[MECH] CreativeBuild v1.5 - Infinite Items, InstaBreak, and No Drops [928]

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    CreativeBuild - Build Creatively!
    Version: 1.5
    CreativeBuild is a plugin that makes building on your Beta Minecraft server more like creative. Items are infinite, breaking is almost instant, and there are no drops (to avoid inventory flooding).​
    Other Plugins:
    Because this plugin does certain thins, it is very helpful to have these two plugins:​
    MultiInv (If you have two worlds and one with CB, players can give items and not have them in the regular world)​
    SimpleGive (Because item drops are off by default, you can use this to give yourself items)​
    Version Specific Features Below:
    1.0 (open)

    Everybody can break instantly and build with infinite items.
    To clear your inventory, type /cbclear​
    The command is accesible by everyone.​

    1.1 (open)

    Adds permissions:​
    creativebuild.build - Allows players to build with infinite blocks​
    creativebuild.break - Allows players to break blocks with 1 hit​
    creativebuild.clear - Allows players to clear their inventory with /cbclear​

    1.2 (open)

    Changes permissions nodes:​
    If you already have creativebuild.cb you will have cb enabled when you join the server. If you don't want it on, you can disable it with /cboff. You can also enable it with /cbon. Both of these commands are compatible with playernames, so /cbon captainawesome7 would enable it for captainawesome7. Also, console /cbon or /cboff is supported.​

    1.3 (open)

    Adds two more commands, to toggle block drops on/off:​
    ^uses creativebuild.cb node^​

    1.4/1.5 (open)

    Adds a config file and multiworld support. The config file will be at plugins/CreativeBuild/config.txt. It will contain:
    #This is the CreativeBuild config file.
    #Define your worlds in which CreativeBuild are enabled below (you can have as many as you want):
    To add a world, replace WorldNameHere with the world name, and if you want 5 worlds to have CB just add 5 lines, each with worldname=true. If you don't want CB support on a world, just don't add it, you don't need to put world=false.

    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/captain/CreativeBuild/)

    Planned Changes
    Version 1.5
    • Fixed Bedrock bug where you could break it if you broke a nearby block first
    Version 1.4
    • Added multi world support and a config file
    Version 1.3
    • Added commands to for block drops, /dropson and /dropsoff
    • ^Uses the creativebuild.cb node^
    Version 1.2
    • Adds commands to toggle CreativeBuild. Changes permissions nodes to:
    • creativebuild.cb
    • creativebuild.clear
    • If you have creativebuild.cb you will have cb enabled when you log in
    • Download a different version if you don't want this
    Version 1.1
    • Includes Permissions (Download v1.0 if you don't want this)
    Version 1.0
    • Release!
    If anybody wants to make a quick video about how this plugin works/how to use it, I can put it in the OP for you and give you a shout-out :)
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    Yeah I guess. Why not? There's no way to spoof it?
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    Lol, I rephrased that and I realize now that it makes no sense. It is on BLOCK_BREAK, but I use on BLOCK_DAMAGE, and if the prerequisites are met it sets the id to 0/air, or it sets instabreak(true). So if drops are on, it will register, but if they aren't, it won't.
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    After updating to 1.3 today, drops are always on and instant break does not work. I have the creativebuild.* permission. Downgrading to 1.2 causes it to work again (CB 766)
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    @crazydog Errors? I just downloaded 1.3 from the link and drops aren't always on and instabreak does work... The way you put it makes it sound like the building/breaking is regular... Are you sure the plugin is enabled?
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    Yup. I was getting the plugin info via plugman which confirms it was loaded.

    I'm also having an issue with 1.2 with multiple worlds. It seems that if someone teleports out of a world where they have a creativebuild.* permission, they can still instantly break things/get infinite items when they teleport back to a world where they do not have those permissions.
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    @crazydog yeah, thats because multiworld isn't supported...
    And 1.3 works perfectly..
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    Alright, well I'm requesting multiworld support! :D
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    Ok, what exactly do people want with Multi World support? I have ran into problems with saving inventories (what is the best way?) and as far as going between worlds I am also having trouble getting the inventories to load/save correctly.
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    Mighty Mackinac

    I really dont think its necessary. Having a world that is regular and then a separate creative world is best.
  11. I use a seperate plugin (MultiInv) to keep inventories seperate between worlds, which works well.
    Before i go on, i'm going to say i only want to use this plugin to stop drops on Creative and the unlimited items is just a bonus (i dont want insta-break).

