Inactive [MECH] CartDispense v0.11 - Dispense Carts On Rails Automatically [CB1.1-R4]

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    CartDispense - Dispense Carts On Rails Automatically
    Version: v0.11

    Dont you just hate it when you find a train track that you want to ride and you dont have any minecarts to ride it. You could build one from iron or you could spawn one if you are an admin. Not anymore! With this plugin there is no need for making or spawning minecarts, simply press the button and a minecart will be spawned on the track automatically!

    Updated to work with powered-rails and detector-rails!


    * Click the stone button beside the dispenser and a minecart is automatically placed on the track.
    * Works with standard rails, powered rails, and detector rails.
    * Works in any orientation but there must be a track infront of the dispenser and a minecart inside the dispenser.
    * Works with rails bellow the dispenser.
    * Placing another dispenser on the other end of the track will automatically remove the minecart and place the user out of the cart.


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  3. Looks good but could you add an option so that The player cannot leave the cart until it is taken by the dispenser at the other side? Maybe do it with songs like type [LOCK] <name> so that once it goes out on disorder it cannot be broken until reached te other or something. Also maybe so that once you click it it forces you inside and moves you automatically ?

    Thanks Sky

    Songs - Signs
    Disorder - Dispenser
    Sorry auto predict

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    So first of all, great addon :)

    Now i am guessing it works by knowing there is a track touching it... so maybe, if you have time, make one that if the face of the dispenser is touching a water block, it could dispense a boat? Would be great if you have time to look into it, and then i can make better docks.

    And following the current config, if you run a boat into it, then you get the same effect as the carts.

    Just a thought, but i hope it comes true cause no one seems to have a plugin for boats.

    Thanks for reading :D
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    Thanks for the post. I have been trying to work on this to work with water however I have experienced a few issues with the water block and craftbukkit that it presented some show stopping bugs. In response to this I am working on a new project that will detect differently and it will be called DockDispense. I will update this thread when it is released.
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    WOOT, and hmmm from the name i guess like {Dis} {Woodplank} {water}? hehe, just trying to keep my dock ready for redstone :p
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    Please, update this! Not working on CB v1000
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    Would love this for my server if it allowed for iconomy support... Being able to purchase mine carts within the metro would be a nice addition.
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    Shawn Dennison

    would love to see this working with build 1000

    great plugin , thanks for all the work
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    Wont work for me since Server update to version 1.7.3 :(
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    hey boss... any news on an update, this and wormholes are holding up my server from updating to cb 1000, any news would be great.


    :( no update

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    You can find an updated version here.
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    omgush, THANK YOU!!!!

    well... i thought it was great, but now it doesnt work :(
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    It works here. Sure that you have downloaded this ? Errors/logs ?
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    This version works great for me :)
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    Can you please issue a pull request for your changes, I will merge them in to the main branch.

    update for CB1000

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    Thank you :)

    How is the work on the dock dispense coming?
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    Its going great, there is a new API call which is making things a lot easier. I will see if I can work for a release tonight.

    I worked on a beta last night but I did not have the time to test it. So it anyone wants to try use my beta branch on github and compile it. I will try and compile it today...
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    very nice man... used to use minecart mania however the automatic minecarts from chests dont work now with 1000...tested ur plugin and works great nice smooth plugin [diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    The developer build was released that fixes the chests, but autocrat still doesn't work. :(
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    Thanks to @N4th4 and his changes, this plugin works perfectly on CB1000 update away!
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    This will work with anything redstone activated. It uses the regular dispenser functionality.
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    Great plugging! Had a little trouble setting up the despense, but easy and simple; I use craftbook, so mine cartmania is off limits. Now my rollercoaster (not-a-closed-circuit) is complete; even remove minecarts at end!
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    umm could u set that if there is no rail front of the dispenser it will just throw the minecart like does it in normal?
  25. @vcazan

    I like this plugin & AllAboard (but i'm more reluctant when 2 players are in 1 cart and must be hurt the player to break the cart).

    Just for information, the version on log print isn't correct :/ (i have dl the last version)

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    With all aboard you can just right click on the cart and it will automatically be removed.

    Your /long/ wait is over....check out my newest release:

    Thanks for the idea, will add it for next version...

    Check it out:

    that will work with water and a boat xD

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    Update for 1317 please :)
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    Working on update now...thanks for the report.
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    Great, thank you for the support! [cake]
  30. yeah... still waiting for 1317 support >.> Was gonna release server this weekend, but a few key points require this plugin, else things get veeery messy

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