Inactive [MECH] CHDistantFarm v1.0 - Grows your Plants while the Chunk is unloaded [1.1-R3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zacherl, Jan 11, 2012.

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    It doesn't work with Wheat when using it in Bukkit R1.2.5-R1.2.
    They didn't get updated.
  2. i assume this makes your plants etc grow/progress aswell when you logout and come back later or does the plugin only work when there is at least 1 player online? i installed the plugin, replanted all my wheat and trees then logged out. came back 3 hours later and they didnt grow at all. nobody has been online in the 3 hours i was logged off.

    Using Bukkit 1.2.5 R1.0
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    Its way outdated so that could be a reason...
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    Its working for 1.2.5 R1.0. What plugins do you have installed on your server?
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    ChairCraft, SkyChest, SafeFire, NoHealthReg, SpleefUltimate, Spout, CityGuard, Vault, SignLift, Rakamak, PermissionsEx, AutoStone, BlockCrusher, RemoteToolkitPlugin, CK AutoReplace, MineBackup, AutoMessage, SimpleJail, Spectate, GeoIPTools, PluginList, iConomy, pvparena, Permissions, BukkitSpeak, CraftBukkitUpToDate, IllegalName, BlocksOnGlass, BedRecovery, AcceptRules, HeroicRebuke, Lockette, Modifyworld, NoCheat, CustomMusic, GriefPrevention, MobArena, Zombes4Bukkit, Essentials, ChatManager, WorldEdit, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, CountryLoginMessage, SetRankPEX, ChestShop, EssentialsChat
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    Can you also confirm that it's working in the latest b├Ęta build (1.2.5-R1.2)? I'm using it, because a bug is fixed, that caused high CPU usage.
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    Hey Zacherl, thank you so much for this plugin! It makes farming way better. I have one request, could you please add a value to the config value to slow or speed up growth rate? I've added the plugin to my sever which makes growing crops way more enjoyable, but my players have more food that I would like because of the growth rate. If you could add an option where you could tweak the growth-rate based on a percent, it would be perfect!

    For instance, the default value could be 1.0, which would allow the crops to grow at the default rate. Adjusting the value to 0.5 would grow the crops at 50% their usual rate, while a 1.5 value would be 150% their normal rate. I know that this is likely more complicated than I'm making it out because of the growth algorithms used, but if the modifier could be used to multiply the default growth rates by the value, then it might just work.

    I'm really hoping this could be done, thank you again for this great plugin (I can't believe MC doesn't work this way by default!)

    [I will also add this comment to Bukkit Dev just in case that's where you read comments!]
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    Version 1.07
    • Growth rate multiplicator configuration value added
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    can you make it permission based? I'm willing to give you a reward ;) *nudge nudge*
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    What permissions do you want me to add?
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    Well, I'm planning to add classes to my server, and one of them will be herbalist, which will gain the ability of your plugin, and only that class.
    So maybe like CHdistance.grow.melon
    that would be great!
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    Improved concept without the performance hit - make farms database via mysql, when seeds are planted they log the time, then when the chunk is loaded run a check for the difference in time to load what stage the plant is at. Instead of the default method of constantly using CPU to inefficiently run checks to see what stage the plant should be at.
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    Thats the way im doing it. ;) Im using the bukkit database api. Default database type is SQLite, but you can change that to MySQL.
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    256mb ram can't start up server :\.
    And this plugins is for 1.1 i say :\
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    As some have said this mod appears to be 1.1 compliant and not 1.2.5 if your going by the title. Also, I have a question / suggestion.

    Would it be possible to code a targeting system of sorts so you can specifically choose the blocks you want to grow ?

    Lets say I have two mellon farms but only want one of them to always be active, well, I could then goto the one farm and use whatever permissioned command I need to choose the blocks of that one farm I want active wether its to the point of the whole farm or lets say just 7 of the 14 mellons it grows.

    I also find this useful to lets say I want only my mellon crops to grow and not someone elses while the server is unmanned, this is where the permission would come in to allow a player to specifically choose which blocks always grow.
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    Hi all, i was very busy the last time, but now its time for some updates.

    Todo List:
    • Bug fixing for MC 1.3.1 release
    • Nether warts in overworld
    • Cocoa beans
    • Permissions
    New version will be available within the next week i guess.
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    How is it going?
    This is the best plugin out there imo for people like me who doesnt sit around watching my crops grow. This would do wonders for my local server.
    You said on the dev page you might need to rewrite it, did you have to?
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    was this ever updated for 1.4.5?

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