[MECH] BorderGuard v4.40: #1, Most Efficient Map Limiter [1.7.8]

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    BorderGuard 4.40

    BorderGuard is the MOST efficient Border plugin available!
    100,000+ downloads! Thank you for your support!

    This plugin prevents people from exploring beyond a defined border. This plugin checks for all movement, including vehicle movement, and will keep you within the border even if you remain within a vehicle.

    http://minerealm.com/plugins/borderguard/BorderGuard.jar (v4.40)
    (If you appreciate this plugin, please feel free to leave a comment below. =])

    To set an invisible border:
    /setborder <distance> <square|round> - Set the border, and the distance of the border from your current point. Optionally, also specify if the border is to be square or round.

    To disable the border:
    /disableborder - Remove the border.


    Only the person who first uses the /setborder command can use it again, or remove the border.

    The plugin has multi-world support. When setting a border, you're only setting the border for the world you're presently situated in. You'll need to set a border for each separate world.


    Version History:
    V4.40 - Fixed vehicle teleportation & added Material data support.
    V4.31 - Added a quick fix so that it'll work with the CraftBukkit development build.
    V4.30 - Updated to work with the new Bukkit API (#1846) R5+
    Older Versions (open)

    V4.20 - Fixed it so the save-file no longer becomes corrupted with multiple worlds. Code cleanup.
    V4.11 - Changed getDisplayName() checks to getName().
    V4.10 - Major performance enhancements. Using version 4 is highly discouraged.
    V4.00 - Modified to work with the latest craftbukkit version (953). Older versions no longer work.
    V3.10 - Removed the multi-threading, was causing accuracy issues.
    V3.00 - BorderGuard Turbo! Now works with bukkit 670, and has completely overhauled the base BorderGuard "engine", resulting in a huge performance boost.
    V2.40 - Updated to work with the latest version of bukkit. (602)
    V2.30 - Resolved multi-world issues. Now properly handles multiple worlds.
    V2.20 - Updated to work with the latest version of bukkit. Existing configuration files will no longer work. (Borders must be re-defined).
    V2.10 - Updated to work with the latest version of bukkit. Fixed movement issues with the "round" version.
    V2.00 - Multi-world support, better teleporting, no duplicate warning messages, configuration file now within folder.
    V1.00 - Released plugin.

    1. Using, for example, "/setborder 5", will set the border 5 blocks away from the location you are standing. This would create a border that is 10x10 in size.
    2. For the full plugin, with physical borders and more, take a look here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-borderguard-v2-00-limit-your-map.656/

    Let me know if you have any questions, or find any problems.
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  2. This would be extremely useful.
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    CB: 860, borderguard 3.10
    My users are reporting that when they are mining underground, and hit the border they are ported back to the surface. I have tested and am confirming it is happening.
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    Is there any plan to update the plugin with a physical border or even add it here?

    Our server is going to have a playground world where we will hollow to bedrock and let them use only selected blocks.

    We would like the physical border so we physically see where we can hollow to when if we need to expand the border at any time.

    This is a feature really needed for us and hope to see it in this version or the other one updated with these features.
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  6. There are other border plugins that do that quite well.
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    Care to share?

    We went on borderguard cause I read it was simple to use, very supported and multiworld supported.
  8. Oops, sorry. Could've sworn there was one before. Maybe it's been removed for some reason (inactive maybe).
    My guess is that the developer would like to keep this plugin simple. You might have a better chance adding physical borders to an already advanced border plugin such as WorldBorder.
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    This developers borderguard full had the physical borders and seems that's the only thing missing from this combined plugin.
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    I use your plugin since I have started my server months ago. I only want to say thanks, cause I forgot that until yet!
  11. should make an option to use x,y positions as well as distance
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    Any chance on having a permission node that allows players to bypass the border? I really need administrators to go outside of mine... :/
  13. please, add support for latest CB releases, thanks.
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    Can anyone confirm if this works with the new Recommended Build (935)?
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    Not seen any issues with the latest RB thus far
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    Confirming with Psycho, no problems on 935.
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    Great plugin, can you include an update that gives it a visible/invisible toggle for the border?
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    Agreed, this would be great.
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    Does not work anymore with the latest Bukkit! Please update!!
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    Confirmed not working with 953... Please update ASAP. Thanks :)
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    Testing my plugins at the moment.
    This is totally broken in CB #953
    Ive removed ALL my plugins, and only ran bordergaurd, still broken. So its confirmed borderguard not working with #953 and its not a conflict with any other plugins :(
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    @andrekm Confirmed on my test server buildup, absolutely zero border effect.
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    This is bad :( My server CANNOT function without this.
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    Updating this shortly.
    New computer, so I need to get all the development stuff re-installed.
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    Good news! And good luck with getting your computer up and running!
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    Thank god! We are halted right now, and i wasnt sure how to tell my users that the 1.7 update may be cancelled untill further notice and that people would have to use 1.6 (As they all updated now) ~ average 40-50 users/800+ members.
    Best news ever :) Thanks so much!
    ps: Enjoy the new machine :D
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    could you make an option for a rectangle shape?
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    I run a big popular server and I am gonna pay adamkills the plugin dev to make me a flat map generator plugin when he gets back from vacation. I hava a plot system for my city and when i transfer to that world i want to be able to have plots for general people to go east and west and good builds to be paralell to the regular plots.
    #spawn= <o>
    #plot= ()
    #good plots= (O)

    this is where i dont people going
    (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O)(O)(O)(O)(O)
    this is where i dont want people going

    As you can see this will go infinitely east and west but i dont want it expanding north
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    This thread jumping in views +++ haha
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    BorderGuard 4.00 released. It's only a patch to work with the latest craftbukkit version. However, changed the major version, as it's a mandatory update.
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