[MECH] Clans - Team Chat + Organization + Optional Area Defenses! BETA RELEASED

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Satros, Apr 28, 2011.

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    EDIT: Plugin has been released and is no longer in beta! Go to the official topic here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...nal-area-defenses-more-818.19904/#post-352888

    About: This plugin aims to make pvp more fun by adding a team/faction/clan/kingdom like aspect to the game, with only making minimal changes to normal minecraft gameplay (vanilla-ish). It will be configurable so it will not force the admin to have anything they don't want within the plugin.

    It makes organizing a team significantly easier and also includes a powerful team ranking system. It is simple but powerful. For most team's basic commands will be enough, but there is more intricate customization if they wish. In addition teams may purchase(with gold blocks) defenses for their bases to help them defend it, but this can be turned off.

    Now has support for permissions! See below for configuration and nodes.

    Clans Version 1.5

    *Note because there is no config file as of yet many of the values are hard-coded. The minimum requirement for use of team area commands is 15 members in a team. The items used to buy area defenses and the amount of them are hard-coded to gold blocks for the time being. The team list command will also not show teams with less than 5 players for the time being. I will release the source soon as well, even though it is kind of ugly right now.

    Team Chat
    /t <MESSAGE> Message your entire team.

    Team General Commands
    /team create <TEAMNAME> Creates a team with a specified team name.
    /team invite <PLAYERNAME> Invites a player to your team **CASE SENSITIVE**
    /team accept Accept your most recent invite to join a team.
    /team reject Reject your most recent invite to join a team.
    /team leave Quit a team.
    /team disband Deletes a team if you are the last one in it.
    /team info Lists players and rankings of your own team.
    /team info <TEAMNAME> Lists players and rankings of a specified team.
    /team online Lists team members that are online.
    /team list Lists all teams with more than 5 members and how many members they have.
    /team kick <PLAYERNAME> Kicks a player from the team **CASE SENSITIVE**
    /team motd Displays the team's Message of the Day (Also displays at login).
    /team motd <MESSAGE> Sets a team's Message of the Day (Also displays at login).**LEADER ONLY**
    /team tag <TAGNAME> Sets a team's tag (must be less than 5 characters) **LEADER ONLY**
    /team color <COLORNAME> Sets the color of the team's tag. **LEADER ONLY**

    Team Ranks
    /team rankcreate <RANKNAME> Creates a new rank at the bottom of your team's ranks.
    /team rankname <RANKNUMBER> <NEWRANKNAME> Renames a rank.
    /team setrank <PLAYERNAME> <RANKNUMBER> Sets the rank of a player in the team.
    /team rankmoveall <OLDRANKNUMBER> <NEWRANKNUMBER> Moves all players in one rank to a new rank **LEADER ONLY**
    /team rankflag <RANKNUMBER> <FLAGNAME:KICK/TEAMCHAT/RANKEDIT/INVITE/PROMOTE> <TRUE/FALSE> Sets the permissions for a specified rank.
    /team rankinfo <RANKNUMBER> Gives the rank name and rank's permissions for a specified rank.
    /team rankdelete <RANKNUMBER> Deletes a rank from the team structure, rank must be empty.

    Team Area Defenses (Can be disabled with permissions)
    /team BuyArea <AREANAME>
    This sets an area based on the origin of the user. The radius of the area is based on team size with a max radius of 105 (or 210x210). Costs 10 gold blocks to use(must have in inventory). Must have at least 15 members in your team to use. LEADER ONLY COMMAND. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT TO BUY THE BELOW DEFENSES:
    /team BuyAlert
    This will add intruder alerts to your area. If a player who is not on your team places or destroys within your team's area all online players will be alerted. (Does not alert if the last alert was within 20 seconds as to not spam chat). Costs 25 gold blocks. LEADER ONLY.
    /team BuyGuardian
    This will add offline protection to your base as described by the following: If an entire team is offline and they have guardian, if a player not in that team tries to break or place a block in the team's area the player will lose half a heart of health IF AND ONLY IF that player was not already inside the team's area when the team became offline. This is to protect from people logging off explicitly to protect their base. (This means if someone is in your base and you log off they wont get hurt and can destroy all they want). Costs 50 gold blocks. LEADER ONLY.

