[MECH] Cobbleroad v0.7 - make cobblestone highways [766]

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    Cobbleroad - turn cobblestone into roads
    Version: v0.7

    this is my first plugin.
    it let you walk faster over cobblestone.
    not all cobblestone but only 2*3 roads.
    so you will not be launched if you just walk over cobblestone.

    • let you walk faster on cobblestone
    • only on 'roads'
    • because there is no way to jump when you are on a road, there are now jumpers. to jump...
    Source Code - coming soon (or not)

    place a clay block beneath a cobblestone block to create a jumper.
    now if you walk over the jumper, you will be launched 5 or 6 blocks (I don't know exactly) into the air.

    Known issues:
    • if you stop walking when you are on a road, it keep pushing you, but maybe that isn't a isseu
    Future plans:
    • permissions support
    • mutliworld support
    • detects your direction and only boosts you if you walk in direction of the road
    • configuration
    Version 0.7
    • now not just launches you but increases your movement.
    • start at 1.1 times faster, but after something you will go 2.5 times as fast as normal.
    • added a limit, people will not go faster then 2.5 times as fast.
    • added jumper
    • should have CraftBukkitUpToDate support

    Version 0.1
    • first release
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    CB 176?
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    CB176 typo lol
    nice plugin btw
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    AGAIN, lol 176, Cool concept however.
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    That was really stupid... 176...
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    make it so you can configure the blocks that make up the road (eg I use double-steps for all my roads, don't want to take time to replace them all)
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    I'am working on that, :D
    but this is my first plugin and so I have to learn everything from the ground up.
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    Ross Gosling

    Could you make a varient of this plugin where the cobblestone doesnt launch you down the road but it would increase your walking speed by, for example 5% (configurablism would be good)
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    yess, I'am working on that now, actually it's finished :D
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    Ross Gosling


    btw you might want to start 'replying' to posts with the reply button because it sends them a notifaction =)
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    ok :)
    I have updated it :)

    here is a version that uses doublestpes as roads.
    I'am working on a config file but I don't get it...

    doublestep version

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    What would be best for this kind of plugin is a way that you can just select an area (like cuboid) and define that area as a road. Then you could use any material for roads and any size roads. Much more flexibility for all kinds of servers.
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    So it's basically QuickStrasse.
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    i can not get it to work
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    I think I'll implent that in the next update, but it will be configurable.
    I started this plugin to make it commandless.

    yeah, but this is not going so fast that the chunks can't load.
    It still gives you the feeling you'r walking.

    ow, you are sure you made a 2 by 3 or bigger road of cobblestone?
    and the effect is not much at the begin, but how longer your walking how harder you'll go.
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    A cuboid type thing would only need like 2 new commands. "Create road" and "delete road." You could use a wooden hoe or something to define the cuboid, and type /road create <name> or something like that to make it a road. Then you could delete it in the same fashion. Also, a config file would be useful so you can set how fast the roads go and what tool you use to select the road. Oh, and you would have to be able to have roads that intersect each other, so the cuboids don't conflict.

    If you added something like this, this plugin would be way better than QuickStrasse because you wouldn't necessarily need all that wool and glass. You could use whatever material you want with this. On a legit server like mine, its hard to obtain all that wool especially for really long roads.

    Do you have any idea when you will get the next update out? Will it be in time for 1.6 this week or after?
  18. I seem to get the speedboost on all cobblestone no matter if it's 2*3 or 1000*2000 :-/

    Oh, and I am able to jump as well... resulting in a dramatic boost to the speed.
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    ok, I'am working on that for the next update.
    that's a great idea. I will add that! but not next update. and the next update will be in the weekend. I'am very bussy with school but I will update every weekend, even if there is nothing added :p
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    I see, I uploaded the old version...
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    So what is a 2x3 road?
    is that 2 deep and 3 wide and however long you want?
    or what?

    EDIT: and i'm getting a 403 on your download link.
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    a minimal width of 2 and a minimal length of 3, and I have fized the download link :D
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    I still get the speedboost on bigger areas than 2x3 ie.. roofs of buildings and such.
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    it boosts you on road with minimal 2 width and minimal 3 lenght
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    could you implement a max size as well?
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    yess, I'am now working on a update with a config file. then that will be added
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    I just wanna drop a 'Thank you' in here, nice plugin, coming along well, keep up the great work.
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    Don Redhorse

    well being able to size the width would be cool, atm we did revert back to quickstrasse because of the drifting on every cobblestone we have..

    also configuration of the block ID which is being used would be very appreciated, we are using sandstone / glass atm with quickstrasse, a pure sandstone road would also work.
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    Works fine in 818 - would love to see config options. I too had the problem with many areas of cobblestone (not roads). I'd like to be able to make stone, cobblestone, sandstone roads - perhaps requiring something below or beside (like quickstrasse does) to identify roads.

    Love the way you move faster the longer you stay on would be good if cobble (configurable as per above) stairs and slabs were also counted as the "road". Maybe they should just slow you down a little per stair/slab so if you encounter like two stairs you don't come to a grinding halt however you can't speed up 50 stairs :)
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    Please release the sourcecode - just in case you're not able to work on it. Would also be good study material too :)

    Was thinking another idea could be making it work only when cobble is above another block, say a double slab.

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