[MECH] Cobbleroad v0.7 - make cobblestone highways [766]

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    Cobbleroad - turn cobblestone into roads
    Version: v0.7

    this is my first plugin.
    it let you walk faster over cobblestone.
    not all cobblestone but only 2*3 roads.
    so you will not be launched if you just walk over cobblestone.

    • let you walk faster on cobblestone
    • only on 'roads'
    • because there is no way to jump when you are on a road, there are now jumpers. to jump...
    Source Code - coming soon (or not)

    place a clay block beneath a cobblestone block to create a jumper.
    now if you walk over the jumper, you will be launched 5 or 6 blocks (I don't know exactly) into the air.

    Known issues:
    • if you stop walking when you are on a road, it keep pushing you, but maybe that isn't a isseu
    Future plans:
    • permissions support
    • mutliworld support
    • detects your direction and only boosts you if you walk in direction of the road
    • configuration
    Version 0.7
    • now not just launches you but increases your movement.
    • start at 1.1 times faster, but after something you will go 2.5 times as fast as normal.
    • added a limit, people will not go faster then 2.5 times as fast.
    • added jumper
    • should have CraftBukkitUpToDate support

    Version 0.1
    • first release
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    I will release the source code at the next release but in the next release I want a config file.
    does anybody know a good config file tutorial? yaml tutorial?
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    Not sure about a good tutorial, but you can browse my projects (continued from other plugin authors) on github for examples of how config files are done, link is here.
  4. What about a clearing snow off the stop of the roads command cause im tired of clearing roads in my snowy areas

    Perfect mod btw

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  5. You could build a roof over the areas where it snows... :p
  6. Yeah but then its not an open field then its a roofed city or something thats no bueno.
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    Is this Inactive? Update plz
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    needs to be configurable to any type of road and any dimensions. i have roads of stone half slabs and double slabs in a 2 wide pattern, but some go diagonal, so r technically 3 wide. i would use this if it i could configure to my needs.
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    Leon Philips

    Good point, I have diffrent roads too, I made it like this:

    Is there an way to make it in a config like this?:
    Leftblock: (configurable)
    MiddleBlock: (configurable)
    Rightblock: (configurable)

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