    Permissions (Optional)
    To allow all Commands:
                - 'clans.all'
    Else use these nodes:
                - 'clans.create'
                - 'clans.invite'
                - 'clans.list'
                - 'clans.accept'
                - 'clans.info.self'
                - 'clans.info.other'
                - 'clans.kick'
                - 'clans.leave'
                - 'clans.disband'
                - 'clans.color'
                - 'clans.buyarea'
                - 'clans.buyalert'
                - 'clans.buyguardian'
                - 'clans.motd'
                - 'clans.tag'
                - 'clans.rank.create'
                - 'clans.rank.name'
                - 'clans.rank.set'
                - 'clans.rank.moveall'
                - 'clans.rank.flag'
                - 'clans.rank.info'
                - 'clans.rank.delete'
                - 'clans.teamchat'
    Changelog (BETA):
    Version 1.5
    • Added Permissions Support
    Version 1.4
    • Added optional team area defenses for protecting bases.
    • Changed where the team data file is saved
    • Small miscellaneous bug fixes.
    Version 1.2
    • Changed the formatting and colors of the info, list, and t commands.
    • /team list now only displays teams with 2 or more members.
    • Added /team online, to see which members of your team are online.
    • Added a team MOTDs
    Version 1.1
    • Added more frequent saving of Teams
    Version 1
    • Initial Release
    Team Chatting and Clan Tags
    Team List Command
    Team Info Command (My Own Team)
    Team Info Command (Another Team's)
    Team Online Command

    What still needs to be done:
    Config File
    TK Flags (Optional)

    Connect to my server at play.Kingdom-SMP.com

    Like my work? Feel free to donate
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    This looks interesting. Any chance you might release say, I dunno, a .jar file? Sources? Anything other than an advertisement for your server?

    Looks like nice work.
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    Sorry didn't post it yet cause I want to clean up a few bugs first and make sure everything is up to par. I had a server crash yesterday and it wiped the team file (luckily I had a backup). Want to make sure stuff like that doesn't happen. Its a work in progress.
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    This is exactly what my server needs! I', not sure if you're referring to this by "TK flags", but will there be a way to disable PvP between people of the same faction? Also, I take it players cannot join more than one faction? Another suggestion, is there a chance of an (auto)cleanup feature? One that would remove groups whose members haven't logged on the server in x days?

    I'll be watching this thread very closely!
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    looking good can't wait for this to release keep it up!
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    TK flags = team kill
    Essentially there will be a config file that will give the ability to turn on or off team killing.
    If it is turned on people in teams will have the ability to use /team tk off and /team tk on (default turned off if it is enabled in the config) but they will also have the ability to turn tk on, in case you need to kill someone on your team (say they are a spy or something).

    Players cannot join more than one faction.

    I'll think about a clean up feature, but maybe after I finish some of the other things first.

    This is a ways away for now (few weeks cause I have finals and such). But I will probably release a beta version with the features already implemented soon. (Less than a week probably).
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    Looks exciting, I'll be using this for sure.
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    Great to hear! I played on your Kingdom SMP server for a little to check out what it looked like, looks pretty sweet! I hope you'll release it soon! I just thought of some other suggestion, would it be a problem to make it optional for the admin how long a clan tag would be? Additionally, perhaps it could also be configurable (by admin) if its a prefix or a suffix? Just throwing ideas out there!
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    Hmm yeah thats possible, I'll add it when I make the config file
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    Great! Can't wait until you release this plugin!
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    When are you going to release the plugin?
    i really need this
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    Im going to be working on it tomorrow but it probably wont be out for 1-2weeks. I have finals the next two weeks.
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    No chance of releasing what you have now with a config file?
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    can you release what you have now as like test and release the finished product when you feel its ready.....
    from the screenshots thats all i seem to need so yea....just release what you have now and it will give you more time w/o people bugging you.
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    I will release two beta versions as is in the next few days. 1 with area commands and another without the commands.
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    Im sure everyone jsut need the Tribe and Color part of the plugin
    Edit:besides i dont mind having it un complete i just want the part with the tribes and being able to color the tribe tag
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    This is great news! I'll sure be using the one without area commands. I take it in the future itll just be one version with permission nodes in order to determine who can use area commands and who can't?
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    Please just release it already my friend need it for his server whats in the picture i seen up there is all i need......
    all i need is the plugin and the config file Please please please!
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    Any chance for a release? ;)
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    Been 17 Days and no release or even news on the plugin......
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    Sorry guys I was pretty busy with finals, school comes before minecraft.

