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    BetterSnow - The plugin for snow that piles up!
    Version: v1.5

    This plugin piles up snow layers into blocks, to run, place the jar in your plugins folder, and run your server to generate a config file, configure and use away!
    Read more at my blog!


    Copyright (open)

    [*** COPYRIGHT NOTICE ***]
    This document is Copyright ©(2011) and is the intellectual property of the author. It may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.

    Note: I will share source code, when messaged, but decompiling this is going to get you into some deep, deep shit.

    • My plugin makes snow layers into blocks
    • The minimum time is configurable
    • You can choose the max height for a pile of snow
    • It has a configurable property so you can add a random amount of time on to the minimum
    • Hretsam - General help
    • Bleachisback - Helped with config
    • jimbo8 - Requested Plugin
    To do:
    • Configurable height limit - Added in V1.1
    • Redo configuration method - Added in V1.4
    • New snow system (MAJOR UPDATE)
      • Custom heights for snow (W/O CLIENT MOD!!!) - Added in V1.5
      • Snow that gets trampled down
      • Snow that regenerates
    • Your suggestion here!

    Source Code - Please PM me and ask rather then going and decompiling my work, I haven't released my work as it isn't neat, if you want it, I will,

    Version 1.5
    • Updated to Minecraft 1.0
    Version 1.4
    • Switched to Bukkit's standard configurtion
    Earlier Versions (open)

    Version 1.3
    • Renamed plugin to BetterSnow
    Version 1.2
    • Added new property so you can configure the random time added on to the lowerbound(was 10)
    Version 1.1
    • Added maximum height
    Version 1.0
    • Plugin Release

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    I'd prefer not to decompile, is there a way you could zip it and send me an online download linky via a PM?
    I wouldn't declare it as being mine, it'd probably be called BetterSlush or something like that lol. And in the first line it would say "Based on Tster's BetterSnow plugin, but with added water!" and of course I'll send you the source :3

    Thanks, Yoshi
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    Are you thinking about releasing it?
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    Very good plugin, For future users i suggest to be carefull with config. For best server performance is better to make it pill up slowly (but with no limits ]:->)
  5. Nice piece of work here tster. One thing you might consider adding is modifying ones movement rate on snow, since you're working on 'more realism'. I'd suggest something pertaining to frostbite and necessary clothing, but that seems outside the scope of this particular plug-in.
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    a check of the surrounding blockswill be great so the whole area is filled up with snowlayer and only blocks with snowlayer around will transform to snow.
    this would create a lot smoother difference between biomes.
    Even snowstack should be matched with neighbor blocks so holes will be filled up to flat the ground like real snow does.
    Otherwise you may get snowblock towers, especialy when player grab some snow

    CharPic: (biome)


    CharPic: (Holefiller)
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    This I am working on.

    Why doesn't this plugin have more popularity, it has custom blocks w/o client mods!

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    Could you give me a quick explanation of what each of the config parameters do? The plugin isn't increasing the height of any blocks on my 1.0-R1 server.
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    For a starter snow can not already be formed, go to the posts above and download 'ToughMelt' to sort that out.
    Lowerbound = min time until snow block is formed
    rmdtime = a maximum value for a random number added onto the lowerbound
    maxheight = how many snow blocks can be stacker
    lowerbound: 60
    rndtime: 30
    maxheight: 1
    would mean between every 60 and (60+30) seconds a snow block is formed, and only one can be stacked.
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    Thanks! :D
    I actually had trouble with ToughMelt, but I used worldedit's thaw command and it was fine :D
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    Hmm, how could I make the config clearer?
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    Ahh excellent, I tested this after melting stuff and it worked!
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    I'm still confuzzled with ToughMelt.
    How do you use it?
    if I wanted to melt all snow blocks within 10 blocks of me, I'd do /melt 78 10
    (78 is the snow block item ID, if i'm not mistaken.)
    Is that correct?
    Whenever I do that, nothing is melted.
    It doesn't even say unknown command.
    I have the permission nodes and all, too.
    - rawr
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    Not working for me. (I'm not saying it doesn't work.. just not for me)
    Plugin List (open)
    MCDocs, SheepFeed, PickBoat, PorteCoulissante, AutoKick, GlowHat, PlugMan, BetterSnow, Spout, Multiverse-Core, HeroChat, SimpleCensor, No smoking, LagMeter, LogBlockQuestioner, RetractableBridge, WorldEdit, Multiverse-NetherPortals, AfkBooter, bPermissions, BlockHat, Lockette, WorldGuard, Multiverse-Portals, CommandBook, VanishNoPacket, Dynmap-WorldGuard, NoLagg, RealViewDontTouch, LogBlock, OrebfuscatorSpoutBridge, Orebfuscator, HomeSpawnPlus, dynmap, WorldBorder, OtherDrops, DeathTpPlus, NarrowtuxLib, Permissions

    I usually run WeatherRestrictions, and I thought that might be preventing the snow buildup, but I removed it and restarted the server, but snow is still not piling up. I've tried setting the lower bound to zero ... restarted the server ... no change. If I clear snow off of a block, it quickly forms, but it never piles up. Any ideas what's up? I'd really like to run this plugin. It's a great idea.

    CB 1597, BetterSnow 1.3
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    Try using world edit's melt function.

    What is your maxheight set to in the config?

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    The worldedit function doesn't melt the snow blocks that your plugin makes
    and I need to do a major cleanup LOL
    Please could you just tell me how to get rid of the snow blocks with ToughMelt?
    - rawr
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    I originally had it set for 2, but even when I set it to 8 (and restarted the server) it wasn't stacking up.
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    /melt *block id* *radius*
    with variables included
    /melt 80 30
    where 80 is the ID for snow block

    Hmm, it can not work if a snow layer is already there, remember this is a dev build.

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    To test, I would break off the layer of snow in an area in an "ice plains" biome, and then make it rain/snow. The dirt & grass would quickly get covered with 1 layer of snow, and then nothing else. No accumulation of layers. Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?
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    Anyone else get this error? Perhaps a plugin conflict
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    I'll pop this onto a test server and remove all the plugins.

    Question about the maxheight-- is that in layers or full cubes? Example: if I set maxheight to 2, should I end up with two levels of snow (1/4 block) or 2 blocks?
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    2 blocks.
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    Hooray! an update! Unfortunately, I'm still having problems. I'm not seeing the new layers of snow between the covering and the full block, and snow only accumulates where I first break the snow covering. Is there any way to fix this? Can I look at your code?

    EDIT: Read above and saw that it doesn't work with existing snow. :( May I try to fix that? :D also, perhaps you could add snow above a certain height? I would love snowy mountaintops. :)

    EDIT AGAIN: I removed just all the snow in a massive snow biome (seed: water). This is so cool! It's piling up like crazy!:D still not seeing the other blocks, though. :( Also, perhaps you could make snow break tall grass, flowers, and accumulate on ice? I dislike falling into deep holes in the snow because there is grass in the way.

    Now THIS is a snow biome! :D Hehe, killed so many cows...
    a suggestion for making the config less confusing, change lowerbound to mintime and rndtime to addedtime perhaps?

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    Woah, 60 US $ donated already.
  26. you could use the snow tile's data value so you would just add to it when it snows...
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    so you need a client for this to work
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    nope, you dont :D
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    really happy with the success of this plugin, shall I make another, different, main plugin?

    literally shitting my pants, this thread has 30,000 views, and im 13

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    Anyone got some ideas of what to add?​
    May do some bug fixing, see if I can get a bug-free piece of code that is worthy of donations.​
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    How about getting the custom snow height part done that you've had on the to-do for God knows how long...?

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