[MECH] CapeMe v0.3 - Wear a cape like Notch and change the title over your head [860]

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    CapeMe - Wear a cape like Notch and change the tile over your head
    Version: 0.3
    Static Jar: CapeMe.jar
    Author: Created by @alta189 of the MineDev Team.


    IMPORTANT: We are currently working on fixing Cape Me. Some (excuse my language, but I am outraged) jackass hacked the database that we store our information :( We will have a fix out soon. A message to whoever did this: I know that Cape Me database was insecure(I advised users to not use their normal passwords), I did not have an idea on how to do it. Honestly I hoped that all people on Bukkit were good people, but you have proved me wrong. I had thought to myself that no one would be a asshole.

    Note: For more functionality, check out our other plugin Player Editor

    Ever wanted to wear a cape/cloak like all Mojang AB employes get to. Well now you can. Your cape is synced across all server that use CapeMe. The cape that you use is hosted on MineDev's web servers so that you have a similar system to that of the skins. You can also change the title above your head by adding a prefix and changing the colors. You might be thinking to yourself, how is this possible. This plugin is made possible by the plugin BukkitContrib and its corresponding client mod made by @Afforess. CapeMe will not work without BukkitContrib plugin, you HAVE to have it. You will get an error with out it. However all of your users do not have to have the client mod. They just have to have it if they want to see/have capes. It is important to know that the server using this has to be connected to the internet as this plugin interacts with the MineDev database.

    • Change your cape
    • Change your title by adding prefix and colors
    Planned Features:
    • Permissions support
    • Allow servers to override the title changing using permissions
    Known Bugs:
    • Cannot see your own cape - Waiting for BukkitContrib 0.0.5
    Instructions for Setup: How to get a cape...
    We have created our own forum to post help and so you can share your cape designs. A big reason that we created the forum is because a secret plugin that we are working on will have addons that you will be able to get from the forum. You can find the forum at MineDev Forum. Please be aware that we have not had much time to finish setting up the forum and that we will continue setting it up as time allows. The rules of the forum are the same as Bukkit's rules.​

    • /capeme register <password> - Registers your minecraft account with MineDev's Cape Me Database
    • /capeme title - Shows the help on configuring your player title
    • /capeme help - Shows help message
    Who is MineDev?
    MineDev is a new Plugin Development team. It is made up by:
    • @alta189 - Lead Plugin Developer and Founder
    • @iPhysX - Lead Forum Administrator, Plugin Developer, and Founder
    • @cronikkk - Plugin Developer and Administrator
    • @adamki11s - Plugin Developer and Administrator
    • @WhosDaMan - Community Moderator
    Version 0.3
    • Public Release
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    This is quite awesome...
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    Thanks :p
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    I agree
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    The command to use /register <password> isnt working it is saying it doesnt exist...
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    Do you have the BukkitContrib.jar?

    permissions group-dependent capes and prefixes for titles ? :>
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    i have bukkitcontrib, what do you mean by "permissions group-dependent capes and prefixes for titles ? :>" ?
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    typo its /capeme register <password>

    Link in description for bukkitcontrib and Permissions will be added later as stated in description
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    Awesome shit :D
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    :p Thanks let me know of any bugs
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    Um, new bug. i cant see what i type....
    i type something into chat, and i can't see it but others can.
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    Sorry I doubt thats possible ^^ As much as id love to have this, especially for our faction thing with prefixes people are just too dumb & lazy to install client mods :( Maybe once our server project goes live and we get a few players I'll think about it :D I still love the plugin tho :D
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    Cape Me does not cause that... It has nothing to do with chat
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    well all i know is after i installed it to the server i cant see what i type... might it be bukkitcontrib client?
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    I love you
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    idk... But CapeMe has no Chat Related Events so it should not conflict with it. Do you have Essentials installed? It is probably a issue with BukkitContrib. Talk to Afforess

    They do not have to have the client for it to work

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    I know but it would be kind of unfair if some people could see changed usernames with faction prefixes while others cant XD
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    yeah i do use essentials. i'll see if reinstalling the client mod fixes it.
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    Essential's chat causes some issues i think. Ask Afforess

    Ill add some soon. :D

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    i don't use EssChat i use HeroChat though
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    Might be the issue
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    yep it is herochat. i wonder why...

    Also the forum is broken no one can make a new post on any of the threads

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    Any chance on getting the sources? I'd love to modify this a little to get something like guild capes.
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    Chat issues are also known and are already fixed for 0.0.5. Release sometime today. ;)

    (BukkitContrib is an 1-man alpha project!)
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    Woohoo! good to know Afforess i can't wait till i can see my own cape!
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    PM Me

    Thanks... I will fix this ASAP. Also BukkitContrib has been updated. You will want to update both the client mod and the plugin. It fixes a few bugs. Plus it will let you see your own cape!

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    Amazing plugin just fix your in-thread title, cuz u said: " change the tile over your head"

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