menu
    • /cmisc - creativeplus.misc - Gives you the Miscellaneous items menu

    Video By @loalbertmartinezrds:
    Video (open)

    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/captain/CreativePlus/)

    Planned Changes
    Version 1.3
    • Any Ideas?
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed the bedrock breaking bug, now bedrock is once again not able to be broken!
    Version 1.1
    • Added inventory menus!
    • *NOTE* When you type a new inventory command it will clear everything BUT your quickbar
    Version 1.0
    • Release!
    If anybody wants to make a quick video about how this plugin works/how to use it, I can put it in the OP for you and give you a shout-out :)
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    Hey, i still wait for new version of CreativeBuild (support multi-world) but we have no news of developper, thanks you for supporting multi-map, but can you add the sames possibilit of CreativeBuild ? For exemple when we tape /block in console we have all block in our inventory ? and if we tape /tools, all tools, etc....

    Thanks you so much !

    (Sorry for bad english, i'm french)

    PS : And can you add the possibility of totally desactivate drop block and the others featurs ? (or totally able)
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    @Shooty Sure, I can add /block, and /tools, etc, but that will come later.
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    Okay thanks :)
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    Nice this will help. :)
  6. Nice plugins :)
    I will try it
  7. oh may gosh thank you I can't wait to use this.
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    Tthe give commands arent even in this plugin.
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    ty so much!
    really nice plugin
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    Thanks for this awesome plugin :) Could you disable item drop by default? So that everyone doesn't have to type /dropsoff on join.
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    I can't, the way it is set up makes it a difficult to keep it from creating tons of bugs, and disabling drops caused about 4 bugs with commands and instantmine, so I am going to leave it. I might change it in the future if I figure out a better way to do it.
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    I moved my map to a new server and copied this plugin's folder over, making it identical to the old one. The only thing I did is went into each .shop file and changed the map name from "world3" to "world1"

    All the shops are in my new world, but all say they have no inventory. The .shop files ALL have inventory data in them. Help!
  14. hey could you change: plugins/creative+ into plugins/creativeplus ,please. Because i bought a Server and it can't open the folder because of the '+'
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    Um, IDK what you're talking about, sorry.
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    I was asking you to add them..
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    @GeekPlaya Just download SimpleGive... Im not adding something that I already did...
    And You said:
    So that makes it sound like they are already existent in this plugin, which they aren't.
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    Hello! I just wanted to try your plugin but unfortunately this issue concerns our serverprovider, too :(

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    Ok, I can change it
    Give me a minute or two

    Re-download for the fix.

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    don't want to bother but while trying your plugin in different worlds i found a spelling mistake:
    "Creative+ is not enbaled in ....."
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    Excellent plugin, it works perfectly for me (private server on a Mac, so the + issue doesn't do anything). My one suggestion is allow bedrock to be deleted with the /ibon command.
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    Lol Thanks :)
    As far as bedrock goes, it originally worked, I think I must have messed something up, I can try to add a special case for bedrock, but I don't think it applies to BLOCK_DAMAGE, so it might not be so easy. I will get back to you on that.
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    Um... this is NOT the plugin I posted this comment to. I've never even looked at this one before. I had the LocalShops plugin page open when I posted that.
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    #Define your worlds in which Creative+ are enabled below:
    hmmm it always overwrites our creative worldname
    after starting the server it's written again "WorldNameHere" or "AnotherWorldNameHere" in config.txt

    got any clue?
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    @s1ck3st Re-download!
    I messed up code but fixed it lol.

    @s1ck3st Also, I'm releasing 1.1 as soon as I can update the post, look out for inventory menues!

    Released 1.1! Has lots of menu stuff :D

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    Thanks a lot !
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    It keeps saying i dont have permission to use it and i did exactly what it says
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    nice one! what to say except captain awesome just levelled up :D

    thx, have fun & enjoy ur day!

    worx nearly perfect!
    but it's /cblocks2 in Inventory Commands :p

    /cdye does not work - EDIT: just noticed it should be /cdyes in Inventory Commands

    and of course i miss kinda "/ctools" and swords are not included in /cfight

    keep up the good work :)

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    Sorry about the stupid typos :/
    Will fix now, and release v1.2 :D (not big, just a bug fix)
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    You could write a plugin called SimpleReplace. It could work like the "Magical Paintbrush" in voxeldoop or "//repl" in woldedit plugins. It would be awesome if it also was multiworld and used permissions.

    PS: Have sum internets :D

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