    With that said I am happy to say I have released the first public version. With one that has optional defenses and one that does not include them for people who just want team organization and chat only.

    Will release a version with a config file when I get the time to do it.
  23. ADD PERMISSIONS! please

    and if i may ask, please make a permissions node for leaving the team... this is a PERFECT plugin but the ONLY drawback is the leave ability PLEASE add permissions to it. if you do i might be inclined to donate if you have a donate button

    and sorry i understand you are busy but is there any way you can make a 1.5_01 (or _02) version aswell? as we all know most people are sticking with 1.5 for their servers
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    It works with 1.5_01/2 (that what I'm using as well)

    Permission nodes are planned, hopefully they will be done soon thanks for the feedback.

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    This is good news! I hope your finals went well.

    On the plugin, I also really need permission nodes. I can't wait for them to be implemented so I can start using this plugin! What I really want is to decide on a specific user group that can create clans, while everyone is allowed to accept invites, etc.
  26. then yeah if you can only add permissions this would be the perfect PvP plugin. i look forward to seeing what the "final" version looks like.

    oh also if i may add another suggestion, if you can make it so that once a team is created players can join it at will (supported by permissions of course) by typing (if this isn't too much on you) /<teamname> but the permissions support so that once they are in the team they cannot leave it. (sorry again) but i don't know if this is already an option but if not could you make it so administrators can alter a persons group (since the players have no /leave option)

    i appologize for the load of ideas it's just that i see a lot of hope in this plugin and i would like to see it all come through. and i dont know why they haven't promoted you to Plugin Developer, but when/before they do might i suggest adding a "Donate Button" ehh ehh ;)

    [Edit] also when the permissions support comes could you PLEASE make it so each and every command has a set node? thats the problem with "Factions" plugin is there is only three nodes.
    the reason i want every node is to allow players freedom within their team but also to restrivct it so only admins can create teams and set leaders. and the leaders can controll the team from then on.

    sorry again but i appreciate it


    i just get thinking of all these ideas and they would make this plugin PERFECT!

    but is there a way you can make it so admins can listen in and even talk in team chat with the team members?
    like add in a 'clans.admin' permissions node to be able to have full controll over the teams? but also a 'clans.mod?' node to just be able to listen in and participate in different team chats via use of /t <teamname> <MESSAGE>???? in case i didn't want all my admins to be able to modify teams just talk in different team channels.

    again i am really sorry for the overload of ideas but i am trying to learn Java as we speak so once i start to get the hang of it if this is too much i can try to help you with the development of this.

    you probably hate me by now, so please allow me to appologize yet again. but if its not already a feature add in a teamtoggle? like /tt for toggled team chat?

    again, im sorry and i will try to figure out Java so i can lend a hand with this because i realize im asking a lot form you and you have a life to live as we all do.

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    Good suggestions, some of them I can defiantly add some of them once I get permissions and the config file added.
    I will make sure to add permissions for everything.
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    That is excellent news!
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    Permissions have been added, get Clans v1.5 to use them. Also the two versions have been merged into one, just leave out the buyarea/buyalert/buyguardian nodes if you don't want your users to use them.

    Almost ready to release the release version, just need to get the config file finished.

    The permission nodes should be self explanatory, let me know if you have trouble or if you think I'm missing an important permission to add. I tried to add one for pretty much every command except two that I didn't feel needed it.

    Also added a donate link if anyone feels generous.
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    Coming along great! I'll wait for the tk flags and the cfg file before using it though, but I would like to hear other people's experiences!
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