Inactive [MECH] ChocolateFever v1.4.4 - Get CocoaBeans, GoldenApples, and Apples From Trees/Crops! [740]

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    ChocolateFever - Get CocoaBeans from trees and crops!
    Version: 1.4.4

    Don't want to generate a new world just so you can find cocoa beans in dungeons? Want cocoa beans to be more common so you can host cookie parties? Then this plugin is for you! When you break leaves or wait for them to decay, there is a chance that cocoa beans will drop. Also, you can get cocoa beans from crops!

    • Tree Drops: Cocoa Beans, Apples, Golden Apples
    • Crops Drops: Cocoa Beans
    • Configurable drop-rate for golden apples, apples and cocoa beans
    • Decide which trees you want each item to drop from (generic, birch, or redwood)
    • Reload settings in-game
    ConfigurationProperties (open)

    • drop-cocoa-from-crops: determine whether or not to drop cocoa from crops
    • cocoa-from-crops-chance: percent chance of cocoa beans dropping from crops
    • cocoa-from-trees-chance: percent chance of cocoa beans dropping from trees
    • apples-from-trees-chance: percent chance of apples dropping from trees
    • golden-apples-from-trees-chance: percent chance of golden apples dropping from trees
    • generic-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from generic trees
    • birch-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from birch trees
    • redwood-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from redwood trees
    • generic-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from generic trees
    • birch-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from birch trees
    • redwood-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from redwood trees
    • generic-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from generic trees
    • birch-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from birch trees
    • redwood-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from redwood trees

    If you are an Op, you can reload these settings in-game or in the console using the command:
    /[chocolate|choc|cf] -reload
    Known Bugs:
    • Drop-rates are not acting correctly
    Bug Reporting:
    • Read the README.txt in the /plugins/ChocolateFever directory before reporting bugs
    • If you violate one of the rules, I will most likely ignore you

    Changelog (open)

    1.4.4 - made small tweak that may improve drop-rates
    1.4.3 - fixed NPE when leaves decay
    - removed debug message
    - added README.txt file in /plugins/ChocolateFever directory
    - works with CB recommended build #740
    1.4.2 - added ConfigurationManager class (too many config variables to handle in the main class)
    - added /[chocolate|choc|cf] -reload command (can be done via console or in-game; you must be an Op to use it)
    1.4.1 - now comes with generated config.yml in a .zip file
    - switch statements are fun (internal change)
    1.4 - works with CB #726
    - accessor methods are your friend
    - added golden apples
    1.3 - added configurable apples drops
    1.2 - added ability to choose which trees cocoa beans can drop from
    - a bit of code clean-up
    1.1 - fixed configuration not working properly
    1.0 - Initial release.
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    The download link was messed up, so I grabbed your source and messed around with it until I figured out how to compile it (I'm not a programmer). I tested it and trees dropped all three items as usual and I didn't change anything.

    Download link:
    (Note I cannot provide anyone support, just trying to help out)
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    My god, the rates are messed up.

    My config:
    generic-cocoa-beans: false
    cocoa-from-trees-chance: 0.005
    generic-apples: true
    golden-apples-from-trees-chance: 0.000001
    redwood-cocoa-beans: true
    generic-golden-apples: true
    redwood-golden-apples: true
    birch-golden-apples: true
    redwood-apples: true
    birch-apples: true
    drop-cocoa-from-crops: false
    apples-from-trees-chance: 0.00003
    birch-cocoa-beans: false
    cocoa-from-crops-chance: 0.1
    And then, golden apples seem to drop from every tree I chop down.
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    thank you muchly sir
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    Great fun plugin, but I'm having to disable it until the drop rates are fixed. As others are reporting, more golden apples are dropping than apples. It often more than one per tree, even with the drop rates set to minuscule amounts such as 0.000001.
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    link please :(
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    Add the option "drop-apple-on-decay" (and maybe "drop-cocoa-on-decay") and I'll use it in the future, because AppleTree already has that option ;)
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    quick question have all the drop rates been fixed yet? would love to add this to the server.

    If not keep up the good work :D
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    Any CHance on an Update? Would love to Use it again. But it is a pain to mess with the Droprates until they are how i like them.
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    the download link is not working for me... is anyone else having the same problem? if so please fix soon thanks!
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    broken download :(
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    Patrick Crespo

    Considering the author is currently working on other things, and hasn't seemed to fix a quite obvious issue in a long while, you may want to consider searching for alternatives to this plugin. Your results may be fruitful...
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    link i dead ... I really wan't to use this plugin ...
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    the links are broken upload again
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    Hello im a new modder and i know how to make a block and make it drop some thing but how do you make it drop cocoabeans?
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    I may update this plugin and, you know, make it work. I haven't had much time recently, so I'm not certain.
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    OtherBlocks includes a leaf (both breaks and decays) overhaul config that is inspired by this plugin. It's easy to modify or add crops to the config.
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    the downloads have something wrong with them
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    Could you please update this to 1.2.3 :D? Players loved it!
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    Yea that and the dropbox link doesn't work either.
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    Download link is broken...
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    can you fix the download link please. :)

    i will wait.
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    download link broken

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