[MECH] BorderGuard v4.40: #1, Most Efficient Map Limiter [1.7.8]

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    BorderGuard 4.40

    BorderGuard is the MOST efficient Border plugin available!
    100,000+ downloads! Thank you for your support!

    This plugin prevents people from exploring beyond a defined border. This plugin checks for all movement, including vehicle movement, and will keep you within the border even if you remain within a vehicle.

    http://minerealm.com/plugins/borderguard/BorderGuard.jar (v4.40)
    (If you appreciate this plugin, please feel free to leave a comment below. =])

    To set an invisible border:
    /setborder <distance> <square|round> - Set the border, and the distance of the border from your current point. Optionally, also specify if the border is to be square or round.

    To disable the border:
    /disableborder - Remove the border.


    Only the person who first uses the /setborder command can use it again, or remove the border.

    The plugin has multi-world support. When setting a border, you're only setting the border for the world you're presently situated in. You'll need to set a border for each separate world.


    Version History:
    V4.40 - Fixed vehicle teleportation & added Material data support.
    V4.31 - Added a quick fix so that it'll work with the CraftBukkit development build.
    V4.30 - Updated to work with the new Bukkit API (#1846) R5+
    Older Versions (open)

    V4.20 - Fixed it so the save-file no longer becomes corrupted with multiple worlds. Code cleanup.
    V4.11 - Changed getDisplayName() checks to getName().
    V4.10 - Major performance enhancements. Using version 4 is highly discouraged.
    V4.00 - Modified to work with the latest craftbukkit version (953). Older versions no longer work.
    V3.10 - Removed the multi-threading, was causing accuracy issues.
    V3.00 - BorderGuard Turbo! Now works with bukkit 670, and has completely overhauled the base BorderGuard "engine", resulting in a huge performance boost.
    V2.40 - Updated to work with the latest version of bukkit. (602)
    V2.30 - Resolved multi-world issues. Now properly handles multiple worlds.
    V2.20 - Updated to work with the latest version of bukkit. Existing configuration files will no longer work. (Borders must be re-defined).
    V2.10 - Updated to work with the latest version of bukkit. Fixed movement issues with the "round" version.
    V2.00 - Multi-world support, better teleporting, no duplicate warning messages, configuration file now within folder.
    V1.00 - Released plugin.

    1. Using, for example, "/setborder 5", will set the border 5 blocks away from the location you are standing. This would create a border that is 10x10 in size.
    2. For the full plugin, with physical borders and more, take a look here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-borderguard-v2-00-limit-your-map.656/

    Let me know if you have any questions, or find any problems.
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    Are you still not going to put in an oval shape feature?
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    Adding it shortly =]
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    Added a version of the "lite" plugin that uses round borders.
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    Yeah BIG thanks *happy*
    Works with #207

    Request: Option to change the "you reached the border"-text and color
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    Great this is awesome, thanks for making a lighter version borderguard. I never wanted physical walls, and I'm glad to hear round is an option too. :D

    Perhaps can there be a way to designate a group outside of the border? Like the OP can escape the border if he so chooses while keeping in others? [wheatseeds]
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    Very nice, hopefully it does not crash peoples clients and sometimes the server like the others!
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    hmm, I am able to walk past the borders. I previously had the full borderguard and it worked fine, but when I put the lite circular one I could go past. I still got the message about reaching the border, but went past it. I have the origin point set at -600,-100 with a radius of 2100, I was able to walk past -2800,-100
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    What build of bukkit are you using?
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    I am using 188 198
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    Using the round border option, I get this with build 196.

    2011-02-02 08:41:19 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] QQCucumber: /setborder 2800
    2011-02-02 08:41:19 [INFO] QQCucumber issued server command: setborder 2800
    2011-02-02 08:41:19 [INFO] Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.
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    When you say this version doesn't have the extra "performance reducing features", what do you mean exactly?
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    This version doesn't have the whole code that makes physical borders, so if all you want is preventing people from crossing the line - this code is better suited for that, and the less code means preformance.

    I test (Square Border, v1.00) with build 210, works perfectly. Borders work great, just what I wanted, only thing that could be better is a handle allowing admin to go past borders.

    Thanks for the plugin!
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    I have 2 servers running BorderGaurd Lite, here are their configs:

    I thought it made border from 0,0 and that's what I want, should I changed these numbers to 0 and reload bukkit?
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    It sets the border from the point where you're standing.
    Yes, you can change the numbers in the file to 0,(y val),0, which would put it at 0,0
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    Build #231

    Works perfekt, I see the text, and can't walk trough.
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    Would it be possible to store BorderGuard.properties in the plugins folder [inside a BorderGuard folder] instead of the root directory in a future release?
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    I second this.

    It's the recommended way of doing it. And keeps everything tidy.
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    Agreed. That's my only complaint. Otherwise this plugin is perfect.
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    Any possibility of getting some multi-world support? I'd love to start adding some secondary worlds that aren't as large as our main one.
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    Requesting the same feature.
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    Updated with multi-world support!

    Also, when teleporting you back now, it won't put you within a block - it'll always move you up to the top, so you don't get stuck within a block.

    Additionally, the configuration file is now within /plugins/BorderGuardLite/BorderGuard.properties
    Existing configuration files won't be read. If you want to use an existing configuration file, you'll need to put it there.
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    Cosmic Break

    if you combined these and gave up the option

    /setborder round|square <limit>

    would be awesome.
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    I'll consider it. May implement it in the "full" BorderGuard plugin (not yet updated) that has more configurable options.
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    Please do!
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    Alright. However, are you looking for a round, physical border? Or are you just looking for a way to easily switch between a square/round invisible border in-game?
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    Well, honestly, I can't imagine the difference between BorderGuard and BorderGuard Lite being so drastically different in performance. If I were you I'd just ditch having a Lite completely and roll all the features into your main plugin. Plus it is pretty convenient I can't use the full version and the Lite version, because Lite is doing something the full can't right now (provide a round border).
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    I found a small problem when using 2 different border sizes and WormholeXTreme.
    When the gate of one of the worlds is set further then the border it will say "you have reached the border"
    and spits you out the other world at the coordinates of the portal you just left.
    World A portal at 0.0 border 150
    World B portal at 0.250 border 700
    When going from A to B youll end up on world B at 0.0
    It also breaks the portal at B. Even with the border removed it will spit you out at 0.0
    First you have to remove the border and the portal. Then you can make a new portal at B



    EDIT: Programmer of WormholeXTreme says:
    The issue I believe is because when you teleport you can't just use the teleport function - you have to actually first set the players "move" as having come from where you want to teleport to.

    The real issue is that the BorderGuard is ignoring the fact that i set the move to cancelled - talk to the dev of that plugin and make sure that he is properly handling cancelled moves and multiple worlds.
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    @Intelli Tried bring this up before but can you try to block teleports outside the borders cords?

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