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    Hi everyone!

    I want to present you a new plugin which will make it possible to toggle RedStone torches by using Areas.

    How it works?
    First you create an area in 2D (x y / x z / y z coordinates). An area in 3D (x y z coordinates) is even possible. Then you select it with the commands and then you select the point where the redstone torch will be triggered. Finally you create the field by using the final command.
    The area will disappear now. If you put all the blocks in that area again, which have been there before you executed the create command, the redstone torch will be triggered.

    For showing it I use a field with 4 blocks of yellow wool, 4 blocks of lime wool & 1 block of red wool.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] If you have created something like this, select the start point of your field by
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] command. Select the end point of your field by command, too, that it gives a
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] rectangle.

    In this example (2 dimensional) this would be: left top and right bottom - OR - left bottom and right top.
    Then you look at a block and execute the torch command (will be /setswitch), where the torch will be triggered later (just look on a block - the torch will appear at the top of the block / 1 block above of the block you looked at).
    After you did these 3 steps (start of rectangle [/setstart], end of rectangle [/setend], switch position[/setswitch]) you execute the final command [/createfield].
    If everything is okay and the field was created, the wool blocks in the field will disappear.
    The block you configured to be the trigger place is now the block where the redstone torch will be spawned if you complete your area with the wool blocks you have specified before.

    Example which won't make the redstone torch spawn:

    To make the redstone torch spawn you have to complete the field which was saved while executing the /createfield command. The torch spawns ONLY if the field is complete.

    So - for what can you use it?
    The first idea was to make it for adventure maps so they can toggle doors with the redstone trigger by using those fields to create puzzles.
    But while I thought about it I think it can be used on other servers too. For example you can use it for locking doors / areas.

    Release date will be tomorrow.

    The plugin is done.
    I uploaded the preview for you all:

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    I don't see myself personally every using this, but this is a neat idea and good job!
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    Waiting for Bukkit to fix their Redstone bug ~
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    Please remove [preview] and update to latest rb
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    This topic is the old preview of this one: colorswitch-v1-0

    This topic can be closed!
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