Inactive [MECH] Blacksmith v1.0.3 - Repair your equipment [1000]

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    Blacksmith - Repair your equipment


    Devs: retsrif and _zenith_

    Version: 1.0.3

    Description: There are two sign types here. One is the value sign, which values the cost of repair, and the repair sign, which repairs the tool. Clicking the signs does the business. Also, a config file gets created which allows you to set the base cost of repair. Base cost is the cost which would be charged if the tool was used completely. This will default to the material version. If you want to use an economy, you can set those options in the config file.

    Value Sign Setup:
    * [Blacksmith]
    * Value

    Repair Sign Setup:
    * [Blacksmith]
    * Repair

    * iConomy, BOSEconomy, and material version.
    * Allows you to check repair price before repairing.
    * Repairs tools according to a smart formula.

    * Armor support.
    * Flint & steel, fishing rod support.

    * Fixed BOSEconomy thanks to pr3vention.
    * Added material version.

    1.0.1 and 1.0.25
    * Fixed config file.
    * Added BOSEconomy support.

    * Plugin created.

    Bugs: I don't know, you tell me. ;)

    * Permissions support.

    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Source: Blacksmith Source

    Thanks to KevinForte for the idea and the formula!
    Thanks to HansiHE_, shadydeath, adreide, and binaryclock02 for testing this!
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    Great work! Amazing plugin [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    Gonna try that out immediately, sounds awesome!
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    Yay, thank you :)
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    Sounds nice, Testing it later tonight. Thanks for it :)
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    And surer I'll check out if I can do something about BOSEconomy.

    Got BOSEconomy support. I just hope it works as I can't test it. Give me feedback guys.

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    Do the people who create the shops get coin or is a admin-like shop where the coin goes to server?
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    Coins go to the server. It just subtracts money.
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    Sounds interesting...may implement today :D
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    Adding to my server now! will let you know of any bugs!
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    Hey, thanks for designing this plugin. Unfortunately, the config file resets after every server restart and it can't be restarted while in game.

    CB: 617
    Blacksmith Version: 1.0
    iConomy 4.6.5 (Kenzi)

    All I did was change the numbers in the config:
    However, a server restart reverts the number back to the original default numbers.

    No error messages;server log:


    Additionally, I was wondering if there could be support for permissions? I would like to set up a blacksmith in the town near the shops so people are encouraged to use the shops. If anyone can make their own blacksmith in their home, they have no use for venturing into town.


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    Check if it says invalid config file found or something like that.
    Also, I'll think about permissions and how i could do that.
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    Kevin Forte

    That is so awesome! I cannot wait to test it out, and thanks so much (Again) for turning my idea into reality xP (Also, thanks for calling my formula smart, and it's sweet seeing people interested in this xD)
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    It is smart :D And there's currently an issue with config file though... So if you use this you have to stick to the base costs I have.
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    Kevin Forte

    Definitely fine with me. I agree with the person who suggested permissions though, that would be nice. Maybe just
    nodes, that way some players can have value signs in their homes for convenience, actual traveling would be required to perform the repair.
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    Yeah I'll check out how I would do my plugins side of permissions soon...

    I tried a fix that hopefully fixes the config file problem. Tell me if you have issues with it.

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    I see its uploaded in the first post because the size is different from the previous upload. But for future reference, could you change the version number? Thanks!
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    Can you do it so you can repair iron tools with iron, gold with gold, diamond with diamond? I dont want to use iConomy, but I want to repair tools.
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    JaredKey: Ah sorry I forgot to do that! My bad! :p
    thyrfa: I am going to implement that, but after I make sure the config file is working and I get permissions done. Won't take long, jsut watch this thread :D
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    Great plan, great execution, I can't wait for permissions / working config ;-)
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    Can this is implemented to support Essentials economy? Or.. is that just something that for whatever varied reason cant be done?
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    Doesn't config work now? Try the new version.

    I'll check it out.
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    Cool, thank you retsrif
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    Does config work? And no problem! :)
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    ooh yeah duh.. forgot about the config part..

    Well the Value part works fine in Eessentials economy, just not the repair and guess I was too tired last night to think about mucking with the config.. ill mess with it and see if I can do something with it.. But other then that, yeah it seems to work fine. :p
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    Yeah the value is not economy specific. Also, I can't seem to find the essentials economy page. Could you please try editing some values in the config file and checking if they stay the same after restarting? Thanks.
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    Ok so I went and changed the base value for gold up to 2500.. Had a worn down gold pickaxe.. Before it was 260 to repair, after it was 260 to repair.. And I'm pretty sure I did it right, so either its essentials economy just doesnt play right with it, or somethings being obscured.. or heck I may have inputed a letter or name or something wrong for all I know.

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