    All i'd want from this plugin Multi-world wise is to have the ability to turn off the plugin in certain worlds,
    as mentioned in an above post i'd like to have Creative with this plugin enabled, and PVP with it disabled, MultiInv will do the rest.

    Edit: Just thought, this plugin trying to work with multiple may cause more problems than it solves (conflicting with MultiInv and just bugs in general), it's probably best to just leave Inventories alone.
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    I am just going to add a config file where you list the world name that you want CreativeBuild to work in. Any other world and it won't do anything.
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  13. Great, thanks. ETA?
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    @AS1LV3RN1NJA has hit the nail on the head. Exactly what I'm looking for too.
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    @AS1LV3RN1NJA Done :D Just have to update the post, give me a minute. Some details:
    Config file created at plugins/CreaitveBuild/config.txt
    If you have two worlds, betaworld and creative, you just need to put this in ur config to use CreativeBuild in creative,
    Thats it :D

    There, I released 1.4. If you run into any problems, just let me know.

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    Awesome! Muchas gracias. Testing now.

    Works great!
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    Great. Was waiting for Multiworldsupport. Thanks for this fine Plugin. :)
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    After the added multiworld support this is a plugin that i am definelty going to use. I just have some small feature request to make this even better :)
    An option to choose whether or not people should take damage. And an option to prevent fire from spreading:)
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    @KasperZ that can definitely be implemented in a little while :)
    It would be something like an option in the config that decides weather or not people get hurt while cb is on:
    I don't know when I will have stop fire done, but I can easily do no damage, as I already have in multiple other plugins :)
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    Nice! That would be great!
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    Can you say me , How to disable Instantbreak in 1.4 without Permissions Plugin?
    btw: Great Work *-*
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    really nice plugin! but i have a question:
    can you add a command just for the instand break of the blocks to turn on/off?
    would be nice :)
  23. I've played around with it a bit on my server, and seems to be working ok.

    Here we go again :) Another request:
    Could you seperate the permissions up a bit? eg. Seperate permissions for no drops, insta break, etc?
    I'd like my Creative players to break blocks at normal speed but get no drops, as they can spawn them.

    ps. Love the unlimited blocks thing :)
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    I was thinking about redesigning the entire thing andaking it way more elaborate, and releasing it as a new plugin. I will let you know later today.
  25. Come to a decision yet?

    Personally i'm not sure it needs to be re-released, just tidied up a bit.
    Seperate, well described permissions nodes for each thing, with the ability for an admin or op to turn persistence on and off.
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    @AS1LV3RN1NJA What do you mean turn persistence off? I already did release another one, which was more complete than this one but not very helpful if you don't want an only creative server.
    It does have separate permissions nodes for each thing, and persistence makes no sense, because Persistence usually means saving things in a database so they can be saved on a reload/restart/login so that things don't go away, like changing a display name. I don't really see how that affects this, but C+ has an option to turn on/off enabling it on join, which might be what you're talking about. There are commands that require different permissions nodes for each function, Drops, InstaBreak, and Infinite items. There is also a config file with more options.

    If you want a version that can disable player damage go here.

    If you want a version that can disable instabreak go here.

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  27. @captainawesome7 ahh, maybe persistence wasn't the word.
    Nice job on the other plugin btw, are any of the additions going to be included in this one?

    What i meant by "persistence" was the ability to force the players in a certain world to use certain elements, with the ability for op's or admins to change them, possibly using commands, eg -
    • /cbbreak off Creative
    • /cbdrops off Creative
    • /cbinf on Creative

    Forcing players on Creative world to break as normal, with drops off and an infinite inventory.

    Or, perhaps the addition of an extra set of permissions, such as creativebuild.edit.xxxx for each element, to allow only certain groups of players to opt out.
    Hope i've explained myself ok, feel free to ask if i havent.

    Edit: Anyone there? :p
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    I notice that dropped items don't disappear, like items dropped from the inventory. The inventory also doesn't get replenished if you drop the items, or if you fire an arrow.
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    @RobotGymnast First of all, the dropped items are standard minecraft drops... I just set insta break to true, that isn't my fault if the drops don't work. The infinite blocks are obviously replenished when you place a block, not if you fire an arrow, and because this is supposed to be like creative, I didn't feel the need to add that.
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    Ok so I'm having this issue... In the config file where I type the name of the world I want to be CB, I enter my world's name. Reload all plugins, and it's not working. My world name has a space in it, like "World Name". So my config says "World Name=true" Any ideas no how to get this working for me? I'm the Admin of my server and the instabreak and infinite blocks aren't working for me either. Please help. Thanks.
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    @Knapier89 Just rename your world so there isn't a space in it...

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