[MECH] CombatTag v5.1 - Essential for PvP: penalties for PvPloggers.[BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Trc202, Jun 11, 2011.

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    just a hint though, the norm for changelogs is to have the latest on top
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    Ill test. Thank you for your efforts :)
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    New version 2.3 is out. It now detects when a client crashes as apposed to someone logging out and extends the grace period accordingly.
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    Awesome, will be adding this to my server tonight. I'll have my users let me know of any bugs and echo them off to you!

    Thanks for taking over the plugin, man!
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    Updated to version 2.4 Bugfixes only.
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    Erm I don't have pvp on my server but I would still really like the crash detection. Is it possible for you to release a crash detection and restarting plugin?
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    What would you want it to do?
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    Just something that runs and detects when the server has crashed and restarts it. I need this because I run my server on Brohoster and on the TCadmin thing there is no way of knowing when the server has crashed.
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    This does not detect server crashes, only client crashes.
    I think this is what you are looking for.
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    yeh i would use that but I can't because I'm not able to run it on the server.
    Thanks anyway
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    Any chance you can create a log file or a log to mysql event for players who skip out on fights? My PVP server and community would love to have this info recorded and posted to our website. Happy to report that plugin works great for me on CB860
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    How would you like it in a file? (I don't have any experience with mysql)
    Option 1
    [Properties file]
    Playername, #of pvplogs

    Option 2
    [Plain text file]
    Pvplogger, Attacker, (perhaps a time as well)
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    Do PVP logging events get written to the server log?
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    Yes it does, however looking at the code I am doing it inefficiently. The next version will announce it to the console as the plugin detects the pvplog instead of on player login.
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    Hrmm.. I'm trying to think of which would be better, I'm going to assume Option 1, so that admins and players alike can see which players are trying to skip out the most often, sort of like a wall of shame. If you do it CSV still like name, # of times, PHP can parse that easily enough and output to the web in a neat fashion.
  17. Would this work with Towny? ie. No punishment for allies or within towns with PvP disabled? (I'm guessing it would be, as they wouldn't be able to take damage, but i just want to check).
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    It should work with Towny. As long as it cancels the damage event combat tag should work with it.
  19. Nice, i'll try it out next restart.
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    Thanks for taking this on!
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    ok i have a problem when ever i try to edit the config "to my liking" it doesnt change and before the server restart the config decides to half itsself leaving me with

    # TagTime = duration of tag
    # Grace_period = time the player has to relog (starting from the moment they logout). This time is called when they disconnect normally.
    # Extended_Grace_Period = time player has to relog. This time is used then the client crashes or the window is closed.
    # Debug = enables debug mode (be ready for the spam)
    # PvpMessage2plr is called upon a pvp logger logging back in.
    # It supports $tagger (person who hit the pvplogger) and $tagged (Pvplogger).
    # It also supports color coding using the
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    Should be fixed in version 2.5
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    The rewrite bug is definitely fixed now. I was wondering if you were gonna add support for being able to change the format and coloring for the following lines:
    "[CombatTag] Tagged: Username"
    "[CombatTag] Username has # seconds to relog.
    "[CombatTag] Tagged by: Username"
    "StdGracePeriod:20 seconds
    /ct for more info."

    I would really like to clean up this statements and make them fit with the rest of my server formating.

    Great pluging btw, it works VERY well!
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    I'll work on adding those in the next version.
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    I really enjoyed the plugin when it was developed by Marinating, and even gave him ideas to add in. But i think you've taken it to a new and better level, and it's going great! But I one idea that i think should be added in, and i'm not sure if you're over-looked it in your testing or completely forgot about it. At the moment the plugin doesn't actually handle the players armor when they die. I noticed that when a player's grace period ends their items are dropped on the ground, but their armor doesn't fall. I then saw that the armor would only fall on the ground once the player logged in, and from looking at the source code I saw that it doesn't handle the armor the player is wearing, instead clears their inventory and pretty much /kills them. So their armor would fall where they logged out.

    In simpler terms; The plugin doesnt handle what armour the player is wearing, and in my opinion is the last thing added to make this plugin 100% awesome ;)!

    Keep up the great work Trc202!
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    I'll add handling armor to the to do list.

    Version 2.6 is out New features are

    • Removed Msg1plr. It is now integrated with Msg2plr
    • Added armor support
    • Added extra configurable messages in config
    • Added support for multiple lines in all messages. Just separate lines using ::

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    Well, I've updated it again. It's now version 2.7 New feature is support for Jail plugin.
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    I'd like to use something similar to this, I feel its a bit bloated for a very simple thing.

    Possible lightweight edition?
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    In what way does it feel bloated? How would you suggest I improve it?
    (on a side note thank you for the criticism, I am always looking for feedback.)
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    The objective of this plugin is to prevent players from "ninja" logging or avoiding death by PVP.

    Stay true to this objective. It seems that a more simpler solution would be to keep the players in game longer on log out - so leaving and rejoining wont actually make the character leave, it will keep their entity in longer to take damage/etc.

    I understand this is harder to do - its really what im looking for but I understand your method does the same thing just goes through a lot of different approaches to reach the same conclusion.

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