Inactive [MECH] BurningMobs v0.6 - Spiders and Creepers can now burn in sunlight. [1060]

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    BurningMobs - Spiders and Creepers can now burn in sunlight.
    Version: v0.6

    Just put in plugins directory and BAM. Built and tested with Craftbukkit 1060. May work with some earlier versions.

    • Allows admins to choose if they want spiders, creepers, skeletons and zombies to burn when the sun comes up.
    • Monitors in a separate thread so there is virtually no impact on performance.
    • In game commands /bm or /burnmob <spider|creeper|skeleton|zombie|info|frequency>
    • Auto creates config file on first load with default set to true.


    Version 0.6
    • Cleaned up lots more of the code.
    • Added more in game commands for changing settings.
    • Added ability to change the frequency at which the thread updates the moblist. This is in milliseconds. Default is 1000(1 second).
    • Fixed the bug that may have caused server lag/crashes/problems when reloaded.
    • Removed permissions support (I don't think they were really needed)
    Version 0.3
    • Cleaned up some of the code.
    • Added in game commands for changing settings.
    • Added config file creation on initial launch.
    • Added permissions support.
    • Fixed multiworld crash bug.
    Version 0.2
    • Fixed spider not burning bug.
    • Fixed thread crashing issue due to concurrency error (I think).
    • Made it more thread-safe. No longer pulls data at will from the main thread.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
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    um could u update to 1.2.5 before 1.2.6 comes out
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    The Downloadlink is down. please update !! :(
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    someone have this that they can upload and give me the link?
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    can you make it so that every mob can burn? can you at least make it so that enderman can burn?

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