[MECH][BukkitDev]ItemStay v1.4.2 - Create Displays!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by C0nsole, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Sure, here ya go. I hope we can get it to work, I love the plugin!
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    i keep getting LOLSUP in my server console. please tell me how to disable. its getting on my nerves now a bit
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    Update tot he newset version, and I'm very sorry about that :p
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    v2.0 or v1.1?

    Nvm, I see it is already on bukkitdev

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    Yeah sorry I posted it there since the other version had the logger problem, but from now on I'll probably just send it to you :p
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    No, its fine, the only download is on bukkitdev and youve already put it there.
    btw, i updated the title for the newest version

    Also, take a look at the changelog... Is that correct?

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    This is so sick I saw this on a server once and I just finished my server shop.... now I have to build a new one using this for display! thanks! X-D
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    I also added a command "/itemstay reload" to reload the items, and optimized memory use if that matters.
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  9. its a shame i did about 100 items and then when i reloaded server.. they all gone :(
    does the update fix this? with /itemstay reload?
    plz reply
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    You can try /itemstay reload but I'm gonna need some input from nighteyes604
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    If you created them while the server was on, they should have been saved. Did you get any error message on the console about not being able to create/access a file? Upload your .csv file please. I'll look into adding a backup system in case something like this happens, once I can figure out what went wrong.
  12. ok the first time this happend i was pissed. however even when i restart now, they stay.. ill reply if they go agian
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    Version 1.2 available! See changelog for more details.
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    When a chunk is unloaded then reloaded players can pick up the items on display. Can you fix this or should I get a plugin to keep certain chunks loaded?
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    I'll look into fixing this - but my desktop is currently broken so it may be a few days.

    Thank you for your report :)
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    READ THIS (please)
    Here is a small and simple request/feature and I'm sure lots more people agree with me but don't want to request because how simple and easy editting for you!
    Make "/itemstay" an alias for all itemstay commands and add
    "/itemstay add" or "/itemstay create" to make the display. I find this request small but important
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    I'll make this change soon, but as I said above desktop is broken so it may be a while :\
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    :D My idea has been planed (greatest moment of minecraft!)
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    With worldedit /remove drops (radius) it removes the displays D:
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    have the same problem as #32 my items/displays can be picked up after reloging:(
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    When I do /itemstay reload , the items become pick-up-able (not even a word :p) and people can pick it up, but respawns when I do /itemstay reload again. This isn't good for my adminshop :(
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    I really like your plugin, and I made a showcase video on it! If you want, you can embed it on the first post (and I would really appreciate that!) but only if you want to of course.
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    Hey nighteyes604! I love this plugin and was wondering if you are going to update it to 1.3.1? I'd appreciate a reply because I'm going to try and fully update my server to 1.3.1.
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    whenever som1 logs in into an unloaded chunk (i guess) they can pick up the itemdisplays :(
    plz fix this asap!!
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    This plugin is actually no longer inactive if md_5 or anyone cares and I would appreciate to get it back in the regular section.

    Version 1.4.2
    • Compatible with 1.5, 1.5.1.
    • Fixed: Items on ground not reloading when adding new item.
    • Feature: If the player is closer to an item than 0.8 blocks (and 2.0 blocks vertically), player item drops are cancelled to prevent player item loss (due to minecraft item merging).
    • Feature: If an item is dropped on the corner of a block that is the neighbour of the ItemStay block AND minecraft merges the original item to the player's item, the item is still unpickupable (the item would become unprotected with ItemStay v1.4).

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    Please update the title and tag me back. Sorry to be a pain.
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    How is this?
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    Moved, please be sure to keep it updated :)
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    If I used this in conjunction with ClearLag, would the entities get deleted if Clag went off?
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    I have not tested this exact senario as I do not use ClearLag. However the correct place to post this would be on the BukkitDev page, because adventureratc does more with the project then I.

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