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    BlockAnimationPlugin - create animatied blocks:
    Version: v0.1.0

    Using this plugin you're able to create your own animations. Each animated block acts as a pixel similiar to videos or gif images. There are many possibilitys. You may want to build a clock tower. Now the clock tower is able to show the correct time. Or whats about a scheduled castle gate?
    Simple Example Animation (gif image) (open)


    • create and delete animations
    • start, pause and stop animations
    Features (Editing mode):
    • add/remove blocks by placing/destroying them
    • copy/paste a single block id using a bowl
    • navigate the current frame using a clock
    • /blan - animation control
      • /blan help - displays the help
      • /blan create <animation name> - create an animation
      • /blan remove <animation name> - remove an animation
      • /blan start <animation name> - start an animation
      • /blan stop <animation name> - stop an animation an reset it to the first frame
      • /blan pause <animation name> - pause an animation
      • /blan list
        • /blan list animations - list all animations in the current world
        • /blan list commands - list all available commands
    • /blaned - animation editor
      • /blaned start <animation name> - start to edit an animation
      • /blaned stop <animation name> - end the animation editing
      • /blaned settime <time> - sets the current frame
    Place the BlockAnimationPlugin.jar file in your plugins folder and the translation files such as en.trans in the BlockAnimationPlugin subfolder.

    Up to now this plugin doesn't support Permissions. Operators are able to use the plugin

    Source Code

    Reported bugs:
    • plugin crashes after placing too many blocks
    Coming soon/ToDo:
    • Permissions support
    • more editing tools(/items) - copy/paste frames, extend current frames length
    Version 0.1.0
    • first release
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    Instructions would be nice. For example, how do you select which block you want the animation to be on?

    Also, there seems to be crashing once you place too many blocks.

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    I've linked a small (for now unfinished) Instruction
    (ok, instructions are necessary - I shouldn't had to leave it...)
    are links okay? or should I insert the Instruction text into this topic instead?

    I never had a crash due to my plugin
    maybe needs my plugin to much memory (I'm starting my test server with 2 GB)
    I'll try to reproduce the error
    was an exception printed in the console?

    thank you anyway =)

    I wasn't able to reproduce the described error so I need some more details:
    what did you do before the plugin crashed?
    which plugins are installed on your server?
    how do you start your server? (which arguments?)
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    HI, ich w├╝rde das Plugin gerne verwenden.

    Funktioniert es auf Bukkit 1597?
    Hast du daran weiter gearbeitet?
    Gibt es eine Anleitung, wie man eine Animation erstellt?

    Viele Fragen, ich weis, aber es ist genau das, was ich suche ;)

    Translatet via Google :

    HI, I would like to use the plugin.

    Does it work on Bukkit 1597?
    Have you worked on it?
    Is there a guide on how to create an animation?

    Many questions, I know, but it's exactly what I'm looking;)
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    Your code is very neat, 'bravo'!

    Edit: Oups, old thread, sorry.
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    This is kinda confusing, needs more documentation, settime, is that in ticks or what?
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    I'm sorry for my inactivity
    I'll check the quality of the plugin (translations, documentation, ...) and release a new version
    some changes are:
    other translation names
    edit multiple frames a time

    I'll even try to improve this description
    Using settime you're able to set the current frame in editing mode

    I'll do so along with the new plugin version

    are you serious?
    thank you ^^
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    Tried to get this working on my server, failed. I need a video.
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    Every time i write somthing with /blan oder /blaned it appears "/blaned help"
    What is wrong ?
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    Please tag me when you do
    EDIT: Post #1000 :)
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    What's with a cooldown, like for gates? Whenever a gate is toggled and closed after a choosen time it will be toggled itself and start opening again? This would be great otherwise!

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    Can u make an Update for this Mod ? Because every time i make /blaned start test there appears in chatt "/blaned help"

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