[MECH] BlockRespawn v0.1 - Create blocks that respawn after a certain amount of time [1000]

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    Create blocks that respawn after a certain amount of time!
    Version: 0.1

    This will make it so you can turn ant block into a respawning block that will respawn after a certain amount of time after breaking it. This could be used for a tutorial on the server where someone can break a block and it will reset its self for the next person. There are many other uses i just haven't thought of.
    If you use this plugin on your server, tell us where or how you used it to give others ideas for their own servers.

    To install, simply put the jar into your plugins folder and restart or reload your server.

    • Create blocks that respawn after a certain amount of time!
    • Permissions 3 support
    • Customizable


    The config file under plugins/BlockRespawn/config.yml is ONLY for storing the positions. It's not an actual config, though if you want to change anything in the file, you can.

    • Type: /brs create <name> <delay in seconds>
    • Then punch a block.
    • Prosper!
    Permission Nodes:
    • blockrespawn.create - Allows you to create respawning blocks.

    If anyone has any media (video, pictures, etc.) of BlockRespawn in action, contact me on here and I'll add it to the post.

    • Suggestions welcome! [diamond]
    • Blocks that disappear after a delay of placing them. Not sure if it would be block id based, or location based.
    • Add PEX support.
    • None that I found in testing.
    Change Log:
    • Initial release
    Idea from this thread

    The formatting on the OP is screwed up. Not sure why though.

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    Haha. Thats an amazing use! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
    I have been sick beyond compare for about a week now. And with school getting into gear, I cant guarantee anything, but I'll work on it. :D
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    Is there a confirmation message when it successfully creates a respawning block? If there is, mine doesn't seem to work. I did /brs create test1 120, and then punched a clay block once to test it and then destroyed it. It's not coming back
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    Yeah, When you use the command it will say something like: Now punch a block!, and when you hit it: Respawning Block Created.
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    Ok, maybe it has something to do with the config file. Thought it would create one automatically but it's not in there. Guess we need to add it manually?

    edit: it works after doing that
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    It *should* add it automatically, but who knows. At least it works for you now.
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    Could you add some command or setting in the config to allow it to respawn for a certain block, like netherrack? instead of selecting a block one by one, or even implement it with worldgaurd and allow regeneration for all blocks in that region?
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    Have a "random" and make a list of random blocks it can turn into, possibly with a % chance? :D

    Edit: Maybe a region selection too? :D
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    I've got a lil dev request for you - can you make the certain type of terrain (falling ones) respawn if they fall down
    from the arena they should respawn at? That would be great for making traps in general (especially for my colosseum :p), as you could create absolutely invisible traps on the flat terrain!

    Edit: Nvm found this: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...ssure-and-redstone-triggered-traps-766.14142/
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    Hi, very nice plugin, it is exactly what I need, but I have two questions:
    1. When I destroy the block and close the server before the respawn time is up, it doesn´t respawn after restart. Maybe you can fix it, so if you close the server it freezes the respawn time and after a restart it goes on.
    2. Is this plugin compatible with CreatureBox? Would be very nice, if you for example create a custom spider spawner,
    and it respawns after 500 seconds with the same functions.
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    What's the maximum time allowed for a block to respawn?
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    Update anytime soon?
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    are you gona update this?
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    Bug or feature?
    If tnt get activated with redstone, it doesn't respawn! Can you add it?
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    please implement area selection it is a great pain to do it for every single block :confused:
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    Can you make it so it only respawns for a certain time
    for example the block on spawns and respawns from 8:00:00 9:00:00 server time
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    so is this plugin inactive?
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    please update this nice plugin ;)
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    ok iv had a problem with the plugin....

    My idea for it was to create portals, using creative gates, leading to the nether.

    ID then create a region 2x1x1 blocking the gate, and use the simple region market plugin to offer that region as rentable.

    In the region i placed 2 glass panals and made them respawn, it works fine for me.

    but once sombody rents the region an breaks the glass, it seems to vanish, i replaced the glass, got them to break it again, an it worked fine.... so i dont know what the deal with that is.

    anyway, i dont know if changing the owner of a region the blocks in will affect your plugin, but if you couls make it 100% compatible it would make it awesome, i have loads of ideas for something like that :p

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